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100cupsofcoffee 66-70

100 Cups of Coffee

dreaming of Chicago
Dreaming of Chicago

When we were in our twenties, many of our vacations were to Chicago. We had friends there, taking advantage of the strong pound and there was plenty to see and do. As we were visiting friends we spent a lot of our time, catching up whilst drinking and eating! As a result, we got to know a lot of places that served great hang over food. Jamba Juice for vitamin/healthier fix or Walker Bros for pancakes. If we overslept and missed lunch then we would have sandwiches from Potbelly. Whilst Jason was working near Westfield Stratford, he discovered that Potbelly had a branch there. So we popped back to relive old memories.

100 Cups of Coffee
Not all Christmas Cups are red

When I think about Christmas Coffees I think red cups and Gingerbread Lattes. Yet, my favourite Christmas lunch menu is from Pret a Manger. Last year, they did pretty wreath decoration cups rather than red cups. Plus they have an amazing vegetarian Christmas sandwich and cute “melted” snowman cookie.

100 Cups of Coffee
Patronus Coffee

As a late birthday treat last November, I finally got to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I should write a post about my experience there – or at least a photo post some of my favourite pictures. I took a lot of photos! It was also my first red cup of the season. After I posted the photo to Instagram. A friend pointed out, that the dear on the cup looked like Harry Potter’s Patronus.

100 Cups of Coffee
Ice Cream in December?

One of the reason I started this challenge was to discover new coffee places in my area. The fun side of that is most coffee places also have novel desserts. Amorino, is such a place, as well as serving Italian coffee, they also have an amazing range of Italian gelato.

100 Cups of Coffee
Red Socks, Red Queen, Red Socks

I have written about my love of Booktagram and Litsy. I couldn’t resist taking a cozy winter photo. My Christmas blanket, wooly socks, my book, and a Christmas coffee. With the illiteration of red cups, red socks and Red Queen.

What is #100cupsofcoffee? You can read about the project here.
You can see all the photos from the #100cupsofcoffee project on Instagram.

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6 on 6 Red

6 on 6 - Red

I am posting my final photos in the 6 on 6 series, red for December. Like my gold photos for November, these have a Christmassy theme. A lego Santa, and Starbucks red cup. I have also added an Electra Tsum Tsum. The Harley Quinn Funko, was a Halloween gift as past of the Geek Girl x Bloggers group from the Funko Queen dePepi.

The final photo in my red themed #SockSunday photo I took on Instagram. Featuring the Red Queen book, a red cup and my 2 luv crew socks I knitted years ago. These are my favourite socks that I made, that I tend not to wear them, which is why I think they don’t have holes in them.

6 on 6 - Red
Lego Santa
6 on 6 - Red
Electra Tsum Tsum


6 on 6 - Red
Harley Funko
6 on 6 - Red
Red Post Office Box!

6 on 66 on 6 is a monthly photography challenge started by the Scruffy Little Nerd Herder #6on6

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Socktopus Book

Back in May, I mentioned that I had been working on a super secret project for Alice. Well I can now reveal that I did in fact knit the Vorticity Sock from page 84 in the book. Last week, before Alice flew off to pastures new, I popped by the Socktopus studio for a catch up and Alice presented me with a signed copy of the finished book.

Obviously Alice is know as the Queen on Socks in London, first offering us an online store to buy our lovely sock yarn, then the bricks and mortar shop (that also became our knitting haven) and now also as indie dyer extraordinaire. Not to mentioned the amazing Knit Love Club (which is about to enter it’s fifth year).

2luvcrew -red!

This collection offers 17 different sock patterns, from a simple Vanilla Sock to the wonderfully lacy 2LuvCrew to the masculine Farmer McGregor sock. The first half of the book focuses on Sock Yarn, describing the different types of fiber (complete with some amazing artwork), piles and twists. Whereas the second half is the patterns.

I didn’t have time to scan the book to show you the lovely photos shoots included in the book (instead you have to put up with my photos of the projects). Brighton (I think) provides the perfect backdrop of carousels, eclectic stores, and the beach to showcase the socks in an environment that seems to tone with the yarn (like the green socks on the cover next to the green door).
Rumpled - Toe

Each pattern features a cute drawing to explain the gauge of the sock (both the circumference and leg length) and a box explaining techniques that are used in the pattern, where the technique is complicated a wonderful photo tutorial is included.

This book isn’t really aimed for a beginner (even though it includes a plain sock), some of the techniques like the snipping used in Spring Shoot can be a little daunting to a beginner, If you have knitted several pairs of socks and are looking to advance your skills this book is perfect.

Congratulations Alice on a fabulous first book – can’t wait to get knitting!

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