Sparks of Joy

It’s been a tough week!

I have sat down several times over the last week to write a blog post. I have started a post about Batgirl and an update of for the 100 cups of coffee project but discarded them. When writing I normally pause to check Twitter or Facebook, but this week I have been more distracted. This last week I have spent what seemed like hours online reading or watching the news.


So instead I thought I would write about joy. These are the 10 things that have made me smile or sparked some joy in my life over the last week (in no particular order).

10 Things that Spark Joy!

  • Hamilton Mixtape

  • Having a meal for Jason’s birthday in his favourite restaurant.
  • Seeing Russell Howard’s show live.
  • Pret’s Veggie Christmas Lunch.
  • The new Lego Store in London (I can’t wait to visit).
  • Winning a Bodhi Rook Lego minifig in eBay.
  • Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events trailer

What has brought you Joy over the past few weeks?

Featured Image: © Disney/Pixar