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Currently… May Edition

currently july

Currently Knitting… Hitofude Cardigan
I added the Hitofude Cardigan to my years ago. The pattern has an non-conventional construction which appealed, but the design isn’t really my style. It is my mum’s style! I had planned on knitting the cardigan for her birthday in May. But knitting as slowly as I do, the cardigan is still not completed.

Currently Watching… Twin Peaks
As a teenager, I adored Twin Peaks, My obsession included  watching each episode several times, reading the tie-in books and listening to the soundtrack and “tapes.” I think my love of coffee might have started because of Twin Peaks. As the show returned at the end of May, I have re-watching seasons one and two in preparation for The Return.

Currently Reading… American Gods by Neil Gaiman
As well as Twin Peaks in May, I have been watching the adapation of American Gods. This also seemed like a good time to re-read the book. I’m loving the TV programme, espeically the “Coming to America” segments.

Currently Loving… Lego Trading Cards
Sainsbury’s (a British supermarket) are giving away Lego Trading Card with your shopping. You get 4 cards for every £10 you spend instore. As I child I remember collecting stickers and swapping them with friends, nowadays, it seems social media is your ideal tool to swap cards. “Got, Got, Need!”


Currently… January Edition

currently January

Currently Knitting… Pink Pussyhat.
I adored seeing the images of sea of pink hats at the Women’s March. I didn’t have time to knit a hat before the protest, but still want to be part of this amazing project. So I have just started knitting a pink hat.

Currently Reading… Batgirl: Silent Running

This year, I set myself a Goodread Challenge to read 24 books. Their challenges include Graphic Novels so I am planning on reading at least one a month. This month I have re-read the first Cassandra Cain, Batgirl book.

Currently Watching… House of Cards

I think everyone has that one TV programme they have yet to watch. The programme all your friends have watched but for some reason you missed watching. For me it was House of Cards. With all the events happening in U.S. politics this month it seemed like the right time to start watching this award-winning series.

Currently Listeining to… Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
I managed to get tickets for one of the West End performances for Hamilton, since then I have had the soundtrack on a loop at home.
Currently Loving… Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Last week, they released the official title of Star Wars Episode 8. Since then I have chatted to friends and speculating about what the title means. Who is the Last Jedi? As Jedi is also the plural is there more than one last Jedi? Does this mean we will get a major death? Is Leia a Jedi? So many questions we will have to wait until December to get our answers.


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100cupsofcoffee 46-50

100 Cups of Coffee
Coffee on the Go
Living and working in London, we don’t need a car in our everyday lives. Instead we rely on a car sharing service and occasionally hire cars for weekend adventures. Normally, we have to pick up our rental cars at the airport. So nowadays all mini holidays for us start riding travelators in the airport.

New Coffee Shop
One of the reasons I started this challenge was to explore the city more and try new coffee shops. Over the last year, whilst doing this challenge I’ve put together a large list of coffee shops to visit. But occasionally, I discover a little gem on my own, like this café near to Jason’s barbers.

Afternoon Off
This spring once again I became obsessed with Game of Thrones, as well as watching the sixth season, I also re-watched seasons one to five on Blu-ray. So most of my free-time was spend knitting, binge watching and drinking coffee.

Breakfast Meeting
If I ever have to have a morning meeting, I love to schedule it in Pret a Manage, as they have stores located all over the city, serve great coffee and have the most amazing almond croissants in London.

Big Day!

Before Star Wars Celebrations, they was a lot of confusion online regarding when and where to pick up your passes and the wristbands for the panels. Rather than risk the queue in the morning I picked up our passes the day before. (You can read all about my adventures at Star Wars Celebrations here.)

What is #100cupsofcoffee? You can read about the project here.
You can see all the photos from the #100cupsofcoffee project on Instagram.

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Herd of Elephants

Flo the Elephant

I finally finished all my elephants (and they are safely at their new homes), I figured it was time to post some photos of my finished projects.

Flo the Elephant

First up, Flo from Knitty, I moaned before about the sewing involved in this pattern as it takes as much time as the knitting, but it does look amazing when finished.

