The iKnit Treasure Hunt

As Saturday was Worldwide Knitting in Public Day. The guys at iKnit organised a little knitting themed treasure hunt in London. Taking in some of the many venues they used in their Knitting nights.

Mel, Sally, Justine and I formed Team 4-Ply. The main part of the treasure hunt included completing several tasks. Like, buying souvenirs beginning with the letters K-N-I-T. Or taking photos of London Landmarks beginning with P-U-R-L. Of course, the obvious London Landmark beginning with the letter U is the Underground!

iKnit Treasure Hunt

Another task was to try to take a photo of you knitting, next to a policeman, Pearly Knit or Queen, Street PAnother task was to take a photo of your knitting, next to a policeman, Pearly Knit or Queen, Street Performer of a Famous Person. Whilst we enjoyed a cheeky half-pint in the Royal Festival Hall. Some fellow treasure hunters stopped for a chat, and they recognised Miss Flip Knit’s voices from their podcasts. So, of course, we decided they were our stars! 

iKnit Treasure Hunt

Additional tasks we had to include there answering 61 knitting-related questions. And knitting a skinny scarf as we walked around the city. The whole time we also carried a yellow balloon. Unfortunately, when we returned to the iKnit store. Another team sabotaged our balloon, so we failed that task. However, our scarf was the second-longest, and overall we won!