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Currently… February Edition

With all the cold wet weather in February, it would have been really easy to spend the month hibernating indoors. Instead I have tried to get outdoors more. The Pokémon Go app update helped, and I spend most the weekends in February catching up with friends. Of course, I still have binge watched a few shows on Netflix!

Currently Reading… Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs by Henry Carroll
I am a lot more confident taking photos, than I was this time last year. However, I am still not 100% happy with my knowledge. I have signed up for a more advanced photography course (and a Photoshop module for a quick refresher course). As a result I picked up a few books in extend my knowledge including Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs.

Currently Drinking… Coconut Hot Chocolate

I am a coffee addict, but in the colder months Hot Chocolate is my guilty pleasure (especially with marshmallows). When I saw the new version on Pret’s Instagram feed, I wanted to try it. Made with Coconut milk, it tastes like a Bounty Bar!
Currently Watching… The Vampire Diaries

After reading the Twilight books, like most I became obsessed vampires. I then read a several of the Sookie Stackhouse books, started The Vampire Diaries books. I watched the first seasons of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. By the time, of the release of the movie adaptation of New Moon, I was bored. When I heard The Vampire Diaries was ending this year, I thought I start watching it again. I binge watched all seven seasons in six weeks! Bonnie and Enzo are my new favourite TV couple #bonenzo.

Currently Loving… Geek Girl Penpals (IGGPPC)

I signed up to IGGPPC last year, and have made so many amazing friends around the world. Over the holiday period I received several lovely parcels all with a geeky theme, including an epic Star  Wars themed present with Love and Madness bracelet. Some how several of the ladies also know about my love of baby panda.

Currently Listening To… Britpop Bangers Playlist (Time Out London)
When Jason and I first meet Britpop was at the height of its popularity, albums like Urban Hymns, OK Computer and Tellin’ Stories provided the soundtrack to our lives back then. One of our first dates to was to see The Bluetones in concert. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the release of these albums.

currently february


Sparks of Joy

It’s been a tough week!

I have sat down several times over the last week to write a blog post. I have started a post about Batgirl and an update of for the 100 cups of coffee project, but discarded them. When writing I am normal pause to check Twitter or Facebook, but this week I have been more distracted. This last week I have spend what seemed like hours online reading, or watching the news.


So instead I thought I would write about joy. These are the 10 things that have made me smile or sparked some joy in my life over the last week (in no particular order).

  1. The Hamilton Mixtape.
  2. Red Cup Season.
  3. Karen Hallion’s Feminist Agenda tee.
  4. Buster the Boxer.https://youtu.be/sr6lr_VRsEo
  5. Having a meal for Jason’s birthday in his favourite restaurant.
  6. Seeing Russell Howard’s show live.
  7. Pret’s Veggie Christmas Lunch.
  8. The new Lego Store in London (I can’t wait to visit).
  9. Winning a Bodhi Rook Lego minifig in eBay.
  10. Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events trailer. 

What has brought you Joy over the past few weeks?


Currently… August Edition

Currently August

Currently Knitting…  It’s was too hot to knit in August, so instead I have been planning which patterns I want to knit during the my autumn/winter seasons. (This really translations to me spending time on Ravelry looking at new patterns or buying yarn online).

Currently Watching… During most of August, I watched the Olympics. I stayed up early to watch the Opening Ceremony and continued setting my alarms to catch-all the “big” moments during the fortnight. For the rest of the month we have played catch up and trying to clear all the shows we DVRed during the Olympics.

Currently Listening to… We became obsessed with Stranger Things this summer (didn’t everyone). I discovered this playlist on Spotify which included all the songs featured in the TV show.

Currently Playing… I am still playing Pokémon Go, trying desperately to “catch ’em all” and fill my Pokédex. I still don’t have a Pikachu but I did catch this little guy last week.

Currently Loving… This warmer weather has been amazing. It has encouraged us to get out and walk (normally Pokemon Hunting). So far we have been walking along the Thames or exploring one of the amazing parks in the city. It has also given me an excuse to bring along my camera and take some photos of my favourite places.

Richmond Bridge

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Currently… June Edition

currently june

Currently Knitting… At the start of the month, I finished my Boomerang Shawl. Shortly afterwards I cast on my version of Denim Sky Cowl in shades of amber and dark brown.

