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My Obi-Wan Kenobi Viewing Guide

With the release of the Obi-Wan Kenobi limited TV series less than two weeks away, now is the ideal time to re-visit the prequel movies and The Clone Wars animated series. I re-watched The Clone Wars during the pandemic before the release of the Seventh Season. I will be attempting to re-watch part of the series once again this month.

When The Clone Wars series aired, the episodes were in non-chronological order. As a result, some of the storylines are out of order. Fans have debated and created a new chronological order to watch the episodes for years. When Disney+ started streaming the series, it added them in release order by episode number. So it is also non-chronological. However, they have listed the episode in chronological order on the official Star Wars website.

I have created my viewing list using the Star Wars episode guide and several fan sites. The list of the episodes (and movies) that I think are important for Obi-Wan’s history. This guide includes all the battles of the Clone Wars, like Ryloth and Umbara. As well as personal storylines like the Mandalore plot and those featuring Darth Maul.

I have listed all the episodes below and created a chart of all the episode numbers. The chart is available as a printable template to add to a journal. Or you can screenshot the image to add to your Instagram Stories.

Road to Obi-Wan Kenobi Viewing Guide

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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Featured Movie)
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (Featured Movie)
“Cat and Mouse” (Season Two, Episode 16) 216
“The Hidden Enemy (Season One, Episode 16) 116
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie
“Supply Lines” (Season Three, Episode 3) 303

Blue Shadow Virus Arc

“Blue Shadow Virus” (Season One, Episode 17) 117
“Mystery of a Thousand Moons” (Season One, Episode 18) 118

Ryloth Arc

 “Storm Over Ryloth” (Season One, Episode 19) 119
“Innocents of Ryloth” (Season One, Episode 20) 120
“Liberty on Ryloth” (Season One, Episode 21) 121

Magic of the Holocron Arc

“Holocron Heist” (Season Two, Episode 1) 201
“Cargo of Doom” (Season Two, Episode 2) 202 *Not in the episode part of a story arc.
“Children of the Force” (Season Two, Episode 3) 203

“Bounty Hunters” (Season Two, Episode 17) 217

Attack of the Zillo Beast Arc

“The Zillo Beast” (Season Two, Episode 18) 218 *Not in the episode part of a story arc.
“The Zillo Beast Strikes Back” (Season Two, Episode 19) 219

Return to Geonosis Arc

“Senate Spy” (Season Two, Episode 4) 204
“Landing at Point Rain” (Season Two, Episode 5) 205
“Weapons Factory” (Season Two, Episode 6) 206
“Legacy of Terror” (Season Two, Episode 7) 207
“Brain Invaders” (Season Two, Episode 8) 208

Saleucami Arc

“Grievous Intrigue” (Season Two, Episode 9) 209
“The Deserter” (Season Two, Episode 10) 210

Mandalore Arc

“The Mandalore Plot” (Season Two, Episode 12) 212
“Voyage of Temptation” (Season Two, Episode 13) 213
“Duchess of Mandalore” (Season Two, Episode 14) 214

Second Mandalore Arc

“Corruption” (Season Three, Episode 5) 305 *In flashbacks
“The Academy” (Season Three, Episode 6) 306

“ARC Troopers” (Season Three, Episode 2) 302

Witches and Monsters Arc

“Nightsisters” (Season Three, Episode 12) 312“Monster” (Season Three, Episode 13) 313“Witches of the Mist” (Season Three, Episode 14) 314

Secrets of Mortis Arc

“Overlords” (Season Three, Episode 15) 315
“Altar of Mortis” (Season Three, Episode 16) 316
“Ghosts of Mortis” (Season Three, Episode 17) 317

The Citadel Arc

“The Citadel” (Season Three, Episode 18) 318
“Counterattack” (Season Three, Episode 19) 319
“Citadel Rescue” (Season Three, Episode 20) 320

Darkened World of Umbara Arc

“Darkness on Umbara” (Season Four, Episode 7) 407
“The General” (Season Four, Episode 8) 408
“Plan of Dissent” (Season Four, Episode 9) 409
“Carnage of Krell” (Season Four, Episode 10) 410

The Slaves of Zygerria Arc

“Kidnapped” (Season Four, Episode 11) 411
“Slaves of the Republic” (Season Four, Episode 12) 412
“Escape from Kadavo” (Season Four, Episode 13) 413

“A Friend in Need” (Season Four, Episode 14) 414

Obi-Wan Undercover Arc

“Deception” (Season Four, Episode 15) 415
“Friends and Enemies” (Season Four, Episode 16) 416
“The Box” (Season Four, Episode 17) 417
“Crisis on Naboo” (Season Four, Episode 18) 418

Darth Maul Returns Arc

“Massacre” (Season Four, Episode 19) 419
“Bounty” (Season Four, Episode 20) 420
“Brothers” (Season Four, Episode 21) 421
“Revenge” (Season Four, Episode 22) 422

Onderon Arc

“A War on Two Fronts” (Season Five, Episode 2) 502
“Front Runners” (Season Five, Episode 3) 503
“The Soft War” (Season Five, Episode 4) 504
“Tipping Points” (Season Five, Episode 5) 505

Young Jedi Arc

“The Gathering” (Season Five, Episode 6) 506
“A Test of Strength” (Season Five, Episode 7) 507
“Bound for Rescue” (Season Five, Episode 8) 508
“A Necessary Bond” (Season Five, Episode 9) 509

Shadow Collective Arc

“Revival” (Season Five, Episode 1) 501
“Eminence” (Season Five, Episode 14) 514
“Shades of Reason” (Season Five, Episode 15) 515
“The Lawless” (Season Five, Episode 16) 516

Clone Protocol 66 Arc

“The Unknown” (Season Six, Episode 1) 601
“Conspiracy” (Season Six, Episode 2) 602
“Fugitive” (Season Six, Episode 3) 603
“Orders” (Season Six, Episode 4) 604

Yoda Arc

“The Lost One” (Season Six, Episode 10) 610
“Voices” (Season Six, Episode 11) 611
“Destiny” (Season Six, Episode 12) 612
“Sacrifice” (Season Six, Episode 13) 613

The Siege of Mandalore Arc

“Old Friends Not Forgotten” (Season Seven, Episode 9) 709
“The Phantom Apprentice” (Season Seven, Episode 10) 710
“Shattered” (Season Seven, Episode 11) 711
“Victory and Death” (Season Seven, Episode 12) 712

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Featured Movie)

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