I’ve been thinking about writing a post about my plans for 2016 for a few weeks. I’ve seen a lot of post about resolutions or when someone picks a word of the year. None of these seemed appropriate for me.

It seems January the first is the day everyone tries to have a major lifestyle change. However, this makes no sense to me. After Christmas, our cupboards are still full of chocolates and “fancy” biscuits. I know if I tried to eat healthier I would ended up diving into these boxes. And I have no idea why anyone would start a running regime during the coldest month!

If I am going, to be honest, January is a tough month for us. It marks the anniversary of both my father’s death and my first ectopic pregnancy. Even though we try and do something upbeat on these days. Like having a family meal in honour of my dad. They are still tough days for me and I certainly wouldn’t want to attempt to run on these days.

So what are my plans for 2016? Rather than major resolutions for the year, I want to do a couple of smaller challenges. Social Media seems to be full of these. Most of these are well know like the Couch to 5K or 30 day de-cluttering challenge. But there challenges out there for everything.

Book Shelf 2016 Reading Challenge

I will be continuing with my 100 cups of coffee challenge this year. And have pinned a few 30-day exercise challenges on Pinterest. That I can do indoors for the next few months (plank challenge and sit-ups one). I’m also joining the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge. I don’t need an excuse to read more, I just want to vary my reading in 2016.

I would love to knit more this year too. Which at the moment has just involved spending a few hours on Ravelry. Mainly looking at people’s project pages and hunting for interesting patterns!

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