Best comics featuring my OTP

As it is Valentine’s Day, I could have written a cute post about my husband, that only he would want to read. Or I figured I could write a more in-depth post about my OTP, (One True Pairing). Barbara Gordon and Richard Grayson, AKA Batgirl and Nightwing. I have previously written about several of my other OTPs as part of Five Fandom Friday post, but this is much more indepth.

This post is about several comics storylines by DC Comics.

It includes recent issues please be warned it will contain spoilers.

When Barbara Gordon was first introduced into the Batman storyline, in the 1960s. There is an age gap between Batgirl and Robin. She working as a librarian, and several years older than Dick Grayson who is still at school. During the Batman Family comics, Batgirl’s alter ego is a congresswoman and Robin is studying at university. The Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline rewrote Barbara’s history, making her younger and it is then their relationship really began. If you want to read more about their relationship during this time I recommend the 13th Dimension’s excellent article The Ballad of Babs and Dick.

Over the years, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson have been known by several other alter egos. She was Batgirl, just Barbara, Oracle and then after the events of Flashpoint she once again became Batgirl in the New 52 era. Dick Grayson was originally Robin, before leaving Gotham city and becoming Nightwing. He had a brief stint as Batman (after the Battle for the Cowl storyline), then ‘died’ and became Agent 37. All of this time the pair seemed to have an off again, on again relationship. However, when Dick returned to Gotham as Nightwing and was reunited with Batgirl, they seemed to have finally cemented their relationship, which leads to some cute stories*.

The Best Comics featuring the Batgirl and Nightwing romance!

Batgirl Year One #4 (Included in the Batgirl Year One)

In this post-Crisis on Infinite Earths re-telling of Batgirl’s origin. Batman and Robin drug Batgirl and take her to the Batcave. Batman is unhappy with the newest vigilante on Gotham, whilst Robin is a little happier. Whilst Batman plays bad cop, Robin takes on the role of good cop Robin and assesses Batgirl’s skills. It is later revealed Dick had uncovered Batgirl’s secret identity.

Birds of Prey #8
Birds of Prey 08

Following the event of Killing Joke, Barbara Gordon takes on a new alter ego. That of Oracle, information broker and leader of the Birds of Prey. In this iconic issue from 1999. Nightwing and Oracle have a “not date” discussing their past. The issue ends with Nightwing taking her to the circus and enabling her to fly once again.

Nightwing #117 (Included in Nightwing: Renegade)

Over the years, the Birds of Prey and Nightwing teamed up for several storylines. And during this time Oracle and Nightwing relationship bloomed. After a horrific mission, Dick meets Barbara at the airport and propose to her. As this was the last issue before the One Year Later storyline and the wedding never happened.

Convergence Nightwing/Oracle
Convergence: Nightwing and Oracle

Whilst Nightwing and Oracle never got their wedding the current timeline. They did during the Convergence event. In the alternative timeline constructed by Brainiac, this story picks up where just before the events of Flashpoint. Barbara is still paralysed, operating as Oracle and dating Dick. He once again proposed and they do get married. Although this storyline isn’t necessarily canon I am including it because we finally get the Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson wedding, we deserve.

Grayson #12 (Included in Grayson: Nemesis)

At the end of the Forever Evil storyline. Dick Grayson fakes his death with the help of Lex Luthor and Batman. Working undercover in the spy agency Sypral, Grayson going under the name Agent 37. He has kept his death a secret from the Bat-family including Barbara. This issue sees him returns to Gotham he has to reunite with his old teammates.

Batgirl #45 (Included in Batgirl: Family Business)

After the re-boot of FlashpointBarbara once again dons the Cape and Cowl and returns to being Batgirl. When Grayson returns to Gotham, Batgirl runs off rather than talk to him. Later he sneaks into the apartment to talk. Finding her getting ready for her friend’s wedding, Dick steals the wedding ring to force Barbara to follow him. Donning her Batgirl outfit she chased Grayson through the streets of Burnside. In the end, Dick tries to kiss Barbara, but she stops him stating she is in the relationship.

Batgirl #10 (Included in Batgirl: Son of Penguin)

After Dick Grayson returns to being Nightwing and operating in Gotham City. Batgirl continues her life in Burnside. During the Son of Penguin storyline, Barbara starts dating Ethan Copperpot. When she is dealing with problems with her relationship, she turns to Dick for support. Showing they will always be there for each other.

Batgirl #15 (Included in Batgirl: Summer of Lies)

When a villain from Batgirl’s past returns into her life she is made to remember her early days in Gotham. Teaming up with Nightwing to investigate the current threat. Batgirl relives when she shared her secret identities with Robin. All the memories stir up old feelings and Batgirl and Nightwing share a kiss.

