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The Giant’s Causeway

Giant's CausewayFor our wedding anniversary, Jason and I wanted to have a mini break somewhere different in the U.K. Whilst tossing around ideas of the obvious places to visit, Oxford, Brighton, or Bath, Jason suggested Belfast. I immediately loved the idea because of the Game of Thrones connection and so our research began. Every guide about Belfast you read will include a trip to the Giant’s Causeway.

After the snow storms in London last week, we were fearful we would have to postpone our trip, or that if we did travel we might have to cancel some of our plans. However, luckily the snow didn’t seem to hit Belfast, yes it was cold, but we managed to achieve most things on our list. Including a few Game of Thrones-themed adventures (which I will post about later).

Causeway Coastal Route
Causeway Coastal Route

Saturday our first full day in Northern Ireland, we drove along the Causeway Coastal Route heading north. Driving along the landscaped varied from pretty fishing villages to rock headlands, making it easy to see why this is such popular scenic drive. We had planned on visiting the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge but, the wet weather caused the area to be closed off. So we were unhappy to miss out seeing it. As the site is also used as a filming location for Game of Thrones.

The Giant’s Causeway

Basalt Columns

Giant's Causeway

The highlight of the Causeway Coastal Route is, of course, The Giant’s Causeway itself. The result of volcanic activity millions of years ago, the Giant’s Causeway is thousands of interlocking basalt columns. From above the columns look like hexagon paving, but actually the pillars run deep into the ground. (You can read more about it here)

Giant's Causeway
Giant's Causeway
Hexagonal Stones

Included with the cost of entry into the Causeway Experience, was an audio guide. The onsite staff recommended we took headphones with our interactive guides, to be handsfree and kee our hands warm. As we walked along the trail the audio guide explained the legend of the stones and the giants. Each part of the stones is built into the legends from the rock format that looks like the giant’s gate, camel or boot.

Giant's Gate
Giant’s Gate
Giant's Boot
Giant’s Boot
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Our recent trip to Norfolk

As several members of Jason’s extended family have moved to the Norfolk area, we have visited the area a lot. The problem is most of our visits coincide with family events (weddings or birthdays).  So our time in Norfolk involves seeing family and not enjoying the countryside.

On our most recent visit to Norfolk we wanted to this visit to see more of this county. When planning our trip we set aside two days for exploring along with catching up with family. We figured one day we would visit and stately home and the other plan a visit to the beach.

Houghton Hall

I did some research into stately homes in Norfolk, the obvious house to visit would have been the Sandringham Estate, as it is the Queen’s country home. However, after our research we decided we wanted to visit Houghton Hall, because of its collection of  modern art.


The inside of Houghton Hall has several state rooms for you to visit including Sir Robert Walpole’s library. The grounds contain a deer park and beautiful walled garden. Hidden among the garden where a beautiful rustic temple made of wood, beehives and a mini orchard.



Our real reason to visit the Hall was the amazing collection of Contemporary Sculptures in the gardens. The artwork includes one of James Turrell’s Skyscape pieces, Waterflame and Scolar Rock.


Norfolk has some amazing beaches, based on recommendations from our family we decided to visit Wells next to Sea. The beaches are beautiful like a picture postcard, a wide open space with miles sand, views over the bay and multicoloured beach huts.

Wells next the SeaWells next the Sea

The Wells also has a working harbour. You can talk a leisurely walk along the harbour wall or get the mini train to the town. We took a slow walk playing Pokemon Go along the way.  We looked around the town, watched people crabbing and brought some sticks of rock candy. Before treating ourselves by having fish and chips for our dinner, and eating ice cream on the walk back to the car.

Wells next the Sea

Wells next the Sea

Wells next the Sea

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If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen we just had a mini vacation in Barcelona. It was our first break in over a year and after the problems with our health last year, we were looking forward to just relaxing.

W Hotel

We stayed at the amazing W Hotel right on the beach. It was a little out the way from the main tourist spots, but was right on the beach and had plenty of restaurants in the area.

View for the Fabulous Suite
Room with a view

We also had this amazing view, each morning, we would wake up use the remote to open the curtains and watch the early morning runners and surfers.

Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló
Sagrada Família
Sagrada Família
Park Guell
Park Guell
Cable Car at Port Vell
Cable Car at Port Vell

It was our first time in Barcelona, so it was just a taster trip (I’m already planning our next visit), all we really had time for was a little sightseeing, a lot of food and of course watching some football!

Camp Nou
Camp Nou
Camp Nou
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So what have I been up too…

It’s been so long since I have written a proper blog post, I am sure you have been wondering what I have been up to.

Portugal April 2012

First off, we had a little holiday in Portugal (the sun was out most the time but obviously not on the day I took my photos).

Seville April 2012

Since where we were staying was so close to Seville (about a 2 hour drive), we decided to head over the border for some Tapas and to check out the Plaza de España as it was used as a location for the Attack of the Clones.

Whilst, away it struck me that my life had become very static, with the pregnancies and my operation, I haven’t made any effort to improve my career or job opportunities so, after we returned, I signed up to return to school, I am planning on taking a few course over the next year to improve my Web Design skills and learn some new ones (HTML5).

I set about starting up a little side line venture Prêt-À-Tricoter, and we put out our first Knitting Kit – themed around the Hunger Games (there are a few still available if you are interested). On top of that I am currently doing an internship to improve my Social Media networking skills.

