2006 Knit-alongs

Going away at the beginning of the year. Has meant I am out of the loop in so many things within the knitting world. I knew it would be almost impossible to participate in Secret Pal Swap this session as I will be away in March as well, and that was cool.

However, I have found out I miss the deadline for Sockapalooza, which I think is a good thing. As I am not that confident about my sock knitting capabilities. I am positive that no one would want the socks I made. The obvious way to resolve this would be to sign up to something like Count Your Socks, but I think it might be too late, we shall see.

And then I saw the wonderful concept of the Knitting Olympics! What an amazing idea! The only problem is, I have problems completing projects at the moment. I really should finish my mum’s twin set! However, the idea of knitting one small project in 16 days really appeals. It will encourage me to have a Finished Object in my gallery for 2006. I even have a project in mind for this Crafter’s Circular Shrug. But I will have to really think if I can complete it in time.

Then finally in Blogland found a no-pressure project. Lolly’s Project Spectrum! It is simple, you create something from a set colour each month. It can be a sweater, a scrapbooking page or even a simple bracelet. Lolly has explained it best on her blog. But as I said it sounds perfect for me. Now I can start scrapbooking rather than just buying crafting supplies from eBay.

Featured Image from Pixabay.