Currently… May Edition

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Currently Knitting… Hitofude Cardigan
I added the Hitofude Cardigan to my years ago. The pattern has an non-conventional construction which appealed, but the design isn’t really my style. It is my mum’s style! I had planned on knitting the cardigan for her birthday in May. But knitting as slowly as I do, the cardigan is still not completed.

Currently Watching… Twin Peaks
As a teenager, I adored Twin Peaks, My obsession included  watching each episode several times, reading the tie-in books and listening to the soundtrack and “tapes.” I think my love of coffee might have started because of Twin Peaks. As the show returned at the end of May, I have re-watching seasons one and two in preparation for The Return.

Currently Reading… American Gods by Neil Gaiman
As well as Twin Peaks in May, I have been watching the adapation of American Gods. This also seemed like a good time to re-read the book. I’m loving the TV programme, espeically the “Coming to America” segments.

Currently Loving… Lego Trading Cards
Sainsbury’s (a British supermarket) are giving away Lego Trading Card with your shopping. You get 4 cards for every £10 you spend instore. As I child I remember collecting stickers and swapping them with friends, nowadays, it seems social media is your ideal tool to swap cards. “Got, Got, Need!”

  • Emma

    I really need to re-watch Twin Peaks – it’s been so long since I saw it last that I barely remember what happens, so I don’t want to start the new series until I’ve refreshed my memory. And I must admit, I haven’t really been all that into American Gods – I feel like i’m the only person in the world who doesn’t adore it.

  • I had forgotten so much in Twin Peaks – and am so confused by the new season. I love it!

  • Hahah I tried with Twin Peaks and lasted a lousy 10 minutes on the new series. It’s another one of those things that was on TV when I was a kid, so all I really remember is the theme tune and the black&white floor.

    Those LEGO cards are awesome. I have the mini fig of ‘Lizard Man’ 🙂