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Pinspiration -Captain America

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know I have been re-watching all the MCU movies before the release of Avengers: Infinity War in April. But I wanted to do something special on the blog leading up to this cinematic event. So for the next few weeks, I am going to showcase some of my favourite “pins” from Pinterest based on a character from the MCU. Starting with my favourite Avenger, Captain America.

Pinspiration: Captain America
Captain America inspired Sweater
Photo by Kyle Cassidy

First up is the knitting pattern inspired by the Super Solider outfit by Linda J. Dunn from the Geek Knits book. As a knitter and Captain America fan, I added this tunic to my “Ravelry Queue” (like a To Read shelf in Goodreads) the moment I saw it. The problem is when would I wear it. All the Captian America and Avengers movies were released in the spring.  And with the majority of cons in the summer, so there is no time I could wear this sweater.

These shield cookies look extremely complicated to make but are visually stunning. Luckily Rosie’s Dessert Spot has a simple instructional video with step by step directions. I am sure they are a lot tastier than Vibranium.

Captain America Geek Chic
Brooklyn navy yard by jordandene

I love this geek chic outfit Jordandene put together on Polyvore. Based around her lovely Winter Solider Tank. Which features the classic quote from the Captain America sequel. For me, this is a perfect outfit for an autumnal day. I can imagine wearing this whilst walking along the Brooklyn Promenade with a cup of coffee in hand. Maybe grabbing a lobster roll at Luke’s in Dumbo or stopping to take photos of the iconic skyline.

Captain America Pinata
Photo by Maureen Wilkinson

I am obsessed with pinatas. They were not really a thing in the U.K. when I was growing up. So I didn’t discover the joy of a pinata until I was an adult. In fact, I insisted on having a wedding cake pinata at my wedding, just so I could join in. So the idea of making a Captain America themed pinata seems so much fun to me. In Maureen Wilkinson, she explains how she made a Captain America Sheild pinata for her son’s birthday party.

Captain America

Next week is some of my favourite posts inspired by Thor, if you’d like to be featured in my future pinspiration post, please contact me.

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(P)inspiration- Stranger Things

All week on my Facebook page, I have highlighted some of the  Stranger Things posts from some of my fellow geeky bloggers. Today, I am rounding my some of the posts for you to “pin” for future reference. I think these projects would be great for viewing party this weekend.

(P)inspiration – Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a great show to cosplay! It is even easier to everyday cosplay the characters. You can easily re-create an outfit with, a retro 80’s t-shirt, trucker cap, and converse shoes. This week, the Geeky Fashion Blogger Alliance on Instagram have showcased Stranger Things everyday cosplay. It’s amazing to see all the fabulous creations.  Be sure to check out their account for future style challenges.

Stranger Things Cupcakes

Over at Popcorner Reviews, Monica has created the cutest cupcakes. Decorated with themes from the programme. Using cereal to create Eleven’s favourite waffles. Or icing and M&M’s to make Joyce’s bright coloured holiday lights. Along with “Eggos” waffles, they would be ideal for a dessert buffet.

Stranger Things Nails WrapsI was really hoping to find a tutorial for some Stranger Things nail art. But I couldn’t find anything cute. Fortunately, Espionage Cosmetics have some adorable Holiday Lights nail wraps. Originally,  designed for wearing over the Christmas holidays, I think they would be perfect for your Stranger Things viewing party.

Stranger Things CocktailsFinally, what is a viewing party with out a themed cocktail! Luckily Danielle at From Girlie to Nerdy has created the Upside Down Blackberry Smash. A fruity cocktail, that uses coloured vodka and fresh berries to represent the alternate dimension!

Stranger Things Pinspiration

Are you having a viewing party this weekend? Or just binge watching the show as quickly as possible?

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(P)inspirational- Bookmarks


Following on from my gifts for book lovers post last month, I thought I would list some of fun bookmark tutorials I found on Pinterest.

