Yarn: Opal Elemente in 1075 .
Pattern: “Sock it to ’em” Starter Kit Pattern.
Needles: 2 mm DPN’s (5 needles).
Notes: I was a little scared of knitting with DPN’s, I had heard horror stories about ladders and missing stitches, but this pattern was really easy to follow, it was a little strange on the first few rounds of the rib – but by the time I got to the knitting part it was very easy.

The only real issues I had with the pattern were the live grafting, however, the instructions on Knitty were really helpful here.

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Sock It To ‘Em

Sock It To ‘Emâ€? Starter Kits

Well now I am home – still in American time – but slowly getting use to the idea the holiday is over… and since I have been back, I have been playing with my new toys…
Waiting for me when I got home was a package from Get Knitted – addressed to SP5, inside was a “Sock It To ‘Em” Starter Kits – containing everything I needed to start knitting socks, the pattern, the self-patterning wool (in a fabulous blue colour), the DPN’s, stitch markers and even the darning needle to weave in the ends. So since I have been home I have been knitting socks.

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Beaded Bolero

Beaded Bolero

Yarn: Paton’s Cotton DK in Cream.
Pattern: Adapted from Bolero in Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas.
Needles: 2 ¾ mm, 3mm and 3mm circular.
Notes: I knitted the body all in one – mainly as I hate seaming.
I started out with 184 stitches, and increased the fronts as the pattern called for but only increased the sides for the back, (the extra 5 stitches for the fronts were added one at the beginning).

The beads are 5 stitches apart – every sixth row – alternating to form the diamond (first bead was on the fourth stitch and the next beaded row it was on the second stitch).

Rather than make a tie for this (or leave it as the pattern suggests), my sister brought this lovely brooch from Gap.

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Beaded Bolero

Lucky SleeveWith Lucky finished it is time to move on to my next project… after buying Rowan 35, I have been inspired to knit tons of projects with cotton. Hopefully, I will get on to knitting something from here soon at the moment Audrey is at the top of my list.

I also recently invested in some (more) Paton’s 100% Cotton, which is a great substitute for Rowan’s Cotton Glace. These four balls of cream are ear-marked for my sister’s beaded bolero.


Beaded Sweater

I’m not really following a pattern, the basic design is the bolero from Vintage Knits, but I am making it with short sleeves, and then the two front panels will have the beaded pattern from the beaded sweater (image on the left).
I convinced my sister last night to thread the beads on the wool – I hate the tricky jobs… she used the clear nail vanish tip from SnBN which worked a treat 😀

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Finished – that is Lucky…

Completed Lucky

I have been unbelievable busy trying to get my pet project up and running, that I have been unable to update my journal…

However last weekend, Jason finally managed to take a few photos of me in Lucky Clover Lace Wrap. As I was trying it on, I realised I have sewn the neckband on wrong and the tie was on the right instead of the left – but being left handed I thought it was kinda apt that it was cack-handed – and so I left it. Well the honest truth was the sewing was all done with a wing and a pray that I doubt it would work again.

I knitted the smallest size and although, I didn’t constantly check my gauge, when I blocked the pieces they were the right size however the whole cardigan is a little larger than I was expecting, however, I think it will look great when teamed up with a dress.

Lucky SleeveThe close up here shows the inside tie and yet again shows it is on the wrong side… This is also a better photo than the one I took the other day as that was on my phone camera and this is with a decent camera. I was hoping to get a darker colored ribbon, but this lilac color looks good and I guess no one will see it.

Now I need to get started on my next creating. I am hooked 4-ply cotton, it is seems silly knitting With heavy wool in the summer, so I have planned a few summer cotton projects.

First I am knitting my sister a cream borelo with gold beads – it’s a cross between two patterns in Vintage Knits the bolero and beaded sweater that both have the same gauge.

After that I am planning a little delicate sweater for myself, I was hoping to get it ready for the end of May as I have a naming day to go to and I thought I could wear one of my projects with pride – but it looks like I don’t have enough time. 🙁

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Next Project

I’ve been thinking today about my next project (yes I know I have only just started Lucky). I really want to knit something else in mohair, and I was thinking a pale blue. I have seen some amazing wool on eBay, but I have yet to buy any wool from the Internet as I usually am drawn to the colour or texture. However, it is so much cheaper online.

Obviously the most important think is the pattern, I really like Ultra Feminine from SnBN or Grecian plait from Knitty, but neither of them is just perfect… I like the lace bottom and mini ribbon of Grecian plait and the arms of Ultra Femme, I guess I will have to combine them… but I also saw an amazing jumper in Top Shop that had a chevron hem and it looked amazing, so maybe I will have to combine all three ideas.

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Lucky Update

I thought I should comment more on Lucky as it’s the main thing I’m working on at the moment. I’m using Paton’s Washed Haze in Rose Pink – although it’s more of a purple color, I loved the colour and didn’t stop to think that I don’t have much purple clothes to go with it – still it’s an excuse to buy a new dress and I’m sure it will look great with jeans.

I had completed the back however; I noticed a few errors, clovers with only two leaves. So I started again, now it’s looking a lot better and I seem to be getting into the swing of things with the pattern. As I started the back again, I decided to do the rib in tubular cast-on or Italian style (I’m not sure what it’s called), so hopefully it will look neater – I always think my casting on is messy.

The other problem is I am spending the week at Jason’s parent’s house and I remembered all my knitting stuff but forgot the camera, so I won’t be able to post any pictures until after the weekend.

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I started knitting when I was still in primary school, and although I managed some big projects when I was a kid, I didn’t keep the hobby up.

Recently, with the stress of my life, I invested in a copy Sally Dallas’ Vintage Knits, and began knitting again. Only now, knitting seems to be the new trend… if I hear one more person say knitting is the new yoga. But to my advantage, there seems to be numerous amazing pattern books around and other resource, like the Internet – so I am in knitting heaven.

My first few projects have been from Vintage Knits, however, like every knitter at the moment, I have been armed with a copy of Stitch ‘N’ Bitch and Stitch ‘N’ Bitch Nation and have started tackling some interesting patterns.

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