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100 Cups of Coffee

Once again, I am behind at writing my coffee drinking adventures, as part of my 100 cups of coffee project. Most of these coffees are from the spring.

Monmouth Coffee
On a rare occasion in early May, Jason and I had a weekend meeting in near London Bridge. This was the perfect chance to visit Borough Market and do a little shopping. No trip to the market is complete without a visit to Monmouth Coffee!

Another attempt of Spring
I have mentioned before that I love the @breakfastlondon instagram account, and use it for recommendations for new brunch spots. As Ling and I hadn’t met up of a while we thought we would try one of these places and have a fabulous spring brunch on the terrace of Urban Pantry.

Coffee & Cake
May (along with November) is Birthday month in our family. As much as I love buying presents for my family, I also find it stressful, so I tend to treat myself during a successful shop, to a break and cake!

Rebellious Coffee

When I was reading Rebel in the Sands, I was looking at photos of the book on Instagram, and I noticed a lot to mentions of Artisan Coffee Shop. This is one of my favourite coffee spots, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover the book was part written in the shop.
Coffee & Champagne

Finally, at the end of May to celebrate my sister’s birthday (and my successful present buying skills). We went for lunch at Valentina’s. Our favourite Italian restaurant have a bottomless lunch on Sundays, after drinking several glasses of prosecco I needed a coffee!

What is #100cupsofcoffee? You can read about the project here.
You can see all the photos from the #100cupsofcoffee project on Instagram.

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100 Cups of Coffee

As I mentioned before, my sister and I had a little staycation in London. Which we used as an opportunity to check out some of our favourite neighbourhood. It was also a chance for us to re-visited some old haunts like Ealing.  We discovered our old favourite café had shut but did find a new cozy coffee shop.

For the first time in a few years I went to a knitting group. I meet up with Ling before hand, and we raided her shop for some pretty yarn. Once at knitting group, I was so excited to catch up with friends and actually knit, I forgot to take a photo. So the next morning I took a “catch-up” photo.

Pinball & Coffee
Time Out London recently published an amazing list of coffee shops (and what speciality coffee to order from each store). When reading the magazine, It was pleasing to see a few coffee shops in our local area for me to add to my list. First was Chief Coffee, a cool space with pinball machines in the basement. My favourite game was of course the Game of Thrones pinball machine.

Instagram Brunch

My favourite food to order brunch is avocado toast, ideally with a poached egg! I love trying variations of this simple meal – adding houmous, fresh tomatoes or even sweet chilli sauce. For me the perfect pairing for avocado toast is latte.


May was birthday month and this meant a lot of eating out! I love having a coffee after my meal, often as an alternative to dessert but some times to go with my pudding. One of my favourite coffees was a Vietnamese iced coffee at Foxlow. This twist on a traditional Vietnamese coffee is made with cold brew, poured over the condensed milk all served over ice.

What is #100cupsofcoffee? You can read about the project here.
You can see all the photos from the #100cupsofcoffee project on Instagram.

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iKnit Fandango

Last weekend was iKnit Fandango here in London – unfortunately I couldn’t attend on both days – but did pop along on Friday afternoon to help Ling out on the Whimzy Yarn stand. It was nice to have a smaller knitting show back in London – Ally Pally is just too large for me.

Ling did a beautiful job setting up her stand and I was very proud to see a few of my sample knitting on display – my Afternoon Tea shawl (which I knitted in the Haymitch colourway) and my completed Citron in her new gradient yarn.

I have been out of the knitting circles for a while, a lot of the stands were run by companies I had not heard of – but that also meant I had new products to look at. There were also old favourites there (Knitwitches and Wollmeise).

However, the best thing about knitting shows is the chance to catch up with friends and even re-connect with friends you haven’t seen in a long time.

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New Gradient Yarn

Breakfast at The Wolseley
Breakfast at The Wolseley

Instead of our normal crafty afternoon, a few weeks ago Ling arranged a brunch at The Wolseley, it was also an excuse to check out the latest yarn in the Whimzy gradient sock yarn collection. I have been a little obsessed with ombré and gradient yarns at the moment, so was extremely excited to see Ling’s version.

