I just love getting parcels in the post, I ordered a few things online this week – some stuff for my Secret Pal and some for me and most of it arrived this morning. The biggest package was from Stitch’ n’ Craft, I have been wanting to make some MaryElla bracelets from knitty as gifts, and I have loads of DMC Floss and beads – so all I needed was the needles – which it appears are really hard to get hold of. After hunting around online, I found Stitch ‘n’ Craft sold the needles, but then I discovered all there beads – so many pretty colours and so I had to order more.

Today when my package arrived, I discovered that seed beads actually come in sizes (I thought seed bead was the size 😳 ) as I looked at the beads one tube looked fine, but the other 3 tubes were filled with tiny beads – I could just about make out the hole in the middle – let alone thread them into cotton – assuming I could find a needle that small. I have now discovered (from this site) that seed beads have sizes, and I needed size 11 not 15.

Not to be deterred, I found some black beads in my stash and white floss and realized the DMC floss, I have is 6 thread floss and not Perle 8 – like the pattern called for – so at the moment, I am feeling a little silly and extremely embarrassed. Not to be deterred, I am off to Hobbycraft this weekend to try again.

Seeing, as I love parcels, I thought it was about time I spread some joy and send my first part of the Secret Pal gift – especially, as I got the finally part of the first present today – and some of the bits for the second gift – I just have to go to the post office to buy an envelope and sent it. 😀

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