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Sock Blanket

Leftover Sock Yarn

I have been knitting socks for over four years now (I know it was a shock to me too) and have built up a large collection of leftover sock yarn,  I have been hoarding it away hoping one day to knit a blanket.

I have always loved Erika Knight’s Patchwork quilt (the one on the cover of Classic Knits at Home), making a traditional patchwork from yarn, and also the way she mixes several textures and includes fabric. Turning all this sock yarn into one blanket.


After some research, I discovered there are two ways to knit hexagons, on the round as described here,  or back and forth as explained here. I am hoping to use a combination of both to graft them together.

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So this weekend, we are off on our summer vacation!

I have packed away enough yarn to knit two pairs of socks. I was going to knit on the plane, but have decided it is time I attempt to finish The Friday Night Knitting Club (I put it down about six months ago and it has sat on the side all this time).

Of course, I have checked Knitmap and put together a list of stores I want to visit – it is a good job I have stopped that yarn diet!

I also figure that my time away is the perfect time to blog about all my finished projects so I have queued up some posts in my absence.

Finally, so this isn’t a photo less entry… 

Earth ATC
My Earth ATC from Vloula.


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Dress Dash

When I got my first “real” job, I was really looking forward to Christmas, I was finally going to have money to buy decent presents for my friends and family, a co-worker and I took an afternoon off work and walked up and down High Street Kensington, looking for gifts, as we brought all our gifts in an afternoon, we decided we needed a treat and brought a present for ourselves. Ever since then it has become a little tradition that when I am out Christmas shopping I buy a present for me. Normally, this is an outfit to wear on New Year’s Eve, but this year I opted for something to wear on Boxing Day whilst visiting family.


In the panic of not having enough yarn to finish my Hourglass Sweater, I ordered two extra balls of Classic Al, however, they are a different dye lot and the colour difference is really noticeable, so they were destined to sit in my stash, apart for that fact that they perfectly match my new outift! As it is freezing outside I know I would need some new gloves to wear, as I cast on some Dashing Mitts. I am adapting the pattern a lot to make them shorter more like Fetching.

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2006 Knit-alongs

Going away at the beginning of the year means I have been completely out of the loop in so many things in blogland. I knew it would be almost impossible to participate in Secret Pal this session as I will be away in March as well – and that was cool.

But now I have found out I miss the deadline for Sockapalooza – which I think is a good thing, as I am not that confident about my sock knitting capabilities, and I am not sure anyone would want sock I made. The obvious way to resolve this would be to sign up to something like Count Your Socks, but I think I might be too late – we shall see.

And then there is the wonderful concept of the Knitting Olympics – what an amazing idea – the only problem is I am having so many problems completing projects at the moment and I really should finish my mum’s twin set – but the thought of finishing a small project in 16 days really appeals. It will encourage me to have a FO in my gallery for 2006 – I even have a project planned the Crafter’s Circular Shrug – but I think I have to thing about this – maybe train a little first.

Project Spectrum

Then finally in Blogland found a no-pressure project. Lolly’s Project Spectrum, it is simple create something from a set colour each month – be it a sweater, scrapbooking page or bracelet – Lolly has explained it best on her blog – but is sounds perfect for me – now I can start scrap-booking rather then just buying supplies from eBay.

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Now to our Normal Knitting Schedule

With all my Christmas knitting project now finished I can resume, my normal knitting schedule and in true knitting style I have several projects on the go. First off, I am making another Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf in the Hip-Knits Silk I brought last year, it was meant to be a summer top for me – but with the winter months rolling in a frogged it and have now decided it will be perfect for a thick winter scarf ready for our trip to Chicago next week.

Even though I have stopped knitting gifts, I seem to be busy knitting things for other people. My poor mum has been waiting since last May for her twin set, I finished the sweater part last September and it has been sitting in my knitting bag waiting to be blocked and for its partner to be made. So that has not been cast on, I am using the pattern from Sally Dallas’ Vintage Knits (I think this is the 6th Pattern I have done from this book).

Next on the needles is a pair of socks for my sister. She has the most awful trainers – Nike Air Rift, or pig’s trotters as we like to call them. The problem is you can’t wear normal socks with them – as there is a separator between the big toe and the rest of the toes. So when I saw the pattern for Geisha Socks in SpunMag, I immediately thought of her.

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Next Project

I’ve been thinking today about my next project (yes I know I have only just started Lucky). I really want to knit something else in mohair, and I was thinking a pale blue. I have seen some amazing wool on eBay, but I have yet to buy any wool from the Internet as I usually am drawn to the colour or texture. However, it is so much cheaper online.

Obviously the most important think is the pattern, I really like Ultra Feminine from SnBN or Grecian plait from Knitty, but neither of them is just perfect… I like the lace bottom and mini ribbon of Grecian plait and the arms of Ultra Femme, I guess I will have to combine them… but I also saw an amazing jumper in Top Shop that had a chevron hem and it looked amazing, so maybe I will have to combine all three ideas.

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