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6 on 6 Red

6 on 6 - Red

I am posting my final photos in the 6 on 6 series, red for December. Like my gold photos for November, these have a Christmassy theme. A lego Santa, and Starbucks red cup. I have also added an Electra Tsum Tsum. The Harley Quinn Funko, was a Halloween gift as past of the Geek Girl x Bloggers group from the Funko Queen dePepi.

The final photo in my red themed #SockSunday photo I took on Instagram. Featuring the Red Queen book, a red cup and my 2 luv crew socks I knitted years ago. These are my favourite socks that I made, that I tend not to wear them, which is why I think they don’t have holes in them.

6 on 6 - Red
Lego Santa
6 on 6 - Red
Electra Tsum Tsum


6 on 6 - Red
Harley Funko
6 on 6 - Red
Red Post Office Box!

6 on 66 on 6 is a monthly photography challenge started by the Scruffy Little Nerd Herder #6on6

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One of my goals this year was to read more and I’m always looking for inspiration for new books to read. As much as I love my kindle, I have always loved to potter in a book store and read the blurbs on the back of books, but more recently I have been using social media for ideas on what to read next. As a result my latest obsession has been looking at book photos on Instagram; I literally am judging a book by its cover.

Bookstagram has become a huge phenomenon in recent years, we live in an age where we all know that if a celebrity been seen wearing an item of clothing will cause that item to sell out in the shops and even expect celebrity endorsements on consumer goods. I recently read an article from the USA Today showing how books have become the latest trend on celebrities Instagram feeds, which is something that I love!

It might seem easier to search Goodread or Amazon from recommendations, but searching Instagram for #currentlyreading or #bookstagram, brings up thousands of photos, and can give you can insight into what’s hot at the moment. I have added several books to my “to read” shelf from Red Queen, Nowhere But Here and Rebel of the Sands.

The bibliophiles on Instagram carefully choreograph some amazing photos to show off what they are currently reading using themed candles, mugs, bookmarks or other props. As I mentioned I love my kindle, I don’t have a lot of physical books, or bookshelves filled with books, but I adore seeing other peoples – maybe when I get that larger dream home, I can have a library filled with books and a cozy reading nook.

Until then, I’ll spend my free time curled up in my bed with my kindle and attempt to post boring #socksunday photos showcasing some hand knitted socks and my plain kindle.

What are you reading at the moment? Where do you get inspiration for you next read from? Do you have a favourite bookstagram account I should be following?

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The Same Yarn

At the moment, it seems all my knitting project at the moment seem to be using the same yarn, Sokkusu Original. I have been fortunate enough to be able to pop along to the Socktopus Studios a few times and each time, I am tempted by the wonderful colourways and end up coming home with a mini stash of yarn.

I was particularly taken with the Hunger Games colours, I adored Haymitch and was really keen to cast on a new project. Around the same time Ruth announced her Mystery Sock KAL, so I thought this would be a perfect combination.

RnP Mystery Sock Clue 1

I cast on and happily knitted the leg (week two) – when I suddenly thought this yarn is too pretty to be hidden away as socks, but I continued on to the heel flap, and then it dawned to me – this sock pattern is actually perfect for a guy!

I have yet to find many exciting sock patterns to knit for year – a lot of “male” patterns, I just end up knitting in a smaller size in a girly colour. When it comes to knitting socks for Jason, I have two defaults, a vanilla sock or 2×2 rib! What is worse I also have two yarn options, Regia/Opal self-stripping in grey or a solid yarn (occasionally I might pick something interesting) in Black or Navy! Is there anything worse than knitting 72 stitches of stocking stitch in black?

So I figured Ruth’s sock pattern might just work – and what is more than that, I have a great Socktopus yarn – District 12 (a semi solid dark grey)! This of course meant ripping back the sock 🙁 But fear not, a quick hunt to Ravelry and I found another interesting pattern Afternoon Tea.

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At the moment, I seem to be obsessed with the colour red! I’m not sure where it started, but I have been painting my nails red, wearing red lipstick (due to the fact I finally found a lipstick that suits my skin tone), and of course knitting with red! 2luvcrew -red!

This is the 2luvcrew pattern from last years Knit Love Club, done in the Bill Compton yarn, Alice dyed for the Bloodlines Sock Club. I think the sock look like little tiny hearts – perfect for Valentine’s Day, however I didn’t finish them in time.

My other obsession this week, has been Pinterest, we are planning on decorating our bedroom, so I am spending hours online looking for inspiration and this online pin-board is perfect to help me sort my ideas but also to get ideas. Of course I had to combine both my loves and am working on a Red board 🙂



2luvcrew 005

I actually finished these socks a while ago, but wanted to wait until after the watershed to post about them, then I wore them, so had to wait until I had time to wash them before posting! This sock wasn’t that challenging, but the lace pattern was so easy to memorise that they were knitted up in no time!

2luvcrew 007

The only “new” technique for me was the casting on – which left these lovely little picots that lead into the twisted rib. Once again Alice didn’t disappoint as this pattern just flows so beautifully, the inclusion of little transitional charts works the rib into the pattern than then on to the heel and eventually the toe. I love this pattern so much, I am already planning to knit another pair.

