1. How do I play? It’s easy, take a photo upload it add a caption (if you want) and add the hashtag, #YARNPADC
  2. Where can I play? Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr – all with the hashtag, #YARNPADC. I have also created a flickrpool to show off your photos. You can also add the photos to your blog – it’s totally up to you!
  3. Do I have to include the hashtag? Yes! Including the hashtag will enable everyone to see your photos.
  4. Do I have to take a photo everyday? No, it’s very laid back if you forget to take a photo don’t fret, didn’t start on the 1st don’t worry – it’s just for fun!
  5. Where can I see other peoples photos? By searching for the hashtag and also in the flickrpool.
  6. What does PADC stand for? Originally, I was going to use the hashtag “knitpad,” but there was a already a knitting app with that name so to avoid confusion I changed it to knitpadc, then so not exclude people who crocheted or spinners, it changed again to yarnpadc!
  7. What do your abbreviations mean?
    UFO – Unfinished Object, typically one that has been one that has been abandoned.
    WIP – Work in Progress/Your Current Project.
  8. Where can I see your photos? You can follow me on flickrinstagram, twitter, and tumblr.