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August 26th 2011
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Here it is the finished Hexagon Sock Yarn Blanket, two years in the making, days worth of knitting and hours worth of seaming. It still is a little “small” for a blankets – about 42 X 42 inches wide – it really is more a lap blanket, perfect for covering your legs whilst watching TV, knitting or both.

When I look at this blanket each little hexagon reminds me of another project I have knitted, the Opal yarn from my first sock, the Chocolate Old Maiden Aunt Yarn from my Ishbel shawl or the Pink and Green from last year’s Knit Love Club (the sock I was too scared to knit). It is almost like a love letter to my past knitted projects. I will be honest I am not 100% happy with the blanket, the edges aren’t perfect, I think I will crochet a little border in grey. I’m going to leave it for a while – enjoy using the blanket rather than working on it anymore.

Whilst, I have been obsessing over my lap blanket, the rest of knitters out there are obsessing over the Beekeeper Quilt, which I do love I just can bring myself to commit to another long term project right now. I still have a little sock yarn leftover which I am willing to donate to any knitters out there who are knitting the Beekeeper Quilt.

I spend last night watching Mad Men season 4 and wrapping these mini skeins around an old notebook (25 times around is about 15 yards) putting together complimentary colours ready to send out. Some of the yarn include it Lorna Lace, Knit Witches, Knit Picks Palette, Cherry Tree Hill or Alchemy Juniper (I will include a complete list with the package).

So if you want one set of 5 mini skeins to add to your Beekeeper Quilt, all you have to do is comment below with your email address and the colours you would like. I don’t expect anything in return just remember to pay it forward!

EDIT: All the sets have now gone!


August 23rd 2011
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I have been trying to “make” something each week, On top of the random baking. I want an actual project I can show off. The truth is over the last few weeks all my free crafting time has been devoted my two blankets, for the sock yarn hexagons and squares for the runner. I have been working with squares that are 48 stitches over 70 rows in sock yarn so a couple of these of these is the equivalent to a sock! So I figure my blanket is equal to several weeks of making!

I have also been experimenting with my sewing machine, I will be honest I’m not very good at it, but I am trying. My first attempt was two cushion covers for my Mum’s bed. She has recently redecorated and had some old cushions on her bed with green and brown covers that didn’t really go with her new pink colour scheme.


Taking inspiration from some cushions she had seen in Monsoon and Next, I made these two cushions. Mum found an embroidery kit in John Lewis with a peony (although I am not convinced it is one), which matched her duvet cover so the first cushion was just a simple “frame” for that. The second was a collection of ribbons from V.V. Rouleaux, I hand stitched the ribbons, as I was not that confident about sewing straight lines with the machine.

Bamboozelle Baskets

Next up I have these bamboo baskets, I actually started the small basket back in February, following the bamboozelle pattern from knitty. I wasn’t keen in the bottom of the basket as it left several small holes in the knitting, so I planned on re-working it, but the bamboo is tough on the hands so the WIP was left in the forgotten pile. Just recently I thought about making a larger basket with the leftover yarn, and so decided to finish them off. I still am no completely happy with these and I think I am going to make a cardboard liner to make them stronger.

To incourage me to craft more, I am going to try and contribute to The Yarn Yard’s Making Monday Challenge starting next week. Who is up for joining me?


June 2nd 2011
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One of the great things I have discovered about Project Spectrum in the past is re-examining your stash, well this year I have enjoyed I new discovery. Re-examining your WIPs, first I finally got around to finishing my red 2luvcrew sock and then I rediscovered my leftover sock yarn blanket. I started working on this blanket over 2 years ago.

Red Hexagon

Originally I started knitting the hexagons one at a time, sewing them together as I went, but I soon discovered it was a lot easier to leave the stitches live and Kitchener stitch them together or knit one long hexagon scarf. Before I started knitting more I figure I should sew up what I had, realizing I nearly had enough for half the blanket. Then I dug out all my red leftover sock yarn and added a few more hexagons.

Red Hexagon

Sock Blanket

May 19th 2009
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Leftover Sock Yarn

I have been knitting socks for over four years now (I know it was a shock to me too) and have built up a large collection of leftover sock yarn,  I have been hoarding it away hoping one day to knit a blanket.

I have always loved Erika Knight’s Patchwork quilt (the one on the cover of Classic Knits at Home), making a traditional patchwork from yarn, and also the way she mixes several textures and includes fabric. Turning all this sock yarn into one blanket.


After some research, I discovered there are two ways to knit hexagons, on the round as described here,  or back and forth as explained here. I am hoping to use a combination of both to graft them together.