Whimzy Yarn - experiments
Whimzy Yarn – Experiments


Whilst waiting for us, Kate mocked up a few colour samples using water colours, and they seemed to match up with Ling’s creations – obviously both ladies are on the same colour wave length. The blue/purple creation on the left is very much my first choice, and although the on the right is not my normal colour palette, I love the boldness of the yellow with the  grey and purples.

You will have to wait to see the full Technicolor version!!!


One skein complete stood out, as soon as I saw it I knew it was destined to become a Citron shawl. The yarn looks and feels like cotton (which I love), but it’s actually a merino/nylon mix – with great stitch definition. If you follow me on instagram, you will have seen some of my WIP photos, but you will have to wait a few days to see the shawl in all it’s glory.

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Knit Nation 2011

So another year and another Knit Nation has gone… I took things a lot easier this year only volunteering on the one day and not doing any classes, but at least I got to shop! I was meant to be on the registration desk during the Friday night preview howver I did manage to get over to the marketplace and have a wonder around. I have to confess this year I avoided the  Wollmeise stall (it was too busy and on my limited timescale I opted to check out the other stalls).

Last year, I entered the marketplace with a definite plan, a shopping list of yarn and intended pattern – this year I wasn’t so organised. However I did spot this pattern online and knew I had to have it. I hadn’t seen Pippa’s yarn in the flesh so I was excited to see her vibrant yarn in person.

Without a shopping list I mainly browsed, but without any idea what to knit, I was really hoping for inspiration. I also enjoyed seeing more of Alice’s yarn in person as well as old favourites like Natural Dye Studio, but opted not to buy yet more sock yarn.
Knit Nation Stash 2011
I did however fall in love with a lace yarn at Juno Fibre Arts (a stall I regretted not buying from last year) and then went a little mad at the Bothered Owl stall buying not only some more fabulous stitch markers (a Telephone Box and Hot Dog), but also the most amazing Batman project bag.

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Knit Nation

I wish I had been more organised and blogged each night about Knit Nation, but I was far too tired each night to even think about doing anything other than sleep, it did manage to tweet a little on the tube journey home.

I offered to help Alice as a volunteer on her crew, which meant lots of early starts! After a morning of helping out in the registration area, and then in the afternoon I did the Advanced Lace class with Anne Hanson. If I had to grade myslef as a knitter by level, I would say I was an immediate, so I was little concerned about how I would cope in the class. But is was exactly what I needed – it was a little confident booster, and I can’t wait to start working on my next lace project.

After class, it was time for the market preview, which really translated to 250 knitters all in the rush to get to the Wollmeise & Rohrspatz stall, I had popped in the marketplace earlier during the day, and was amazed at all the yarn they had but was still a little worried that they might run out!

Thursday's Stash

I was very restrained with my purchases, all I really wanted was some Wollmeise in My Old Blue Jeans to make a shawl and some brown for a shawl and beret (maybe the Ishbel shawl). The rush at the Wollmeise stand was too much for me, so I only managed to score on skein on sock yarn in the right colour, and then found the most amazing dark chocolate brown at the Old Maiden Aunt stall. My purchases where topped off with a Zauberball – I had a few ideas of what to do with this – either another blue shawl or some socks. I also got some lego stitchmarkers (not pictured).

Friday's Stash

Friday, I was down to help on the desk all day and intended to do not purchasing, however after lunch Jaq appeared from the marketplace with a skein of Woolmeise lace in My Old Blue Jeans, and mentioned they had loads more there, so of course my no buying policy ended! In the evening I helped out setting up for the Ravelry Talk. It was amazing to hear Jess and Casey talk about the history of Ravelry, and some of the new features they have added. It is clear they are passionate about their work and I got the impression they still have several more idea of how this site is going to grow!

Saturday's Stash
Saturday was more of the same, helping out on the desk, buying more Wollmeise lace even though I don’t need it! After a brief break for pizza and cake, it was off to set up for the Ravelry party. Finally a time to sit down, relax and catch up with friends.

Like most I found the whole weekend truly amazing, I have so many little stories from the weekend that just prove to me that knitters are the most amazing people! I got to catch up with some old friends, turn Ravelry friends into real friends, meet new people, learn some new techniques and also enhance my stash. I am hoping for more of the same next tine!

