The Things I Love – January

The Things I Love from Jan 2012 including Sherlock
  1. Sherlock – N/A (Box Set are on Amazon).
    One of my guilty pleasure has always been repeats of crime dramas on a Sunday afternoon. I eat cream cakes, knit and try to work out whodunnit? I love Marple, Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. For years Holmes for me had to portrayed by Jeremy Brett. That was until 2010, enter Benedict Cumberbatch! What can I say about this show, the modern interpretation? I love the witty dialogue and of course the amazing chemistry. I love this show and cannot wait for the next season.
  2. I Heart Vegas – from Amazon
    This is a real guilty pleasure book, like the Shopaholic series from a few years ago. The I heart books are very similar. Diabolical scenarios, lovable characters and of course the style. In these books, the main character Angela has an obsession with her Marc Jacobs handbag. I read the first two books in this series on vacation in Mexico a few years ago and over Christmas read this latest installment.
  3. Vanilla Spice Latte – Varies from Starbucks
    I have made no secret of my Starbucks addiction. And as Gingerbread Latte season ends I am on the hunt for another drink to be obsessed with until the summer. When I saw the boards advertising this drink I thought I would give it a go. After all, I like Vanilla and I love the other spiced drinks (Pumpkin as well as the Gingerbread), so it was worth a try, right? And as a result, I have my new post-Christmas drink.
  4. Nail Envy £18 from Boots 
    Normally, I talk about the latest nail varnish shade I am in love with, but lately, my nails have become a little brittle and rather than just cover them up with colour, I opted to look for a treatment. So for the last week, I have been applying the treatment every night. And so far they are looking great.
  5. Timehop – Free (just have to register online)
    This is the most amazing service. Have you ever wonder what you were tweeting about this time last year? Or what photos you were taking on Instagram?  Well, this is the app for you. After you link for social networking site, each morning you receive an email showing you all your updates from the previous year. I found this great fun over Christmas seeing that I was going to the same places and also tweeting similar things!

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