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Herd of Elephants

Flo the Elephant

I finally finished all my elephants (and they are safely at their new homes), I figured it was time to post some photos of my finished projects.

Flo the Elephant

First up, Flo from Knitty, I moaned before about the sewing involved in this pattern as it takes as much time as the knitting, but it does look amazing when finished.

Flo Tail

I love using the contrasting colour for the stitching on the ears and feet, which I also added to the tail to add to the hand-made look.

Elijah Twins

The other patterns I have knit has been Elijah by Ysolda. This pattern is the complete opposite as it involves no seaming – it’s all knit on the round with picked up stitches.


Like with all of Ysolda’s patterns in attention to detail is amazing – each increase or decrease stitch is part of a design, the increases in the head form the guidelines of the faces and the decreases in the foot forming this circular pattern.

Elijah - Foot

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I have become a creature of habits with my knitting, I tend to knit the same patterns, Gretel berets or monkey socks. As baby gifts I have made a gang of Poppy dolls and am slowly making a new herd of elephants.

A few years ago, I knitted a Flo the Elephant for Jason’s cousin – when she announced she was pregnant again I wanted to knit twin, knowing she was having a boy I figured this time I would do a blue version. Before I cast on, I looked at my Ravelry notebook and then on this blog to see if I could find any notes from my earlier project and it turned up blank.

Flo's Parts

I don’t even seem to have any decent photos of the finished project, all I seem to remember was the pattern was pretty straight-forward – but there was a lot of sewing. So now a year later I am at a loss,  did I just follow the pattern? What modifications did I add? Did I knit or crochet the feet? What about the tail?

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New Gradient Yarn

Breakfast at The Wolseley
Breakfast at The Wolseley

Instead of our normal crafty afternoon, a few weeks ago Ling arranged a brunch at The Wolseley, it was also an excuse to check out the latest yarn in the Whimzy gradient sock yarn collection. I have been a little obsessed with ombré and gradient yarns at the moment, so was extremely excited to see Ling’s version.

Whimzy Yarn - experiments
Whimzy Yarn – Experiments


Whilst waiting for us, Kate mocked up a few colour samples using water colours, and they seemed to match up with Ling’s creations – obviously both ladies are on the same colour wave length. The blue/purple creation on the left is very much my first choice, and although the on the right is not my normal colour palette, I love the boldness of the yellow with the  grey and purples.

You will have to wait to see the full Technicolor version!!!


One skein complete stood out, as soon as I saw it I knew it was destined to become a Citron shawl. The yarn looks and feels like cotton (which I love), but it’s actually a merino/nylon mix – with great stitch definition. If you follow me on instagram, you will have seen some of my WIP photos, but you will have to wait a few days to see the shawl in all it’s glory.

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Day 3: Transport - Emirates Air LineDay 3: Transport Emirates Air Line London.

This month, I have decided against posting all my #yarnpadc photos each week, instead I will post them daily on my tumblr (as well as instagram) and try and post each week about what I have been knitting (yes I actually have done a little knitting lately).

Experimenting with planned pooling.

Earlier in the year, I was having a chat with Ling, about how I would like to experiment with planned pooling for a scarf. At the time Ling had just released her limited edition Star Trek yarns – after reading the pdf, taking photos of the yarn, I eventually cast on an simple stocking stitch cowl – however, I got bored!

Sallah Cowl

So last month in an attempt to kick start my knitting, I cast on the Sallah Cowl from Knitty, no fancy planned pooling – just row after row of rib! However, it should be a wearable item soon.

I wanted to add again, thank you for everyone who have joined in with #yarnpadc (even if they fell of the wagon), over 3000 photos were shared in September on Instagram. Which still amazes me – I never expected it anyone to join in, I have loved seeing everyone’s interpretations of my prompts and all the creative photos you have taken.

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Socktopus Toy

As any reader of my blog will know whenever a friend has a baby girl, my go to pattern in Poppy as a gift. When Alice announced that her little blueberry was in fact going to be a pinkberry, I figured yet another doll to be made, but having thought about it I knew I wanted to make something extra special for this little baby. After a quick search on Ravelry I found the perfect pattern – Socktopus!

Socktopus Toy

I adapted the pattern a bit to knit it with sock-weight yarn and make it a decent size – mainly with the increasing and decreasing. I also knitted the legs separately than then grafted them on to the main body, as it was VERY awkward knitting with so few stitches and all the legs flying around!

I actually finished it in January – but waited until the little one arrived before posting it. As I had some time to kill and some yarn left over (I think there is enough for another toy), I thought I would finally knit a pair of Saartje’s Bootees.

Saartje's Bootees 02
I loved this pattern so simple, I did try and make the the normal way – but as I was so daunted my all that seaming, I opted for Fleegles’ Version, which is knitted on the round with a Turkish Cast On. I think I will be making a lot more of these in my future – a great way to use up all that left over sock yarn.


