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100 Cups of Coffee
Kentucky Coffee

For Jason’s Birthday in November, we went to JW Steakhouse for a meal, as we were finishing up our meal the television in the bar broke the news of the terror attack in Paris, we sat in the bar with a post dinner coffee watching the news unfold in complete shock.

Coffee on the go

The rest of November was a little blur for me, I was busy with work and trying to get organised for Christmas, as a result a lot of my time was spent at home in front of a computer screen, but I did try and pop out daily to the local coffee shop for a coffee to go. I tended to use my Las Vegas takeout cup and dreamed about a holiday to Sin City.

Coffee with Friends

One of the best things about the run up to Christmas was getting to catch up with friends and family, as I mentioned before I used these days as a time to avoid using my phone, as a result I missed a few photo opportunities, however I did manage to take this one photo, after brunch with Kate and Ling.

Coffee & Star Wars

The past December was all about Star Wars, the build up to the release of The Force Awakens was epic, every shop seemed to be selling some form of Star Wars merchendise from pens to pajamas, I picked up these biscuits mainly for the tin, but they were perfect for an afternoon pick me up.

Pre-Movie Coffee

Finally on the big day! We had tickets for the midnight showing at our local cinema so turned it into a little midweek date night. After dinner, I was a little concerned about staying awake so late (3 am on a school night), so had a pre movie coffee.

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