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Book Lovers Gift Idea

My husband and I used to write a lifestyle blog together (someday I hope we will start it up again). One of series of posts we wrote about were gift guides and I loved complying these posts. Next month, both my mum and sister are celebrating their birthdays. As part of their presents I am planning on getting them Kindle vouchers but I wanted to them a little something extra. Partly inspired by some of my favourite instagrammers I put together this gift guide for Book Lovers.

Gift ideas for Book LoversLocket // Bookmarks // Candle
Colouring Book // Book Bag // Pin
Pencils // Tee // Mug

The Frostbread Candles and Happy Hello Co. Magnetic Bookmarks are available for several of fandoms so these can be tailored for gift giving. I think I might be tempted to do some themed gift baskets soon. I first saw this Librarian Tee on The Loony Logophile‘s blog, in her everyday Librarian cosplay and fell in love – isn’t it perfect! When I saw the mug on instagram, I knew I had to include it as it sums up my recent obsession!

Finally, if you want the ultimate gift for a book lover, how about treating them to a vacation in a bookstore! The Open Book in Scotland offers an airbnb rental in a bookstore where you can help run the shop during your stay.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.


The Things I Love _ September

TTIL - Sept 2012

  1. Orla Kiely for Uniqlo (Prices Vary)
    I adore Uniqlo for my basics – t-shirts, cardigans and coloured jeans, This year they have done a couple of interesting collaborations, with Laura Ashley, Lulu Guiness and Orla Kiely – so my t-shirts have suddenly become very colourful. This week, they launched their Autumn/Winter Orla Kiely Collection, which is just amazing, long sleeve t-shirts, tunic dresses and scarves all in the classic Orla Kiely prints!
  2. Bloglovin – Free (just have to register online)
    Ever since Bloglines closed a few years ago, I have been hunting for a new RSS reader, I tried Google Reader for a long time and it seemed to be working, then I discovered Bloglovin which is clean, easy to use and has some amazing extra features, like buttons to post to twitter, or pinterest, and a plugin for Chrome to tell you when you have new posts to read.
  3. Revlon Just Bitten £18 from Boots
    Normally, when it comes to make-up I am a MAC addict, but recently I was out sans lip-gloss so had to find a colour from the High Street. In Boots, I discovered this new lip balm from Revlon, with a minty tingle and a pop of colour, perfect for moisturizing your lips in the autumn.
  4. Downton Abbey – N/A (Season 1 & 2 on Amazon).
    I think I am the last person to discover this show! A friend loaned me the DVD’s early in the summer and the box set has sat on the side gathering dust over the Olympics, but in my post-sport blues I thought I would give it a go. It was the perfect antidote to the intense Olympics, a nice relaxing period drama. I can see the new season becoming part of my weekly routine, relaxing viewing on the Sunday night to wind down after the weekend before the work week begins.
  5. Cool Lime Refresha – Varies from Starbucks
    For each season, I have a Starbucks drink, Gingerbread Latte’s for Christmas season, Vanilla Spiced Latte for the rest of winter, Mocha Frappuccino for the Summer – although they are amazingly high in calories, so I love their alternative summer drinks, like the Lemon Frappuccino from a few years ago. This year, there drinks are Refresha, low-calorie pick-me-up  coffee drinks without the coffee flavour, instead the Cool Lime version tastes like a virgin Mojito.
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The Things I Love – London 2012

TTIL - August 2012

This Month’s Things I Love has a very London 2012 theme!

    1. Burger and Lobster, two locations in London, prices vary.
      Visiting London, want somewhere amazing to eat, check out Burger and Lobster. There is no menu here as they only have 3 things on the menu, Burger, Lobster or a Lobster Roll (which I can fully recommend), each which is £20. They do have a pretty impressive drinks menu, complete with an array of cocktails. Lobster and Cocktails – what more does a girl need!
    2. Team GB Scarf £5 Next
      I am loving the Olympics and have wanted to show off my Team GB pride, but without kitting myself out head to toe in merchandise. I wanted something small, wearable and something I wouldn’t mind wearing in a months time. I think this little scarf does the trick, it’s small enough to attach to my handbag but larger enough to wave about during the national anthem.
    3. London 2012 Join In app Free
      I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of Official apps for the Olympics, but I have been amazed with this one, the location feature shows you interesting events happening in area, from outdoor screens to watch the games, the national hospitality houses around town, as well as the normal sporting events.
    4. Butter London Nail Polish, Heavy Medal Collection  £30
      Now, I love my nail varnishes, and it seems every nail polish brand out there has done an Olympics or Jubilee themed nail varnish, but I’m not sure I would like to do the whole red, white and blue thing, I was on the lookout for different. I think this works, the Heavy Medal Collection – bronze, silver and gold! As well as working for the Olympics these shades will be brilliant in the party season at the end of the year!
    5. Kate Spade London Calling Bangle $88 Kate Spade Stores
      This bangle has been on my wish list for a while, and I am thinking now is the perfect time to buy it, chunky, red and quoting an amazing song – what more to you need. I also think it will look great with my Brooklyn version of the bracelet.
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The Things I Love_July

