Currently… July

So far in the summer months, I have neglected my blog, only randomly updating. I want this to change for August, and so I have actually planned and written some posts. However, focusing on this has meant I am behind on my regular “Currently… series”. Hence why this round-up for July is a little late. But do not fret I will hopefully soon be back posting about London life, geeky things, all topped off with a few scoops of ice cream!

Currently Watching… Tokyo Ghoul
In mid-July, there was a One Piece event in Pokemon Go. As a result, we ended up having a conversation in our Raiding group about our favourite anime. This lead to a list of recommendations of things for me to watch. Top of the list was Tokyo Ghoul! I watched the first season in a day (binge-watching until 3 am). Then continued watching Tokyo Ghoul √A over the next few days!

Currently Reading… Secret History & Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

I re-read Secret History as I remember loving this book when I first read it. And then picked up Goldfinch. Yes I know I am very late to the party in reading this!

Currently Loving… Instagram!

Okay, this is a little odd but hear me out. Previously I had been frustrated with Instagram for several months! It was a number of things. The non-chronical timeline, the new algorithm meaning I was missing out seeing my friends photos. So I toyed with the idea of trying to devise an Instagram strategy for me, creating a post calendar, having dedicated photo sessions and scheduling posts. However, I thought about what I enjoyed about the app in the first place. For me, it was more about micro-blogging. Daily (sometimes not even that) snapshots into my life. So in July, I adapted a back to basis attitude with Instagram and as a result, once again I love it!

Currently Loving

There is a definite 1990s revival happening at the moment. As someone for whom grunge was the soundtrack to their angsty teenage years, and then spend most of their twenties at clubs or gigs listening to Britpop. I am loving the throwback to the 1990s! And it is reflected in my choices of things I am loving in July.

Currently Loving in July 2019
  1. Captain Marvel T-Shirt £12.99
    Did you see the Marvel announcement at San Diego Comic-Con? It looks like Captain Marvel will be playing a huge role in Phase Four. I wanted to get another Captain Marvel t-shirt for a while, but haven’t found one a really liked. But I love the 90s feel of this one, the combination of the logo and classic Nirvana t-shirt is a winning mix for me.
  2. Otterbox Phone Case £34.99
    I finally upgraded my phone in July, so I also got to shop for a new phone case. I had used a Popsocket with my previous phone. But was looking for a better solution to the sicky attachment. That’s why I love Otterbox cases. The case comes with a plain Popsocket attached however, you can swap it out for your favourite one. Of course, this is now an excuse to shop for more fun Popsockets!
  3. Kick Flare Leggings £16.00
    These trousers remind me of a pair I owned in the 90s. I have tons of photos of me wearing them on holiday, and I remember wearing them to gigs and just generally around the house, as they were so comfortable! I think these will fast become my comfy trousers for A/W 2020!
  4. Foo Fighters Anthology Poster £6.50
    I have only just discovered Lissome Art Studio and adore so many things on their website! Their 90s band prints are awesome. I was immediately drawn to the Foo Fighters poster, as they are one of Jason and my favourite bands. But I easily could have picked the Beastie Boys, Nirvana or Stone Roses.
  5. Mixtape T-Shirt vol. 1 £14.99
    Lissome Art Studios also have the “ringer” style t-shirts, which are always my favourite tops to wear with jeans (and converse). The mixtape design has such a nostalgic feel, adding to that 90s vibe! They have two designs with different tunes, but some of my favourite songs are one Volume One!

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