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End of Year Summary

I nicked this from Woolly Warbler

Completed LuckyWhat new knitting techniques did I learn this year?
Thanks to Tracy (she sent me a sock starter kit as part of SP5), it has to be socks and knitting with DPN’s.

Which completed project from the last 12 months are you most proud of?
I think that would have to be Lucky – she became a labour of love, or the beaded bolero I made for my sister.

What was your biggest knitting disaster of the year?
Not sure really – I guess it would have to be Florence that I started knitting realised I was never going to wear it and also I think the pattern was a bit too much for me, I am useless at intarsia.

What knit craze grabbed you this year?
Without a doubt it would have to KSH – I love it, so far all I have used it for is scarves – but I think I may have to knit a Butterfly or Cami in the New Year.

And New Year Resolutions?
At the moment none – but it is an excuse to make a list 😉

Happy New Year!

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Beaded Bolero

Beaded Bolero

Yarn: Paton’s Cotton DK in Cream.
Pattern: Adapted from Bolero in Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas.
Needles: 2 ¾ mm, 3mm and 3mm circular.
Notes: I knitted the body all in one – mainly as I hate seaming.
I started out with 184 stitches, and increased the fronts as the pattern called for but only increased the sides for the back, (the extra 5 stitches for the fronts were added one at the beginning).

The beads are 5 stitches apart – every sixth row – alternating to form the diamond (first bead was on the fourth stitch and the next beaded row it was on the second stitch).

Rather than make a tie for this (or leave it as the pattern suggests), my sister brought this lovely brooch from Gap.

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Beaded Bolero

Lucky SleeveWith Lucky finished it is time to move on to my next project… after buying Rowan 35, I have been inspired to knit tons of projects with cotton. Hopefully, I will get on to knitting something from here soon at the moment Audrey is at the top of my list.

I also recently invested in some (more) Paton’s 100% Cotton, which is a great substitute for Rowan’s Cotton Glace. These four balls of cream are ear-marked for my sister’s beaded bolero.


Beaded Sweater

I’m not really following a pattern, the basic design is the bolero from Vintage Knits, but I am making it with short sleeves, and then the two front panels will have the beaded pattern from the beaded sweater (image on the left).
I convinced my sister last night to thread the beads on the wool – I hate the tricky jobs… she used the clear nail vanish tip from SnBN which worked a treat 😀

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