Bullet Journaling

To Do List
To Do List in outside my local coffee shop.

Longtime readers of this blog will know I love lists. Over the years I’ve tried to computerize my list. Any time I hear about a new app or organisation tool I sign-up and make another list. To the stage where I have lists everywhere. A calendar on my laptop. General lists on my phone. Long term goals on Evernote. Places I want to visit on Foursquare. Books I want to read on Goodreads, it goes on and on.

This year, I decided to start using my old personal organiser again. For dates, appointments and everyday tasks and it’s been going well. Taking this one step further I am going to try Bullet Journalling, reverting back to analogy lists!

I’m not going to attempt to explain Bullet Journals. Instead, you can watch the amazing explanation video on the Bullet Journal website. (Which you can see it here). I have made a few changes, rather than buy a new notebook. I am using the tools I have to get me started so I am continuing to use my organiser. I’m still using the calender section to keep track of appointments, birthdays and work deadlines.

The to-do section is perfect for the “roots” of bullet journaling. I am adding monthly to-do lists. Then organising my lists per job. E.G. re-designing the blog or things to be listed on eBay. And finally, I hope to add long-term lists (books to read, places to visit etc).

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