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Scrummy Yarn

sockspoilerBefore going away on holiday I popped into Socktopus to see a few of my favourite knitters. It was also the day Alice was getting the sock club parcels ready so it gave me a chance to pick up my yarn and goodies (there were two lots of bells and whistles to make up for last months parcel).

Socktopus Sock Club 4

Your eye’s do not deceive you that is some lovely skein of Wollmeise, on an exclusive colourway. Now I have to be honest I hadn’t yet cottoned on to the whole wollmeise craze, I seem to always miss the shop updates, I have not yet had a chance to fondle this yarn or seen it knitted up… so this was a real treat for me. After a bit of knitting I have to say I get it, smell and all!

Also included was an amazing Zigzag Stitches knitting bag, this is a tiny version perfect for carrying around sock knitting. I adore her stuff, I have added a few bags and a sock and go needle case to my birthday wish list. Finally, there are the lovely mini Russian doll stitch markers by Atomic Knitting.

Anna's Lace

Whilst I was there Kat was knitting an amazing cardigan in lace-weight so when I was fondeling the yarn I saw this cashmere yarn, I knew it was screaming to be turned into a lovely cardigan.

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Parcel One

sockspoilerLast Friday I met up with Alice, Trisha and  Arianna for a trip to the Houses of Parliament and girly lunch. It was a  chance for us all the have a mini London meeting of the Leyburn KAL. Arianna took this amazing photo to see all the different variations of the one pattern – I love the fact two are knitted toe-up and two cuff-down. Even though I had only completed the toe by this stage, you can clearly see range of colours.

I had also arranged with Alice to receive my first Sock(topus) Club parcel (yes my first silver shiny packet). The pattern is the Om Shanti Sock designed by Alice herself! The yarn is Evolution in an exclusive colour (Peppermint Cheer), and the extras are a mini pedicure kit from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company (Canadian just like Alice).

Parcel One

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iKnit Day with Yarn Harlot

Without a doubt the day most knitters in London have been looking forward to this year was iKnit Day… think about it, the chance to buy yarn, meet other knitters and hear Yarn Harlot speak – what more do you need!

A weeks worth of planning on the Ravelry board and we sorted out a meeting place and somewhere to get breakfast – building up some energy for the long day ahead… In the end, there were 14 of us for brunch, I don’t remember the last time I had a greasy spoon breakfast and it was amazing!

Socktopus Stand

Once inside, my first port of call was the Socktopus Stand – which was three deep with people eagerly wanting to get their hands on some Malabrigo sock yarn, unfortunately I didn’t get there in time to purchase any of the yarn, but I did sign up to the Sock Club (there goes the stash busting for next year).

World Record Attempt 

There was so much to see and buy, I am still not sure I made it around all the stands. Undoubtedly the most amazing thing were the world’s largest needles, for a donation (to Breast Cancer Research) you could have ago at knitting with four metre long needles. I managed to complete two stitches and I have to say it was quite an arm workout!

Of course the reason I was there…

Yarn Harlot

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Treasure Hunt

As Saturday was Worldwide Knitting in Public Day, the guys at iKnit organised a little knitting themed treasure hunt in London, taking in some of the many venues from the Knitting nights. Mel, Sally, Justine and I formed Team 4-Ply. As well as the 61 questions we had to answer we were also given several tasks including buying souvenirs beginning with the letters K-N-I-T, taking photos of London Landmarks beginning with P-U-R-L. Of course the obvious London Landmark beginning with a U, is the Underground!

iKnit Treasure Hunt

 Another task was to try to take a photo of you knitting, next to a policemen, Pearly Knit or Queen, Street Performer of a Famous Person… whilst we enjoyed a cheeky half pint in the Royal Festival Hall, some fellow treasure hunters stopped for a chat, and they recognised Miss Flip Knit’s voices from their podcasts, so of course we decided they were our stars!  

iKnit Treasure Hunt

 The whole way around the course we carried out lovely yellow balloon (you got an extra 2 points for returning your balloon) and knitted a skinny scarf… upon returning to the store our balloon was sabotaged (we will get our revenue next year!) However our scarf was the second longest and overall we won (I think I am still in shock about this).

For more photos check out the iKnit Pool on Flickr