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March 2019

Currently Reading… Captain Marvel: Higher, Faster, Further & The Life of Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel
The Life of Captain Marvel

I’m embarrassed to admit, but before seeing Captain Marvel I hadn’t really read any of her solo comics. So this month to rectify that I picked up two graphic novels.

Currently Watching… The OA
I was obsessed with this show a few years ago when season one aired. But I kind of forgot about it. When Netflix announced that season two would be airing this month. I binged watched season one again and season two all in a few days!

With the release of Avengers End Game next month I have also started an epic re-watch of all the previous 21 films. It is fair to say I am excited for Avengers: End Game, as it will be an amazing adventure. However, it is going to be bittersweet to say goodbye to some of my favourite characters.

Currently Playing… Pokemon Go
This month there seem to have been a lot of Pokemon Go events. As well as the normal monthly community days. In March there was a special raid weekend and Research Days. So nearly all our Saturdays in March have involved meeting up with our raiding group and wondering around the neighbourhood. Still trying to catch ’em all!

Currently Loving… Everything Captain Marvel related!
As well as adoring the Captain Marvel movie, this month I have been listening to the soundtrack, reading the comics and generally obsessing with everything related to Carol Danvers.

Currently Loving
  1. Game of Thrones Pyjamas from Primark
    For me, April is all about two things firstly, Avengers End Game and secondly, Game of Thrones. I recently discovered Primark have an amazing amount of Game of Thrones merchandise everything from socks to water bottles. Resisting myself a little I brought some pyjamas and a blanket to use when I watch the episodes at 2 am!
  2. Batman Family Q-Master Diorama £170
    I am not sure why I have put this on the list. Yes, I adore it! But there is no way I am going to spend that amount of money on a figure. I just adore this diorama so much. Look at how cute each member of the Bat-Family is.
  3. Wonder Woman Skirt
    I saw this skirt on an advert on Instagram. And was really tempted to buy it. But I doubt I would ever wear it and I look awful in Maxi-skirts. But don’t you just love the idea of a Wonder Woman skirt!
  4. Fenty Beauty Baby Bomb
    I am not normally the type of girl who changes her make up routine for the seasons. However, as last summer was so ridiculously hot I stopped wearing make-up all together. This year, I am trying to be a little bit more prepared looking for a simple lip tint and blusher to add a little colour when I go out!
  5. Lindor Mint Milk Chocolate Bar
    Did anyone else become obsessed with the Lindor Mint Chocolates over Christmas? If I buy a whole box of chocolates, I will eat them all at once. That’s why this smaller bar is so great. Also, the orange chocolate version is just as good!

Adventure of the month
The highlight of this month was definitely the Mary Poppins Afternoon Tea at Aqua Shard. Not only was it an amazing tea. The views from the restaurant were stunning! You can read a full account of the afternoon tea here

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