iKnit Day with Yarn Harlot

Without a doubt, the day most knitters in London have been looking forward to this year was iKnit Day. Think about it, the chance to buy yarn, meet up with other knitters and hear Yarn Harlot speak. What more do you need?

All week on the London Ravelry board we made our plans. Sorting out a meeting place, somewhere to get breakfast. Our plan was to build up some energy for the long day ahead. In the end, there were 14 of us for brunch. I don’t remember the last time I had a greasy spoon breakfast and it was amazing!

Socktopus Stand at the iKnit Day

Once inside, my first port of call was the Socktopus Stand. Which was three deep with people eagerly wanting to get their hands on some Malabrigo sock yarn. Unfortunately, I didn’t get there in time to purchase any of the yarn. But I did sign up to the Sock Club, there goes any plans to stash bust for next year.

World Record Attempt at the iKnit Day

There was so much to see and buy, I am still not sure I made it around all the stands. Undoubtedly, the most amazing thing was the world’s largest needles. For a donation to Breast Cancer Research you could have ago at knitting with four-metre long knitting needles. I managed to complete two stitches and I have to say it was quite an arm workout!

Of course the reason, we were all there was to hear Yarn Harlot’s talk.

Yarn Harlot at the iKnit Day