Currently – April Edition

It has been a bit of an odd month! April seemed to be completely consumed first by Game of Thrones, then Avengers: End Game. And then, of course, Game of Thrones became front and centre again after the airing of The Long Night! As a result, this month I have had little time to read, knit or do anything really other than obsesses over fandoms!

Currently Series

Currently Watching… Game of Thrones and MCU Movies!
So I started the month, completing my epic Game of Thrones rewatch. And then focus all my attention to re-watching the Marvel movies. However, I epically failed in re-watching all the Marvel movies and only made it to Ant-Man. I will continue to watch the rest of the movies in May, before seeing Avengers: Endgame again.

Currently Reading… Nothing ?
As I mentioned I didn’t really find many chances to read this month. However, after seeing Avengers: End Game I have decided I want to read more Marvel comics. I have always tended to be more of a DC Comics girl. But think it is time to start more of a Marvel adventure. Any recommendations would be great!

Currently Eating… Ice Cream!
As we had a few nice days of weather in April, I started a new project the 100 scoops of ice cream! However, I think I jinxed the weather because no sooner did I post about the project and the weather turned! Hopefully, I can get out soon and enjoy more interesting ice creams around London.

Currently Loving
Products I love in April 2019
  1. Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection
    If I had the money I would have brought everything in this collection, which was released in April. I really wanted the ‘needle’ make-up brush, but it was only available in the Vault set, which was nearly £200. I did get a few pieces from the collection including the ‘Mother of Dragons’ palette.
  2. Ravenclaw Wise T-shirt £14.99
    Can you own too many geeky t-shirts? As the weather gets warmer I always look out for cute t-shirts. Especially ones with a more subtle design. That’s why I was drawn to this Harry Potter t-shirt. It is often harder to find merchandise for Ravenclaws (or Hufflepuffs) so I always buy it when I do see it.
  3. Kikki-K Grid Journal £12
    In May, I will finally be starting a new Bullet Journal. And even though I brought a new Moleskine at the start of the year. This month, I picked up this grid journal from Kikki-K. The inside is a cross between a dotted and grid set up. With tiny little plus signs instead of full squares, so is an interesting alternative.
  4. More than just A fan t-shirt £23.99
    Something else I look for in geeky t-shirts is ones that are flattering on a curvy woman. So I love scoop necklines. I thought this t-shirt was a cute way to celebrate the end of the Infinity Saga. Plus I adore how the back looks like tour dates, with the release dates of all the movies.
  5. Her Universe Sister of the Force Collection.
    I adore everything in the newest Her Universe collection! Originally, I lusted after the Holdo dress. However, the more I look at it more I love more items like the Leia Cape. Currently, it is only available in the States, but I am hoping it will be on sale in the UK soon!

The highlight of the Month
Without a doubt getting a new tattoo! I read about a Game of Thrones tattoo pop-up in London. On the day, I figured I would pop along and see what the queue was like. I didn’t expect to be the 12th person in line, so after a three-hour wait, #iGOTink with an amazing Arya inspired tattoo courtesy of Now TV.

Not Today Tattoo
My tattoo moments after getting it done.

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