“Miss” Me?


Jason and I on the 16th JanuaryI don’t really talk about non-crafty things in this journal I have a livejournal that I use for that kind of thing, But once in a while something amazing happens and it has to be recorded everywhere.

On the 16th January – 8 years after I started dating Jason we decided to get engaged. We had been talking about it for ages and brought the ring earlier this year – but decided to make it official whilst in Chicago on our anniversary.

Our wedding is now booked for next March and I am completely in wedding mode, as I prepare to no longer be a “miss.”

Needless to say very little knitting has been done and to make matters worst I have taken up scrapbooking to try and archive our engagement and wedding – now I really need an extra hour in the day.


Now to our Normal Knitting Schedule

With all my Christmas knitting project now finished I can resume, my normal knitting schedule and in true knitting style I have several projects on the go. First off, I am making another Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf in the Hip-Knits Silk I brought last year, it was meant to be a summer top for me – but with the winter months rolling in a frogged it and have now decided it will be perfect for a thick winter scarf ready for our trip to Chicago next week.

Even though I have stopped knitting gifts, I seem to be busy knitting things for other people. My poor mum has been waiting since last May for her twin set, I finished the sweater part last September and it has been sitting in my knitting bag waiting to be blocked and for its partner to be made. So that has not been cast on, I am using the pattern from Sally Dallas’ Vintage Knits (I think this is the 6th Pattern I have done from this book).

Next on the needles is a pair of socks for my sister. She has the most awful trainers – Nike Air Rift, or pig’s trotters as we like to call them. The problem is you can’t wear normal socks with them – as there is a separator between the big toe and the rest of the toes. So when I saw the pattern for Geisha Socks in SpunMag, I immediately thought of her.

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End of Year Summary

I nicked this from Woolly Warbler

Completed LuckyWhat new knitting techniques did I learn this year?
Thanks to Tracy (she sent me a sock starter kit as part of SP5), it has to be socks and knitting with DPN’s.

Which completed project from the last 12 months are you most proud of?
I think that would have to be Lucky – she became a labour of love, or the beaded bolero I made for my sister.

What was your biggest knitting disaster of the year?
Not sure really – I guess it would have to be Florence that I started knitting realised I was never going to wear it and also I think the pattern was a bit too much for me, I am useless at intarsia.

What knit craze grabbed you this year?
Without a doubt it would have to KSH – I love it, so far all I have used it for is scarves – but I think I may have to knit a Butterfly or Cami in the New Year.

And New Year Resolutions?
At the moment none – but it is an excuse to make a list 😉

Happy New Year!

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One Skein Wonder

One Skein Wonder

Yarn: Paton’s Cotton DK in Denim.
Pattern: One Skien Wonder by Glampyre.
Needles: 5 mm and 3.75mm.
Notes: This was a lovely pattern to knit up – and completed extremely quickly.
As I was knitting it – I kept thinking of other yarns that this would work with, although the pattern called for worsted (which is thinker than DK), it still works well – I think because the cotton has great stitch definition.
It was a little weird knitting from the top down – something I hadn’t done before – but the raglan effect works really well.
This pattern does get bonus points as there is very little seaming – just the “cuffs” of the arms.

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Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Yarn: Paton’s Cotton DK in Sky.
Pattern: Spring Fling from Knitty Spring 2005.
Needles: 3 mm and 3.75mm.
Notes: This was a lovely easy lace pattern – great for a beginners, and the pattern looks very affective.
I decided to knit the body section as one (I hate seaming), I cast on 200 (for the small), leaving off the 2 stitches from the back and one from each of the front. I also slipped the first stitch at the start of each row, for a neater edge – as the edge is not worked into a border.

Personally, I didn’t like the hook and eye fastening – so I made two i-cords (about 70 rows each), and attached them to the first row of the neck decreases.

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London Bombings

I am surrounded by my family, we are all safe.
That is all I have been wanting all day.

I spend most the day in front of the TV next to the phone trying to get updates.
Decided to change the layout of my blog – just to keep me busy – I can’t even think about knitting right now.

I know there are a lot of London Knitters out there and – I hope all they and their families are all safe.