I would list my origami skill set as absolute beginner, I can manage a crane and heart, I dream of being able to make an X-wing figure,  but I think this tutorial for a cute cat bookmark/page marker, might be great for a beginner.

I have always loved Subversive Cross Stitch, their cute designs take traditional cross stitching themes and add some not so traditional ideas! I think this pattern would also look amazing in a frame on a bookshelf or in a reading nook. It’s also available PDF

Finally, I had to include a Harry Potter themed bookmark. These book-scarves are knitted using DMC pearl cotton on small needles, the great thing is the colours can be adpated for any of the houses at Hogwarts or even a Doctor Who scarf.


(P)inspirational-Bullet Journal II


When I started my bullet journal 18 months ago, I spent ages on Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration (which I blogged about here), since then I still look on Blogs, Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, whereas I’m happy with the content of my journal, I love the idea of adding stickers to brighten up the pages, these are a few of my favourite stickers.

I love these Get Fit stickers from Paperchase, I adore the idea of keeping track of my water intake or if I eat five-a-day, however I doubt I will ever be able to do a Burpee!

One of the things I do keep track of in my journal is movie releases dates, when TV shows get added to Netflix or programmes I have to watch live (Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead), these cute TV stickers by FasyShop (on Etsy), save you writing the programme details over and over again. She does most the major shows for your viewing needs.

When my friend Ruth posted a photo of her journal on Instagram this week, and I adored her calendar tabs, and whilst it’s too late to add them to my current journal, this version from ELouiseArts (on Etsy), will be brilliant for next year’s planner.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.


(P)inspirational- Bobble Hats

Maybe it’s the knitter in me, but I’ve noticed everyone seems to be wearing a bobble hat this winter! Hoping the trend might continue to next winter, I thought it might be fun to knit a collection of hats as gifts for next Christmas. So I took to Pinterest and Ravelry looking for inspiration.

The most popular hat on social media seems to be the Baable Hat (seriously there are over 3,500 photos tagged on Instagram), the cute sheep motif makes it an instant hit for knitters it’s as a lovely fair isle pattern also makes it an interesting knit.

Obviously, I love the Force Awakens hat by Mrs Luedeke. Which she designed to mark the release of the new Star Wars film last year, and I can see myself knitting one – once I decided in the ideal colour scheme.

The hat I decided would be the perfect gift would be the Friendly Fair Isle Hat, the simple patterns looks like it would knit up quickly and I like the ideas of knitting bright colours for little children. For the older kids, I might do their monogrammed version.

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Pinspirational – Pumpkin Recipes


Recently I have pinned a lot of pumpkin themed recipes, and whilst it is fun to try adding some pumpkin to my overnight oats or yogurt for breakfast what I really want it to bake some calorific pumpkin treats, these are some of the recipes I am looking forward to trying this autumn.

Macarons are certainly en vogue in the baking world, one of my favourite things about Paris (or Covent Garden) is getting trying all the flavours in Ladurée. This recipe from Tasty Kitchen used the pumpkin in the filling and the “spice” is added to the macaron.

Autumn is the start of my hibernating months – lazy weekends, binge watching my new favourite TV show into the small hours followed by a hearty brunch. Obviously the healthy diet goes out the window on these weekends, so I am looking forward to indulging in these pancakes.

This recipe for pumpkin bread from Sallys Baking Addiction, can also be adapted to make muffins which I think would work well as part of a lazy weekend brunch or for a quick afternoon treat with your pumpkin spice latte.

In the UK prepackage “pumpkin spice” isn’t readily available so I have found this recipe to make your own version.

EDIT: There seems to be an issue displaying the pinterest widgets, I am looking into this and hopefully will find a solution soon.

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(P)inspirational- Summer Crafts


As I have mentioned before I would decorate the house of any occasion, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Easter. Here in the UK we don’t really have a reason to celebrate in the summer (apart from the cheery weather). So our summer theme is normally just fresh flowers around the house.