Flo Tail

I love using the contrasting colour for the stitching on the ears and feet, which I also added to the tail to add to the hand-made look.

Elijah Twins

The other patterns I have knit has been Elijah by Ysolda. This pattern is the complete opposite as it involves no seaming – it’s all knit on the round with picked up stitches.


Like with all of Ysolda’s patterns in attention to detail is amazing – each increase or decrease stitch is part of a design, the increases in the head form the guidelines of the faces and the decreases in the foot forming this circular pattern.

Elijah - Foot

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I have become a creature of habits with my knitting, I tend to knit the same patterns, Gretel berets or monkey socks. As baby gifts I have made a gang of Poppy dolls and am slowly making a new herd of elephants.

A few years ago, I knitted a Flo the Elephant for Jason’s cousin – when she announced she was pregnant again I wanted to knit twin, knowing she was having a boy I figured this time I would do a blue version. Before I cast on, I looked at my Ravelry notebook and then on this blog to see if I could find any notes from my earlier project and it turned up blank.

Flo's Parts

I don’t even seem to have any decent photos of the finished project, all I seem to remember was the pattern was pretty straight-forward – but there was a lot of sewing. So now a year later I am at a loss,  did I just follow the pattern? What modifications did I add? Did I knit or crochet the feet? What about the tail?

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Real Life: Knitting

A few weeks ago I wrote about my dream knitting land, where I would spend my evening seated in a window seat under a handmade quilt (in my dream world I can sew as well), watching my favorite TV shows, whilst drinking Hot Chocolate from our local coffee shop (they would have a home delivery service each night for me).

Again my reality is a lot different, after the fiasco of casting on my sock, I was a little more organised, during the day I had managed to take a few photographs of my sock and the yarn and print out the pattern (I was using my iPad before). So before knitting I sit down to enter the details of my project into Ravelry – of course this lead to 90 minutes of my reading forums and looking at other people’s projects. I noticed a lot of people have been adding a new shawl pattern to their queue and think about casting that on – but I never wear the shawls I have knitted, so think that’s a bad idea.

Work in Progress Shot

I turn of the laptop, set up Netflix and continue knitting, I realised the pattern, is one of those great patterns that is easy to memorize and but looks really complicated and have soon completed one repeat.

I paused for a bit to  make myself a cup of tea and grab a snack from the fridge and then get back to the knitting, but this stage I have a nice groove going on and happily knitting away for a while – stopping to scream at Netflix when it asks “Are you still watching…” Finally, I had watched 5 episodes of a show, it’s gone 1am and I still haven’t completed the leg of the sock!

Artistic Shot

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Real Life: Casting On

Whenever, I read other people’s knitting blogs about when they cast on a new project I have this vision of what they do, wander into their craft room, fondle some hanks of yarn deciding which one is right for their project and then sit down in a comfy chair bathed in natural light and cast on.

My reality of casting on a project is a lot different. Take this week, I had an afternoon off, so thought I would cast on a new project, I knew which yarn I wanted to use, and I had a mission to go and get it.

My yarn is stored in Ikea boxes in the cupboard in the hallway – along with spare bedding, Christmas decorations and old books – so whilst trying to get yarn, I got attacked by roll of wrapping paper and then had our summer duvet fall on my head!

Pretty Yarn Cake

I don’t have a craft room so the dining room table doubles as my desk and workbench. First I set up the my swift and ball winder, start winding the yarn – as soon as I got a momentum going my phone pinged, so I left the ball winder and read the text message and reply. When I returned to the ball winder, I will ended up in a mess – normally because I am left handed and end up winding the other way. After about 45 minutes I had my pretty yarn cake.

By this stage, I thought I’d earned a drink and paused to make a coffee ready to sit down and finally cast on the new project. Upon reading the pattern,  I saw it calls for a German twisted cast-on, so I found a tutorial on Youtube – after watching the video twice, I got sidetracked by the new trailer The Avengers 2. Whilst I had my iPad in hand I thought I’d play a few levels of Candy Crush Saga.