100 things

  1. My birthday is on Halloween.
  2. I was born in London in 1974.
  3. My full name is Dipika.
  4. I hate my name.
  5. Everyone including my parents calls me Dee.
  6. I don’t have a middle name.
  7. The hospital I was born in was across the road from my parent’s house.
  8. Both my parents were born in South Africa.
  9. My parents had an arranged marriage.
  10. They have been married over 40 years.
  11. All my grand-parents were born in India.
  12. I have one sister.
  13. I am the youngest – by 17 months.
  14. I use to always fight with my sister when we were little.
  15. Now we are really close.
  16. One of my earliest memories is seeing my sister fall down the stairs.
  17. I have never had any pets.
  18. I have lived in London my whole life and can’t imagine living anywhere else.
  19. I am left handed.
  20. I have been with my boyfriend, Jason for over 7 years.
  21. I met him at a firm I was temping at.
  22. When I first met Jason, I thought he was annoying – but he made me laugh.
  23. The first night we met we talked about driving across America together.
  24. My favourite subject at primary school was Maths.
  25. I use to think I would become a maths teacher or something.
  26. I have always loved the Star Wars films.
  27. I remember seeing Empire Strikes Back in the cinema and being scared of the Wampa snow monster at the beginning of the movie.
  28. I learned to knit when I was 8 years old.
  29. I designed and knitted my first jumper when I was 10.
  30. I use to watch The Goonies every week, when I was younger with my sister.
  31. I started wearing glasses when I was 17.
  32. I went to a girl’s school.
  33. I am glad I did as I think it gave me more opportunities.
  34. I meet my best friend, Sabeena on the second day of secondary (high) school.
  35. I was at the Brit Awards in 1989 (Yes that one!)
  36. My favourite subject at secondary school was Media Studies.
  37. My favourite TV show was Twin Peaks and I still love it now.
  38. My best friend immigrated to America, just before we started Sixth Form – but we are still in contact.
  39. I have three A levels in Sociology, Economics and Film Studies.
  40. I was the only girl in my Film Studies class.
  41. I was a typical grunge kid, doc martins, baggy t-shits, ripped jeans and floppy hair.
  42. I have every issue of Empire Magazine since 1992.
  43. My favourite place that I have visited is the Grand Canyon.
  44. I have a B.A. (Hons.) in Social Sciences.
  45. I went to university in East London (near where the Olympic village will be).
  46. I am obsessed with Tiffany’s.
  47. The colour scheme of this site is based on the Tiffany’s website.
  48. My favourite colour is blue.
  49. Especially, Tiffany’s Blue or #00CCCC.
  50. I cry whenever I see E.T.
  51. I became a vegetarian in when I was 20.
  52. I still eat fish.
  53. I remember the last meat dish I (knowing) ate.
  54. It was a McDonald’s Hamburger in Acapulco.
  55. I hate mushrooms.
  56. This is very awkward as a vegetarian.
  57. I always regret the fact I never saw Nirvana live.
  58. The last holiday I went on with my family was in 1994.
  59. We went to China.
  60. I graduated in 1996.
  61. I got my first job three days after leaving university.
  62. I got my belly button pierced the day before my 22nd Birthday.
  63. I spend two months traveling around America on my own in the summer of 1997.
  64. I wanted to eat breakfast whilst staring in the window of Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue.
  65. One of my favourite museums is the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.
  66. I started waering contact lens when I was 21.
  67. I once saw Billy Corgan at O’ Hare airport.
  68. My favourite city I visited was Seattle.
  69. I have two tattoos.
  70. One of a Scorpio on my thigh.
  71. The other is of three stars on my lower back.
  72. The last time I went to the Reading Festival, I refused to camp and stayed in a hotel.
  73. I have vowed I will never go to a Glastonbury Festival again, after the quagmire of 1998.
  74. Less than six months after meeting Jason we traveled along the East Coat of America for 6 weeks.
  75. We spend two weeks in Orlando visiting theme parks.
  76. We drove from Miami to New York.
  77. After the holiday, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Jason.
  78. I want to go to every Disney Park; I just need to go to Tokyo.
  79. I planned my summer holiday of 1999 to coincide with the release of Star Wars Episode One.
  80. I did a post graduate course on the Open University.
  81. I wrote my final thesis on the Alien films.
  82. I am scared of mice.
  83. We once stayed in a youth hostel in Amsterdam with mice – which was the worst night of my life.
  84. I love Converse; I have 3 pairs and really want another pair – in Maroon.
  85. I love baby tees, especially ones from comics or films, my favourite t-shirt is a Tank Girl one I brought in 1995.
  86. I started playing The Stone in 2001.
  87. You can briefly see me in the Stoners film.
  88. I taught myself HTML.
  89. I gave up my job to do a Web Design course.
  90. I need 9 hours sleep a night.
  91. I am trying to collect every copy of Batgirl III comics.
  92. I own all but on of the Birds of Prey comics (missing issue 40).
  93. I cannot drive.
  94. But I love our car.
  95. I prefer the taste of Diet Coke.
  96. I am a really slow eater.
  97. I don’t want children.
  98. I have a god-daughter.
  99. I think I am cursed to never go to a Knit Flicks.
  100. I love making lists so this was fun :).
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I just love getting parcels in the post, I ordered a few things online this week – some stuff for my Secret Pal and some for me and most of it arrived this morning. The biggest package was from Stitch’ n’ Craft, I have been wanting to make some MaryElla bracelets from knitty as gifts, and I have loads of DMC Floss and beads – so all I needed was the needles – which it appears are really hard to get hold of. After hunting around online, I found Stitch ‘n’ Craft sold the needles, but then I discovered all there beads – so many pretty colours and so I had to order more.

Today when my package arrived, I discovered that seed beads actually come in sizes (I thought seed bead was the size 😳 ) as I looked at the beads one tube looked fine, but the other 3 tubes were filled with tiny beads – I could just about make out the hole in the middle – let alone thread them into cotton – assuming I could find a needle that small. I have now discovered (from this site) that seed beads have sizes, and I needed size 11 not 15.

Not to be deterred, I found some black beads in my stash and white floss and realized the DMC floss, I have is 6 thread floss and not Perle 8 – like the pattern called for – so at the moment, I am feeling a little silly and extremely embarrassed. Not to be deterred, I am off to Hobbycraft this weekend to try again.

Seeing, as I love parcels, I thought it was about time I spread some joy and send my first part of the Secret Pal gift – especially, as I got the finally part of the first present today – and some of the bits for the second gift – I just have to go to the post office to buy an envelope and sent it. 😀

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Yarn: Opal Elemente in 1075 .
Pattern: “Sock it to ’em” Starter Kit Pattern.
Needles: 2 mm DPN’s (5 needles).
Notes: I was a little scared of knitting with DPN’s, I had heard horror stories about ladders and missing stitches, but this pattern was really easy to follow, it was a little strange on the first few rounds of the rib – but by the time I got to the knitting part it was very easy.

The only real issues I had with the pattern were the live grafting, however, the instructions on Knitty were really helpful here.

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