January 9 2012
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The start of this year had been delayed some what for us, What will illness and waiting for my final check up from the hospital, it all seemed like the last few issues from last year were not yet resolved. So this last weekend felt like New Year’s Eve again (without the celebrating), we had time to sit down make some resolutions, sort out our finances (and taxes) and start planning for the future.

Last Year, I opted to make a plan for the year rather than resolutions and this seemed to work quite well for me, I did get sidetracked after my two doubts of hibernation following my spells in hospital, but I intend to continue these plans for this year, it encourage me to be more creative and also take time out for me each week.

  1. Knit at least 12 items.
    Over on the Socktopods board on Ravelry they are having a FOAM (Finished Object A Month) Challenge, I love this idea, last year knitting was one of the few things that was pushed to the side as I tried to balance the work/home equation, but it is still my major hobby, so I like the idea of having something to show for it each month.
  2. Knit at least one larger item for me (a cardigan or sweater).
    Having recent discovered a hidden (long forgotten about) stash of yarn, I have realized I have enough yarn for 5 sweaters, I would hope to a least one wearable item at the end of this year.
  3. Make something every week – either a knitted, sewn, baked or a paper craft.
    I really enjoyed doing this last year, taking time out every week to make something with my fair hands. It seems in our busy lives we don’t get the chance to enjoy simple things in life any more, cooking is done out of necessity, finishing that knitting project on time can become a chore, other hobbies get pushed to the side as we try to organise our free-time.
  4. Post a letter/card/postcard/parcel a week.
    I failed managing to complete this last year (I think I managed about 24 letters in total), but I am determined to do it this year, I love receiving mail and I know I am not the only one.
    Same thing goes as last year, if you would like a letter leave a comment below and I will contact you to get your details and write to you some time over the next 12 months.
  5.  Continue to work my way through the 100 AFI Films list and my aim to read 100 books.
    Although I did read a lot last year, I think aiming to read a book a week was a bit much, this is fine for Chick Lit or Young Adult book, but it was impossible for me to read a tome like The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest in seven days. I am hoping this year technology will help me with this two. Firstly, I now have a Kindle4 (instead of using the Kindle App), which is small enough to fit in my bag to carry with me. Secondly, we now have a Lovefilm subscription so I can view films with the click of a button (or link).