Casting On

By this stage my coffee had gone cold so I had to make another cup and head back to my spot on the sofa –  I had also forgotten everything I heard in the tutorial so had to watch it again, before even getting going on knitting the rib. Finally, after several hours, I had two rows of knitting completed on one sock!

I kept knitting for a while and suddenly realize I didn’t  take any photos of the project or entered the details into Ravelry. I pick up my phone and try to set up the perfect photo – only then did I see that there is no natural light, so looked at the time and see it’s gone 6pm, my husband is due home anytime soon the dining room table still has a swift attached and I had to cook dinner!


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UK Coffee Week

Where knitting is concerned at the moment I seem to need a lot of inspiration. I get bored quickly so a larger item (sweater or cardigan) are out of the question, socks whilst quicker seem to have lost their appeal, as I have several pairs and have ruined a lot more (am I the only one who wears though sock). So I need to find smaller projects to keep me going. Lately, I have been doing some sample knitting, the Shawl for Ling and another project for Ruth at Rock + Purl (more of that later). Which is good for me as I can use the deadline for motivation.

Coffee Sleeves

I also thought it might be a good idea for me to do some knitting for charities – it also seemed like a great way to put a dent in my stash. I found a great list of campaign that are looking for knitters on the UK Hand Knitting Association’s website. The first campaign that caught my eye was the knitted cup sleeves for The Allegra Foundation, they aim to bring safe drinking water to coffee producers in the Third World. Working with WaterAid they will be selling Coffee Sleeves in coffee shops over UK Coffee Week in May.

Coffee Sleeves

As a coffee addict, this seemed like a great project to start me off (I wish I had heard about it earlier so I could have knitted more sleeves). Using up some of my leftover sock yarn, and a few basic patterns – ribbed on “pooling” yarn or a simple cable on plainer yarns, this project is quick and easy to knit.


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New Gradient Yarn

Breakfast at The Wolseley
Breakfast at The Wolseley

Instead of our normal crafty afternoon, a few weeks ago Ling arranged a brunch at The Wolseley, it was also an excuse to check out the latest yarn in the Whimzy gradient sock yarn collection. I have been a little obsessed with ombré and gradient yarns at the moment, so was extremely excited to see Ling’s version.

Whimzy Yarn - experiments
Whimzy Yarn – Experiments


Whilst waiting for us, Kate mocked up a few colour samples using water colours, and they seemed to match up with Ling’s creations – obviously both ladies are on the same colour wave length. The blue/purple creation on the left is very much my first choice, and although the on the right is not my normal colour palette, I love the boldness of the yellow with the  grey and purples.

You will have to wait to see the full Technicolor version!!!


One skein complete stood out, as soon as I saw it I knew it was destined to become a Citron shawl. The yarn looks and feels like cotton (which I love), but it’s actually a merino/nylon mix – with great stitch definition. If you follow me on instagram, you will have seen some of my WIP photos, but you will have to wait a few days to see the shawl in all it’s glory.

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(P)inspirational- Easy Ombré


One of the obvious trends on Pinterest in Ombré, hundreds of tutorials on getting the perfect ombré hair colour or how to paint your chest of drawers or my favourite the easy ombré frosting on a cake!

The truth is I don’t have the time tone my hair or the patience to blend two colours to sponge on to my nails and I can just about ice a cake in one colour let alone five different shades. These are a few “easy” ombre crafts I have found.

If your anything like me every new shade of nail polish I buy is similar to one I already have! Painting each nail a different colour is something I loved doing as a child – for me using the same tone, is the adult version of this.

Using the free sample paint card from the DIY store and a paper punch, this card is so effect and easy. The design is also extremely versatile, but changing the colours or punch you can alter the occasion – shades of green and a Christmas trees punch for Christmas, or pinks and hearts for Valentine’s day.

I adore a statement necklace, and whilst I wish I could create complex beaded necklaces, all I can usually manage is to string a few beads on a thread – that’s why I love this necklace with it’s layers of strings, it has an amazing dramatic effect.

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