Project Spectrum

I can’t believe the six months of Project Spectrum are over. It has been a whirlwind of colour. Unlike a normal knit-along, this project spilled over into all accepts of crafting and even everyday life. You just have to look at the Flickrpool group to see how this project has inspired people to find colour all over the place.

One of the added joys of this project has been the Postcard Swap. Over the last six months, I was introduced to six new bloggers. They impressed with the cards they have sent me. Which in turn has made me feel embarrassed with the poor quality of cards I have sent them. At the moment, my final card is somewhere over the Atlantic, winging it’s way Jody at Java Jem.

Project Spectrum

Round of Project Spectrum

September has become the left-over month for Project Spectrum. A time to finish up projects from all the previous months. This is going to be great for me. As the only projects, I finished where my pink capelet, the two-tone pink socks and green surprise socks for my sister’s birthday

As I didn’t really make anything in April. Yellow and Orange aren’t really my colours. So it was easy for me to finish my pink projects from March. However, May was a little harder, I only just managed to finish the green socks on the last day of May.

My list of unfinished objects is still pretty long. In June, I tied in the World Cup KAL with PS, to make a blue cardigan – which is almost finished. From July, I have a half finished Purple scarf and finally, my Brown mohair sweater from this month.

I believe Lolly is thinking of repeating this Project next year, I would strongly recommend it to all crafters, it has made me more aware of colour, I see it everywhere, in nature, whilst crafting, and even in simple things like a cup or hotel room. If you still need convincing about this check out the Flickr group it has become a great place for inspiration, seeing new techniques and to see new knitting patterns. As well as other people wonderful finished crafting projects.

Featured Image from Pixabay.