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The Lost Turtle

Way back at the end of May, I meet up with Alice very briefly to pick up June’s installment of the Knit Love Club. The gorgeous yarn arrived, with a packet of beads and extremely strange beading needle. So of course I was really eager to start this project. After a hiccup with the beads (it took me ages to thread them onto the yarn), I was happily knitting away.

Caretta Caretta WIP

I finished the first sock pretty quickly, but since then I have lost my knitting mojo! I figured Knit Nation would be the perfect place toget my mojo back and finish the sock. As it turns out I only really had one opportunity to knit when I was checking tickets on the door, but during this time I some how managed to lose my first sock!

I was so close to the finishing line, and now I am back at the midway point! I have very little of the yarn left, but have put a plea out of Ravelry to see if I can have anyone else’s leftover yarn to finish these socks. I am extremely annoyed at myself for losing the sock, and also a little upset about the hard work for nothing. I am trying to be positive and think about wearing these socks in the autumn (I figure it will be then by the time I have finished them).

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Spring Shoots

Brooklyn Handspun - Soft Strength

I am a little late blogging about this sock – but I figure it is okay as spring seems to be a little late this year too! The beautiful spring yarn was part of the March installment of the Knit Love Club. As I have mentioned before Alice always manages to challenge us where the sock club is concerned and this pattern was no different. In fact it crossed the border out of my knitting save zone.

Like most people the knitting techinique I have never tried is steeking, my opinion is simple, why would I want to cut my beautiful garment that has taken me so long to knit! This pattern involved a strange form of horizontal steeking used in the Cat Bordhi Personal Footprint book, you can see a video of the technique here.

Spring Shoots - Foot

So this funny flat fish looking piece of knitting was turned into the foot of the sock – with the leg appearing between the two safety lines, It was an extremely strange construction but there wasn’t a lot of sewing involved so I guess that was a good think – I had to look for the silver lining somewhere. But I would add the sock fits beautifully.

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Skewed Construction

As I mentioned before one of the reason I loved the Socktopus Sock Club so much was the “interesting” construction of each of the socks. So when I saw a pattern with the most amazing heel, climbing up the ranks of the most popular pattern ranks on ravelry, I had to knit it!

Skew Sock Toe

As soon as I finished my Rumpled sock (photos to come), I cast on Skew! I normally don’t care too much about gauge on socks – but I read on ravelry it is extremely important in this sock – and I am glad I read that as I needed to go up a needle size to get the right tension.

In effect it is really just a stocking stitch sock with clever increases and decreases so it knits up pretty quickly, but I love the unusual construction – I keep stopping to try the sock on to see how it fits and get an idea of what part I am currently knitting!

Skew Sock - heel

Once I got to the heel – I was completely amazed – it is extremely clever the way to all fits together! One this I would add is before casting on this sock save the yard of yarn for the grafting stage, I didn’t and had to temporarily use another yarn which I will unpick and re-graft once I have finished knitting.

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Socktopus Club 2009

So I finally finished all 6 socks in the Sock(topus) Club from last year. I was hoping to finish them all within the 365 day period but according to my project pages on Ravelry it was 336 days 🙁

For me this sock club wasn’t just 6 lovely yarns and patterns by 5 talented designers, it was a jounrey into different constructions of socks. I considered myself an beginner to intermediate sock knitter, I have knitted numerous pairs of sock –  but I tended to pick patterns that were similar. Cuff down, with a heel flap, decreased gusset and toes. Each of the six socks in the club were constructed differently.

Om Shanti

Om Shanti

Short row toes and heel.
Kihnu Vits and corrugated rib.

Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden

Toe-up (with a square toe cast on),
Heel cup
Reverse heel flap
With added vine and pod details.

Heart and Sole

Heart & Sole

Bias shaping for the arch
Reverse heel flap
With a lacy cuff.



Toe-up (with the pattern included in the increases)
Gusset increases on the sole of the foot (again in pattern)
Reverse heel flap
Cable needle-less cables
Hundreds of twisted stitches.



Cuff down
Dancing socktopods around the leg
Decorated heel flap.

Mince Pie MayhemMince Pie Mayhem

Cuff down
Heel expansion in pattern
Heel cup
Toe decreases in wedges (more like the crown of a hat).

My favourite pattern varies almost daily, when the new shiny silver package arrive, it contained my new favourite pattern, as a knitted the sock my love for that pattern grew, then I would rediscover a previous pair of socks in my draw and fall in love with that pattern again, another day I might see the yarn and be reminded of my love and again my favourite would change!

I have already cast on, the first sock from the Knit Love Club – and again I am loving the pattern – I am having issues with the yarn but only becuase it’s colour is out of my comfort zone (I will post more about that later).

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Blueberry Pie Socks

Whilst I sit here still hoping the postman is going to deliver my Knit Love Sock club parcel, I thought it was the perfect time to post the details about the final package from last years Sock club.

Socktopus Sock Club 6

The parcel actually arrived before Christmas (hence the pattern name), but I didn’t get a chance to cast them on until this year. The yarn is my favourite to date – a special cashmere blend from Nimu in the most amazing purple/blue colour! The pattern – Mince Pie Mayhem was designed by Alice, and the “extras” were some Soak and amazing labels to attch to your handmade goodies.


I was hoping to have these socks finished by today, but have only made it to the toe on the first sock. 🙁 It seems a little silly knitting Mince Pie socks well after Christmas, so I have renamed they the blueberry pie socks as the yarn reminds me more of this!

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