5 Films I’m Excited for in 2017

5FF: Films I'm excited for in 2017

Five Films I’m Excited for in 2017

For this week’s Five Fandom Friday I am talking about the five films I’m excited for in 2017. There are so many great films released this year, I found it hard to narrow the list down to five films. What films are you excited for, that are being released on 2017.

  1. The Lego Batman MovieMy favourite animated movie in recent years was The Lego Movie. The film feature several amazing cameos of Lego version of geeky characters. Gandalf, Superman and Han Solo. But my favourite character was Batman. Judging my the trailer this film will be both funny and awesome.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    When I first heard about the original Guardians of the Galaxy, I was unsure. I wasn’t familiar with the characters. It was unclear how they would fit into the larger Marvel universe. Of course after seeing the first trailer I became a fan. Since then I have loved the Guardians and can’t wait to see them in action again.
  3. Wonder WomanI was not impressed with the films released last year by DC Comics. But the only saving grace in the Batman vs Superman movie was Wonder Woman. I have adored Wonder Woman since I was a child. I am old enough to remember the Linda Carter TV show, so an excited to see her back on screen.
  4. Blade Runner 2049I have several cult films I adore. Films I often re-watch at home, I also love to see these movies in the cinema. These are films I hope they never remake. Films I would love them to make a sequel too. Blade Runner is one of these films (The Goonies is another). I am trilled to returning to a futuristic Los Angeles and see Decker’s adventures.
  5. Star Wars: Episode Eight
    The final film of the year I am looking forward to the next instalment in the Star Wars franchise. It may seem strange to be talking about a film without a title or trailer. But as a fan I have my countdown clock set up and am reading any news and avoiding all spoilers.

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  • B.

    I’m looking forward to a few of these as well. I’m really excited about The Lego Batman movie!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    All great choices!

  • Yay for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Star Wars ep. VIII and Blade Runner 2049! *high five* Although I feel the latter will be a hit or miss. It will be hard to live up to something as iconic as Blade Runner.

  • Dahlia DeWinters

    Something inside of me wants to see the Lego Batman movie too. And I need to add Blade Runner 2049 to my list. I

  • YAS! Love all the movies on this list! (I created a mammoth list on my blog weeks ago… if I had to write only 5 I’d be damned!)

  • Will Arnett as Lego Batman is my everything.

  • I haven’t seen the first Lego movie, but the Batman Lego movie looks hysterical. I’m definitely going to try to see it!

  • Guardians is TOP on my list too! The first is still my favorite Marvel film! And I NEED to see the first Bladerunner so I can see the 2nd! Harrison looks great!! xx