Travel Cups

During the past few years, I have shared some of my more memorable coffees on Instagram and on the blog as part of the #100cupsofcoffee project. I have had coffee in planes and trains. In Christmas coffees, as well as autumn and spring themed drinks. Whilst most of the coffees were in London, I also shared coffees from Spain and the Philippines.

I am ashamed to admit a lot of those coffees where served in disposable cups! I like most am aware of the plight of the oceans because of single-use plastics and I am aware of my part in the plight. Especially, because of this project.

Most of the coffees I have tried to share have been during my adventures, in these situations. I try and sit in the coffee shop, so I can use a proper cup. If I am out walking I will always bring my travel mug, likewise if I am having a coffee locally. So today, I am sharing some fun and interesting travel cups for fellow geeky coffee drinkers.

My Favourite Travel Cups

A Selection of Travel Mugs
  1. But First Coffee 
    Of course, I had to include the Instafamous travel cup. Whilst the original white, pink and black version sold out very quickly, you can still get the gold version.
  2. Eat Cake for Breakfast 
    Another classic travel cup this time from Kate Spade. I also love her black and white spot cups.
  3. Darth Vader Keepcup.
    The BB-8 version of this Keepcup was on my birthday wish list. However, the Darth Vader version is actually larger. 12oz instead of 8oz.
  4. Mary Poppins
    Anyone else obsessed with Mary Poppins? The Disney Store actually have a few cute travel cups in this theme include an Alice in Wonderland version. 
  5. Collapsible Mug 
    I adore this idea, a foldaway cup that you can keep with you at all times. Now you have no excuse to forget your cup.
  6. Marvel Retro Comic
    Ideal for when you are having a coffee and comics day.
  7. Tardis
    I really wish this cup was larger on the inside, then I wouldn’t have to make a second cup!
  8. Harrods London Mug
    Whilst I personally wouldn’t use this Harrods mug in London for fear of looking like a tourist, I think it makes a great gift, look at all the cute London landmarks. 
  9. Wonder Woman
    Am I the only one who feels like Wonder Woman after her first cup of coffee?
  10. Winter is Coming
    What better way to warm up during the long winter than with a cup of coffee in your Game of Thrones cup?
  11. Nintendo Mug
    I saw several cups for gamer on Amazon, but my favourite was the classic Gameboy one.
  12. No Longer a Latte Notebook
    No, I’m not going mad I know this isn’t a travel mug. I had to include these notebooks because they are made from recycled coffee cups!
100 Cups of Coffee - Travel Mugs

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