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A tale of two Clapotis

When we went to New England back in June of 2008, in one of the yarn store I saw am amazing Clapotis shawl made in Blue Heron Rayon, I had never seen the attraction to the pattern until that point, but I brought the yarn and a few weeks later I had completed my brown shawl, which I affectionately call the Shreddies Shawl (I was knitting it around the same time as that advert first aired).

This shawl became a stable of my wardrobe, thrown on over jeans and a t-shirt during summer evenings out with friends, draped over my shoulders at a wedding and even wrapped snuggly around my neck under my coat. Every time I wore it, I always got comments about how lovely it was – annoyingly it got more complements from muggles than some of my lace shawls that took ages to make! The shawl and me were very happy for a whole summer, until my sister borrowed the shawl, now she wears it over a t-shirt whilst shopping, or wrapped around her neck and gets all the comments about the Shreddies Shawl.

Then last year at Ally Pally, Mum and I saw some more Blue Heron Rayon, I mentioned to my Mum that I had used it to knit the Shreddies Shawl, and how much I missed it, she offered to buy me another skein to knit another shawl, we saw a skein, that I was convinced was navy and Mum thought was black, but either way I knew it was perfect, reading the label we discoved it was Aubergine. Last month, I cast on the second Shreddies Shawl, whilst watching one disc of Battlerstar Galactica Season Two, I managed to complete all the increase rows and one repeat of the straight row and I realised how much I love this simple pattern.

Clapotis III
In September of 2008, I saw another to-die-for-Clapotis at the iKnit day, this time knit in Knitwitches Silk Laceweight, so again I brought the yarn and according to my notes in Ravelry I cast on the project the next day. This time my love affair with the knitting didn’t last so long, I soon got bored of all the stocking stitch and wanting a challengle the project sat at the bottom of my knitting basket for months. Occasionaly I would look at it, knit a repeat or two and then get bored again.

Clapotis II

So last month, when I fell in love with the Clapotis pattern, I figured it was time to  re-connected with my old shawl. So I put the Shreddies Shawl on hold and started knitting. Much to my surprise the shawl was long enough to start the decreasing rows (why had I left it for so long?) So finally, 893 days after I cast on, I have finished my oldest WIP!

Confess how old is your oldest WIP? Do you plan on finishing it? Why have you left it so long?

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Skewed Construction

As I mentioned before one of the reason I loved the Socktopus Sock Club so much was the “interesting” construction of each of the socks. So when I saw a pattern with the most amazing heel, climbing up the ranks of the most popular pattern ranks on ravelry, I had to knit it!

Skew Sock Toe

As soon as I finished my Rumpled sock (photos to come), I cast on Skew! I normally don’t care too much about gauge on socks – but I read on ravelry it is extremely important in this sock – and I am glad I read that as I needed to go up a needle size to get the right tension.

In effect it is really just a stocking stitch sock with clever increases and decreases so it knits up pretty quickly, but I love the unusual construction – I keep stopping to try the sock on to see how it fits and get an idea of what part I am currently knitting!

Skew Sock - heel

Once I got to the heel – I was completely amazed – it is extremely clever the way to all fits together! One this I would add is before casting on this sock save the yard of yarn for the grafting stage, I didn’t and had to temporarily use another yarn which I will unpick and re-graft once I have finished knitting.

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The ‘Shires


I am planning on getting around to posting about my adventure in America, however I have been kept away from the P.C. So far since I have been back I have been to Kent, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and then back to Buckinghamshire.

What little time I have had to myself I have been working on my Clapotis (This is my current Viral Knitting Project). I can’t believe it has taken me so long to knit this pattern… Am I the last knitter on earth to make this shawl?

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Yarn:Knit Picks Andean Silk in Navy.
Pattern: Fetching from Knitty Summer 2006.
Needles: 3.75mm DPN.
Notes: The write up for this pattern on Knitty calls these gloves an “instant knitting gratification” and I have to agree, I sat down over the weekend to watch a few movies and my the credits of the second movie I had a pair of fingerless gloves.

After reading some comments on Ravelry, I discovered it is adviced to knit this mitts with 3.75 needles rather than the 4mm the pattern suggests. I also added an extra set of the 4×1 rib and cable row, just to make the wrist part longer. Because of the modification, I ended up using a little over one ball of yarn for these mitts.


Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Yarn: Paton’s Cotton DK in Sky.
Pattern: Spring Fling from Knitty Spring 2005.
Needles: 3 mm and 3.75mm.
Notes: This was a lovely easy lace pattern – great for a beginners, and the pattern looks very affective.
I decided to knit the body section as one (I hate seaming), I cast on 200 (for the small), leaving off the 2 stitches from the back and one from each of the front. I also slipped the first stitch at the start of each row, for a neater edge – as the edge is not worked into a border.

Personally, I didn’t like the hook and eye fastening – so I made two i-cords (about 70 rows each), and attached them to the first row of the neck decreases.

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