Ombre Blue Boomerang Shawl
Ombre Blue Boomerang Shawl

Currently Loving…  My obsession with bookstagram has been taken up a notch recently, as I discovered Litsy. This app combines instagram and goodread to produce a platform to review books, share you favourite quotes and beautiful photos. Litsy is currently only available on iOS.
Currently Reading… As the new Harry Potter book, The Cursed Child is being published at the end of July, This summer I thought I would re-reading the original novels, finishing the first two in June.

Currently Watching…  My television viewing this month has been all about Game of Thrones. As well as watching the amazing season six, I began to re-watched season one to five.


Currently Feeling… Nostalgic!
Re-reading am amazing book series and re-watching one of my favourite television shows. Has made me reminiscing about the first time I read about Harry Potter going to Diagon Alley or the first time I watched the Battle of Blackwater. Now I want to re-read the Game of Thrones books and re-watch all the Harry Potter films.

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Currently… May Edition

currently may

Currently Knitting…  I took a break from knitting the Boomerang Shawl this month and have concentrated on knitting a little baby dress.

Currently Loving… Game of Thrones, once again I have become obsessed, staying awake to catch the first showing of the new episodes, reading analysis of each episode on several websites and then spending the next six days looking for spoilers for the next instalment.

Currently Eating…  Summer is here (supposedly), so I have started using my ice cream maker again, I love experimenting with new flavour combinations – this weekend was a combination of biscoff spread and chunks of biscoff biscuit.

Currently Reading…  Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton.

Currently Watching…  As well as Game of Thrones, I have watched iZombie on Netflix, being another Rob Thomas show – it is similar to Veronica Mars, but with the zombie twist.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.


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Reading Goals…

During the latter part of January I was struck down with illness, the majority of two weeks were spent at home in bed, it seems like the perfect opportunity to relax, read all the books on my list or catch up on TV, but my attention span seemed to disappear – I’d fall asleep 20 minutes into a TV show or read and re-read the same page in a book. I started several blog posts, a recap for January and even took some photos from 6 on 6, neither of which got finished (I will publish the 6 on 6 one later this month). The illness also affected my taste buds and I was turned off coffee – which made the 100 cups challenge impossible.

I did manage to finish Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – I’ll be honest I was a little put off by this book when I first heard about it. In recent years people seemed to be obsessed with Young Adult literature, like Divergence or Mortal Instruments and I have had no interest in them. The idea of reading a book about a girl obsessed with YA literature really didn’t appeal. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by this book.

I’ve also been planning my goals for the next few books on the Mrs Darcy Challenge.  I am ashamed to admit I have never read Pride and Prejudice – something I should have read at school and it was also published before I was born, so I am currently reading that and planning on reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies next.

I’m also pretty sure I will re-read the Harry Potter Series, for the book you’ve already read at least once, especially with the new book being released this summer (an option for the book published this year).

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I’ve been thinking about writing a post about my plans for 2016 for a few weeks – I’ve seen a lot of post about resolutions or when someone picks a word of the year and none of these seemed appropriate for me.

It seems January first is the day everyone tries to have a major lifestyle change and this makes no sense to me. After Christmas our cupboards are still full of chocolates and “fancy” biscuits – I know if I tried to eat healthier I would ended up diving into these boxes. I have no idea why anyone would start a running regime during the coldest month!

If I am going to be honest January is a tough month for us – it marks the anniversary of both my father’s death and my first ectopic pregnancy – even though we try and do something upbeat on these days (have a family meal in honor of my dad), they are still tough days for me and I certainly wouldn’t want to attempt to run on these days.

So what are my plans for 2016, rather than major resolutions for the year I want to do a couple of smaller challenges. Social Media seems to be full of these – Most of these are well know like the Couch to 5K or 30 day de-cluttering challenge, but there challenges out there for everything.


Book Shelf

I will be continuing with my 100 cups of coffee challenge this year and have pinned a few 30 day exercise challenges on Pinterest that I can do indoors for the next few months (plank challenge and a sit-ups one). I’m also joining the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge – I don’t need an excuse to read more, I just want to vary my reading in 2016.

