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January 2019

Currently Reading… Batman: War Games

I am re-reading a lot of my old comic books this year. Firstly it is the Batgirl run, featuring Cassandra Cain. To tie-in with this, I plan to read all the cross-overs from the early 2000s. So this month, I re-read the three Batman: War Games trade paperbacks.

Currently Watching… Game of Thrones
In preparation for the final season of Game of Thrones this April, I plan to re-watching all the previous seasons. Rather than binge-watch all the season the fortnight before season 8 airs. I intend to watch a few seasons each month and am using this handy guide in a bullet journal to track my progress. In January, I only managed to finished season one. So I have a long way to go!
Currently Playing…  Lemmings iOS app
One of the first games I became addicted to was Lemmings on the Sega GameGear. In fact, Lemmings was the first game I completed. (I remember the end title with the lemmings doing the can-can). This is a fun version of the original game. You only have a few lives every few hours, similar to Candy Crush Saga. So I don’t see myself become too addicted again.

Currently Loving
January 2019
  1. Star Wars Deluxe Stationery Set £9 from Amazon
    I got this amazing stationery set for Christmas and I love it! Firstly it contains paperclips shaped like Stromtroppers. And secondly, it has Star Wars washi tape! I cannot wait to do a Star Wars themed monthly spread for my bullet journal. Whilst the obvious time would be for the release of Episode 9 in December. I am not sure I can wait that long. So may end up doing it for Star Wars Day in May.
  2. Stationery Shirt £20 from Joanie Clothing
    At the moment I might be wearing sweaters all the time. Even so, I am always looking out for fun, interesting t-shirts. This stationery themed tee from Joanie Clothing is exactly my kind of thing! I have always loved t-shirts with contrasting edging, as they have a retro feel. But the stationery print is just amazing.
  3. Strawberry Body Butter £15 from Body Shop.
    In the colder weather my skin always dries out. So I need to moisturise every day. Yes, I know I should anyway, but I can be lazy. I have used the Body Shop body butter for years. I prefer the fruiter smells like strawberry or mango. As they not only remind me of summer but also my teenage years. Does anyone else remember Dewberry or Fuzzy Peach?
  4. Harry Potter Moleskine Notebook £23 from Amazon
    In previous years, I have always started a new Bullet Journal in January. However, it seems such a shame to only use three-quarters of a notebook. So this year I didn’t buy a new journal in January. But it hasn’t stopped me lusting after the Harry Potter collection by Moleskine.
  5. Disney Infinity Figures price varies from eBay.
    Recently I was looking for a customized lego figure in eBay and came across a Disney Infinity figure of Ahsoka Tano. Originally, these were add-ons to the console game. As the game is no longer updates, it seems the old figures have no use. So a lot of the used figures are on eBay. However, I think they are too cute and am looking to add a few more to my collection to display!

The Disappointment of the Month
As regular readers will know I love my coffee. So in January, I tried the new Cereal Latte from Starbucks. I have tried cereal milk in the past. Which tastes like milk left in the bowl after you have a sugary cereal. So I was expecting their latte to be a similar taste. Instead, this was an oat milk latte with crumbs of cereal added. The result ended up as a plain latte that someone had dunked half a hobnob into! As you can imagine, I was not impressed!

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