Ravelry Envy

We have all heard of Facebook Envy. I am thinking I have Ravelry Envy. On Ravelry, I subscribed to my friend’s activities. Now, whenever I see a project I like I have to queue it. Or else I am coveting a new yarn. The problem is, I am picking patterns that I don’t have the yarn for when I should be trying to get rid of the yarn I have.

Jaywalker Socks

Last night, was meant to be the first of the Chiswick Ravelry Meet-Ups. But it ended up getting cancelled. So I spent the night finishing off some projects. I am actually really pleased with myself, I cast off two projects last night. Finished both the scarf I was knitting as a birthday gift and my Baudelaire Socks.

I made a promise to myself this morning that I am going to have this many projects on the go at once. It has made me so unorganized. I end up loosing momentum on my patterns, forgetting the repeats of lace. As a result I have had to frog the sock more than once. I also don’t really have the project bags to store so many projects. As I write this my flower basket shawl is currently in a Tesco’s carrier bag!

Featured Image from Pixabay.