When we returned home Jason’s eczema flared up pretty badly and he began a cycle of antihistamine, lotions and anti-boitics. After a few weeks, when Jason’s eczema showed no signs of improving (in fact it was getting worse), and we ended up at A&E, after he developed a fever. He was diagnosed with a Staph Infection and spend the next 24 hours in hospital have more antibiotics administered via an IV – this was only the third time in our five year marriage Jason and I have not slept in the same bed (one of the others being when I was in hospital last year). It seems to be under control now and we are just hoping it doesn’t get that sever again.

Wingspan 01
Sitting around the hospital for 24 hours and then the numerous follow up doctors and dermotoligist appointment have meant I had a lot of time to knit. Firstly, on a Wingspan shawl and also on Ruth’s Mystery Sock KAL

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Things have been a little stressed in the ‘deia household lately… realising we haven’t had a holiday in nearly a year we decided to spend last weekend in Brussels. I only had a few days to do some travelling research (e.g. posting on Ravelry to find all the decent yarn stores), as a result I never did find a yarn store! But I did find great beer, mussels and of course chocolate!

My creation

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Seven Wonders

An important part of my life has always been my desire to travel – without a doubt this love came from my father. I have the memory of watching a documentary on whether the Hanging Gardens of Babylon existed, and my Dad explaining to me about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and how most of them had been destroyed. Years later we would discuss what the “must see” sites of the world would be now and we never did complete a final list.

Last summer, the new Seven Wonders of the World were announced, when I read the list a smiled knowing my dad had managed to see all these wonders, but also that I was lucky enough to share some of these experiences with him.

Taj Mahal

Our first major family holiday was for six weeks to India; although the holiday was intended for us to spend time with our family it was important for my dad that we saw the country as well. Although I was still very young for this holiday I remember the long coach ride from Delhi to Agra, to see the Taj Mahal. I had no idea then why the building was so important as far as I was concerned it was a place I had seen on the news when Princess Diana went there alone.

Great Wall 

Over the years we continued to have many family adventures, but the last time all four Desais went away together was to China. For me personally it was a memorable trip, it was it was the start of my journey to giving up meat (and as a result I lived off rice and chocolate for two weeks), without a doubt the highlight of the holiday was the walk along the Great Wall of China at Badaling.

Chichen Itza 

The following year my sister and I intended to have our own adventures, but when my parents told me they planned on spending three weeks travelling around Mexico, I decided to tag along. Early one morning towards the end of the vacation we were up at 5am to avoid the crowds and see Chichen Itza, we ended up spending the whole day there climbing ‘the castle,’ exploring the throne room and walking around the ball court.

The link to the Seven Wonders doesn’t end there, after Jason and I got engaged, my parents, sister and I started planning our final Desai Family holiday to Peru so I could see Machu Picchu before I got married, (Jason decided against joining us on the trip as he feared the spiders). Unfortunately a month before we were due to leave my dad was diagnosed with cancer and the holiday was cancelled.



So having seen three of the seven wonders I became determined to see the other four as a legacy to my dad. As the new most important man in the life, Jason has already started this quest taking me to Rome to celebrate our first wedding anniversary so I could see the Colosseum, and he is even talking about ways to avoid the spiders in Peru!

Published with wonder of WordPress, whilst I am away.

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So this weekend, we are off on our summer vacation!

I have packed away enough yarn to knit two pairs of socks. I was going to knit on the plane, but have decided it is time I attempt to finish The Friday Night Knitting Club (I put it down about six months ago and it has sat on the side all this time).

Of course, I have checked Knitmap and put together a list of stores I want to visit – it is a good job I have stopped that yarn diet!

I also figure that my time away is the perfect time to blog about all my finished projects so I have queued up some posts in my absence.

Finally, so this isn’t a photo less entry… 

Earth ATC
My Earth ATC from Vloula.


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We interrupt this programme…

You can’t help but notice my absence over the last few weeks, this was mainly due to me being in the Southern Hemisphere.

Last year, when my father was first taken ill, he made us make a few promises, one of them was no matter what Jason and I would get married on the 3rd March and the other was, that we would take his ashes to the Umgeni River in South Africa.

Traditionally, Hindus have their ashes scattered in the Ganges River, in Durban the crematorium can perform a ceremony where they use water imported from the Ganges before the ashes are scattered into the river.

My dad loved to travel, so rather than make this trip something more, we decided to do some travelling around South Africa. None of us had really seen South Africa – even though my mum and sister were born there (Mum only went to Cape Town last year), I had been over 10 years ago, so it was a real chance to travel.

We started off in Durban, then flew to Cape Town. This city has so much to offer, amazing both in the way of culture and scenery. Finally, we headed up north to Jo’burg, Sun City and we went on safari.

South Africa

More photos


“Miss” Me?


Jason and I on the 16th JanuaryI don’t really talk about non-crafty things in this journal I have a livejournal that I use for that kind of thing, But once in a while something amazing happens and it has to be recorded everywhere.

On the 16th January – 8 years after I started dating Jason we decided to get engaged. We had been talking about it for ages and brought the ring earlier this year – but decided to make it official whilst in Chicago on our anniversary.

Our wedding is now booked for next March and I am completely in wedding mode, as I prepare to no longer be a “miss.”

Needless to say very little knitting has been done and to make matters worst I have taken up scrapbooking to try and archive our engagement and wedding – now I really need an extra hour in the day.