Living in a flat, we don’t really have a garden – just a few flower boxes, so I have to buy flowers rather than, pick them from my garden, I normal get cheap flowers in the supermarket, they tend to be only a few pounds and normally last just over a week. Instead of using traditional vases I love upcycling old bottles. After seeing this pin, I started using my strawberry jam jars to hold pink or red roses.

Continuing with the upcycling theme, I noticed a trend on Instagram this summer of people trying to collect all the set of these Orla Kiely coffee jars from Douwe Egberts, I was lucky enough to find all three in my local supermarket – and can’t wait to start using them as candle holders. (They also make fabulous vases)

One thing that does scream British Summer to me is bunting; it conjures up images of village fêtes or street parties, over the last few years I have an excuse to hang paper bunting, (Football themed for the World Cup or flags for the Olympics), but this summer my hallway looks bear so I am thinking of making some with floral material.

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(P)inspirational- Snail Mail ii


Since I first mention my attempts to send more snail mail in February, since then I have been sent into the fabulous snail mail revolution (and developed a bit of a washi tape addiction). As well as buying new stationary, I have been inspired by Instagram to make my own themed mail and found some amazing printables on Pinterest.

I adore the letter writing sets & matching stickers from Hema, but have also found several printable letter sets on Pinterest, this cute pen set by Wreck this Girl is one is one of my favourites.

One of the current trends in Snail Mail I had seen on Instagram was Mail Tags, the idea was started by Bianca Jagoe as a quick and easy way to get to know your penpal by asking quick fired questions, she has even created website devoted to the idea complete with example questions and printable to explain the rules.

Finally, once you have all your penpals – it can be tricky to keep track of all their details, this printable can help – with space for your pals address, social media profiles, likes and space to keep track of your letters once you have posted them.

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(P)inspirational- Snail Mail


As I mentioned in my last post I have been inspired by the Just a Card campaign to send more snail mail. Not just birthday cards but letters, “just because” notes and mini parcels. If you would like to receive some snail mail from me – I will try to send something that is both fun and creative, then contact me.

This series focuses is almost a beginner’s guide to snail mail – explaining the concept, how to find a pen pal, and of course the dos and don’t of snail mail. She also lists a few crafts on how to make your mail more interesting.

Kelly Rowe has also written an article with tips for writing more snail mail – her article focus more on getting started, a list of supplies and getting organised. I also adore her personalised notepaper (I’m looking to order some for myself).

I am amazed what this woman had managed to post (and yes she did post the bottle of school supplies), a sponge, flip-flops and a bucket & spade! Taking advantage of the US Postal Services under 13oz rule she (and her children) send extremely interesting mail for the price of a first class parcel! Unfortunately, the Royal Mail isn’t as cool with their rules as parcels here as they take into account the dimensions of the parcel as well as the weight.


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(P)inspirational- Galentine’s Day Gift


Some how Parks and Recreation seemed to pass me by, but last year, it popped up on my recommendations on Amazon Prime (I think it was due to my love of the Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy), so I thought I’d give it ago. I love Leslie Knopes’ enthusiasm and her quirky gift giving. One of her more fun ideas was Galentine’s Day (celebrated on the 13th of February), she’s gather all her girl friends for brunch and they celebrate their friendship. I noticed on Pinterest a rise of Galentine’s gift ideas – here’s hoping it becomes an real celebration.

These Waffle flavoured lip balm from Better World on Etsy, are a cute favour for your guests at your Galentine’s Day brunch. As Leslie says “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third

Love taking Selfies of you and your girlies, rather than keep them on your phone – why not share them with this Instagram frame. You can even change the hashtag to something cheesier to express your friendship.

What better cliché gift for your gal pal than a chick flick and chocolate! (Or a horror movie if that’s your thing). This tutorial from Allred Design, is great for wrapping a DVD, the gift box will fit a DVD or Blu Ray and has a pocket for a microwave popcorn pouch and large chocolate bar – as well as several printable quotes about friendship.


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