TTIL - July 12

  1. Suits Season 1 available from Amazon
    I watched a few episodes of these series when it aired earlier this year, and brought the DVD on a whim, however I was quickly hooked – yes it is yet another law room drama, but it also features whitty chat, hundreds of movie quotes and a pretty good soundtrack. Oh and Harvey Specter is the Man!
  2. The Stone Roses Available on CD/Digital Download
    Often when asked I will always say 1996 was the best year for music, in my opinion so many great albums where released in that year, it was also the year one of my favourite bands split up. For the next 15 years, me like many other Stone Roses fans waited for reunion, every few years a rumor would appear, and just as quickly it would disappear, until last year! Within the space of three days, the reunion was confirmed, a tour was announced and tickets went on sale. Well that amazing concert was last weekend – and luckily we were there, in anticipation of the concert I have been listening to this album all month.
  3. Song Pop (Free app).
    A few weeks ago, I friend mentioned this addictive new app, which was a “name that tune” type game, I pointed out I knew nothing about modern music, but then he said out you could pick an era or genre to guess from. So I downloaded it, and I was hooked. The game is like Draw Something, you take turns listening to music and trying to name the artist or song.
  4. The Lizzie Bennetts Diaries (Free)
    This is a new love (as in yesterday when someone sent me the link), Have you ever imagined what if in Pride and Prejudice was written today, and Elizabeth Bennett kept a v-log explaining her meeting with Darcy and subsequent adventures? Well now you don’t have to. Hank Green and Bernie Su have done it for you, these humorous videos by Lizzie and Charlotte (which occasionally feature her sisters), give a modern spin to Austen’s classic tale.
  5. Samba Swirl Several locations in London, prices vary.
    Regular readers of this blog will know I love FroYo, (no trip to Selfridges is complete without a trip to Pinkberry), when I discovered this place near our house I had to give it ago. They work a little differently from traditional stores, as it is all self service. They have up to 6 flavours to try from (and these change each day), then you can add your fruit, sweets etc. Finally the whole thing is weighed to determine the price – just like in the pick and mix. So far, I have tried the Pistachio, Cookies n’ Cream and White Choc Macadamia – and keep going back for more.
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The Things I Love_January

TTIL - Jan 2012

  1. Sherlock – N/A (Box Set are on Amazon).
    One of my guilty pleasure has always been repeats of crime dramas on a Sunday afternoon, eating cream cakes, knitting and trying to work out whodunnit? Marple, Poirot and Sherlock Holmes – your years Holmes for me was always Jeremy Brett – until 2010, enter Benedict Cumberbatch! What can I say about this show, the modern interpretation, the witty dialogue and of course and amazing chemistry. I love this show and cannot wait for the next season.
  2. I Heart Vegas – from Amazon
    This is a real guilty pleasure book, like the Shopaholic series from a few years ago. The I heart books, are the same diabolical scenarios, lovable characters and of course the style – Angela has an obsession with her Marc Jacobs handbag. I read the first two books in this series on vacation in Mexico a few years ago and over Christmas read this latest installment.
  3. Vanilla Spice Latte – Varies from Starbucks
    I have made no secret of my Starbucks addiction, and as Gingerbread Latte season ends I am on the hunt for another drink to be obsessed with until the summer. When I saw the boards advertising this drink I thought I would give it a go – after all I like Vanilla and I love the other spiced drinks (Pumpkin as well as the Gingerbread), so it was worth a try, right? And as a result I have my new post Christmas drink.
  4. Nail Envy £18 from Boots 
    Normally, I talk about the latest nail varnish shade I am in love with, but lately my nails have become a little brittle 🙁 and rather than just cover them up with colour, I opted to look for a treatment. So for the last week I have been applying the treatment every night – and so far they are looking great.
  5. Timehop – Free (just have to register online)
    This is the most amazing service, every wonder what you were tweeting about this time last year? Or what photos your were taking on instragram?  Well this is the site for you, after you link for social networking site, each morning you receive an email showing you all your updates from the previous year – I found this great fun over Christmas seeing that I was going to the same places and also tweeting similar things!
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