I would love to knit more this year too. Which at the moment has just involved spending a few hours on Ravelry looking at people’s project pages and hunting for interesting patterns.

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Currently… October edition

currently october

Currently Eating… Kitkat Mocha, along with all the Cadbury Screme Eggs and pumpkin flavoured stuff.
Currently Feeling… Extremely excited about the new Star Wars movie, it has been heightened by the release of the new trailer last night.

Currently Knitting… I seem to making a herd of elephants at the moment, three of my friends are pregnant so I have been knitting both Flo and Elijah elephant toys.

Currently Loving… I have been taking part on the #5FFphoto, I love taking photos (and Instagram), although I keep forgetting to take my photos, it has been such a fun project.#5FFPhoto

Currently Reading… Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl

Currently Watching… Mr. Robot I read a lot of reviews about this show over the summer online, the whole of the first season has just been added to Amazon Prime.

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Real Life: Knitting

A few weeks ago I wrote about my dream knitting land, where I would spend my evening seated in a window seat under a handmade quilt (in my dream world I can sew as well), watching my favorite TV shows, whilst drinking Hot Chocolate from our local coffee shop (they would have a home delivery service each night for me).

Again my reality is a lot different, after the fiasco of casting on my sock, I was a little more organised, during the day I had managed to take a few photographs of my sock and the yarn and print out the pattern (I was using my iPad before). So before knitting I sit down to enter the details of my project into Ravelry – of course this lead to 90 minutes of my reading forums and looking at other people’s projects. I noticed a lot of people have been adding a new shawl pattern to their queue and think about casting that on – but I never wear the shawls I have knitted, so think that’s a bad idea.

Work in Progress Shot

I turn of the laptop, set up Netflix and continue knitting, I realised the pattern, is one of those great patterns that is easy to memorize and but looks really complicated and have soon completed one repeat.

I paused for a bit to  make myself a cup of tea and grab a snack from the fridge and then get back to the knitting, but this stage I have a nice groove going on and happily knitting away for a while – stopping to scream at Netflix when it asks “Are you still watching…” Finally, I had watched 5 episodes of a show, it’s gone 1am and I still haven’t completed the leg of the sock!

Artistic Shot

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Real Life: Casting On

Whenever, I read other people’s knitting blogs about when they cast on a new project I have this vision of what they do, wander into their craft room, fondle some hanks of yarn deciding which one is right for their project and then sit down in a comfy chair bathed in natural light and cast on.

My reality of casting on a project is a lot different. Take this week, I had an afternoon off, so thought I would cast on a new project, I knew which yarn I wanted to use, and I had a mission to go and get it.

My yarn is stored in Ikea boxes in the cupboard in the hallway – along with spare bedding, Christmas decorations and old books – so whilst trying to get yarn, I got attacked by roll of wrapping paper and then had our summer duvet fall on my head!

Pretty Yarn Cake

I don’t have a craft room so the dining room table doubles as my desk and workbench. First I set up the my swift and ball winder, start winding the yarn – as soon as I got a momentum going my phone pinged, so I left the ball winder and read the text message and reply. When I returned to the ball winder, I will ended up in a mess – normally because I am left handed and end up winding the other way. After about 45 minutes I had my pretty yarn cake.

By this stage, I thought I’d earned a drink and paused to make a coffee ready to sit down and finally cast on the new project. Upon reading the pattern,  I saw it calls for a German twisted cast-on, so I found a tutorial on Youtube – after watching the video twice, I got sidetracked by the new trailer The Avengers 2. Whilst I had my iPad in hand I thought I’d play a few levels of Candy Crush Saga.

Casting On

By this stage my coffee had gone cold so I had to make another cup and head back to my spot on the sofa –  I had also forgotten everything I heard in the tutorial so had to watch it again, before even getting going on knitting the rib. Finally, after several hours, I had two rows of knitting completed on one sock!

I kept knitting for a while and suddenly realize I didn’t  take any photos of the project or entered the details into Ravelry. I pick up my phone and try to set up the perfect photo – only then did I see that there is no natural light, so looked at the time and see it’s gone 6pm, my husband is due home anytime soon the dining room table still has a swift attached and I had to cook dinner!


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