The Things I Love – July

My Loves from July 2012
  1. Suits Season 1 available from Amazon
    I watched a few episodes of this series when it aired earlier this year. And brought the DVD on a whim. However, I quickly became hooked. Yes, it is yet another law room drama. But it also features witty chat, hundreds of movie quotes and a pretty good soundtrack. Oh and Harvey Specter is the Man!
  2. The Stone Roses Available on CD/Digital Download
    As far as I am concerned 1996 was the best year for music! In my opinion, bands released so many great albums that year. It was also the year one of my favourite bands broken up. For the next 15 years, many other Stone Roses fans (including myself) waited for reunion. Every few years a rumour would appear, and just as quickly it would disappear. That is until last year! Within the space of three days, they confirmed the reunion, announced a tour and released tickets for the said tour. Well, that amazing concert was last weekend, and luckily we were there! In anticipation of the concert, I listened to this album all month.
  3. Song Pop (Free app).
    A few weeks ago, I friend mentioned this addictive new app. It is “name that tune” type game, I pointed out I knew nothing about modern music. But then he said out you could pick an era or genre to guess from. So I downloaded it, and I became hooked. The game is like Draw Something, you take turns listening to music and trying to name the artist or song.
  4. The Lizzie Bennetts Diaries (Free)
    This is a new love, from yesterday when someone sent me the link. Have you ever imagined what if in Pride and Prejudice was written today? What if Elizabeth Bennett kept a v-log explaining her meeting with Darcy and subsequent adventures? Well now you don’t have to. Hank Green and Bernie Su have done it for you, these humorous videos by Lizzie and Charlotte (which occasionally feature her sisters), give a modern spin to Austen’s classic tale.
  5. Samba Swirl Several locations in London, prices vary.
    Regular readers of this blog will know I love FroYo, (no trip to Selfridges is complete without a Pinkberry). When I discovered this place near our house I had to give it ago. They work a little differently from traditional stores, as it is all self service. Each day they have up to 6 flavours to try from (which change daily), you can then can add your fruit or sweets etc. Finally the whole thing is weighed to determine the price – just like in the pick and mix. So far, I have tried the Pistachio, Cookies n’ Cream and White Choc Macadamia. And keep going back for more.

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