Batgirl #17 (Included in Batgirl: Summer of Lies)
Batgirl 17

In the concluding part of the Summer of Lies storyline. Barbara still remembers her early relationship with Dick. Echoing their current relationship she recalls how they kissed and then agreed it was not the right time for their relationship. Instead both in the past and now they agree they are best friends and will always be there for each other.

Batgirl #25
Batgirl 25

The anniversary issue of Batgirl collects four different stories. Once again Barbara turns to Dick when she is feeling down. They hijack Bruce and Selina’s honeymoon suite. (which was booked for the wedding that never was). Babs and Dick mess around, talk about their dream weddings, and how they will always there for each other. Giving the reader some hope that they will eventually get together.*

*I know following the events of Batman #50 ‘Ric’ now has amnesia and has forgotten his years as a masked vigilante, and more importantly his relationship with Barbara but I am assuming this is temporary!

The Best Batgirl and Nightwing Storylines

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All images copyright DC Comics

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Travel Cups

During the past few years, I have shared some of my more memorable coffees on Instagram and on the blog as part of the #100cupsofcoffee project. I have had coffee in planes and trains. In Christmas coffees, as well as autumn and spring themed drinks. Whilst most of the coffees were in London, I also shared coffees from Spain and the Philippines.

I am ashamed to admit a lot of those coffees where served in disposable cups! I like most am aware of the plight of the oceans because of single-use plastics and I am aware of my part in the plight. Especially, because of this project.

Most of the coffees I have tried to share have been during my adventures, in these situations. I try and sit in the coffee shop, so I can use a proper cup. If I am out walking I will always bring my travel mug, likewise if I am having a coffee locally. So today, I am sharing some fun and interesting travel cups for fellow geeky coffee drinkers.

My Favourite Travel Cups

A Selection of Travel Mugs
  1. But First Coffee 
    Of course, I had to include the Instafamous travel cup. Whilst the original white, pink and black version sold out very quickly, you can still get the gold version.
  2. Eat Cake for Breakfast 
    Another classic travel cup this time from Kate Spade. I also love her black and white spot cups.
  3. Darth Vader Keepcup.
    The BB-8 version of this Keepcup was on my birthday wish list. However, the Darth Vader version is actually larger. 12oz instead of 8oz.
  4. Mary Poppins
    Anyone else obsessed with Mary Poppins? The Disney Store actually have a few cute travel cups in this theme include an Alice in Wonderland version. 
  5. Collapsible Mug 
    I adore this idea, a foldaway cup that you can keep with you at all times. Now you have no excuse to forget your cup.
  6. Marvel Retro Comic
    Ideal for when you are having a coffee and comics day.
  7. Tardis
    I really wish this cup was larger on the inside, then I wouldn’t have to make a second cup!
  8. Harrods London Mug
    Whilst I personally wouldn’t use this Harrods mug in London for fear of looking like a tourist, I think it makes a great gift, look at all the cute London landmarks. 
  9. Wonder Woman
    Am I the only one who feels like Wonder Woman after her first cup of coffee?
  10. Winter is Coming
    What better way to warm up during the long winter than with a cup of coffee in your Game of Thrones cup?
  11. Nintendo Mug
    I saw several cups for gamer on Amazon, but my favourite was the classic Gameboy one.
  12. No Longer a Latte Notebook
    No, I’m not going mad I know this isn’t a travel mug. I had to include these notebooks because they are made from recycled coffee cups!
100 Cups of Coffee - Travel Mugs

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100cupsofcoffee 96-100

For the finally five coffees in the 100 Cups of Coffee series, I wanted to include some of the prettier coffees from Coffee Shops in London. So over the last six months, I have been hunting on Instagram for beautiful and amazing places to visit.

100cupsofcoffee 96-100

Farm Girl

Farm Girl on Portobello Road as one of my favourite cafes that I had visited. Tucked away in a little courtyard, they have an amazing menu of mainly vegetarian food. I adore their food as well as the cute rose latte, which is almost too pretty to drink.

Betty Blythes

Technically, Betty Blythe Vintage Tearoom is known for serving pretty afternoon teas! However, they do also make a decent latte. The cafe has a gorgeous 1920’s vibe, with an amazing cake counter. Plus it’s a great place to shop for vintage themed edible treats. 

Peggy Porschen

The Peggy Porschen Bakery must be the most Instagrammed place in London.  As a result, it is always busy. Mainly with people taking photos, but there is always a queue of people waiting for a table. Whilst the cafe itself is amazingly photographic and the cakes were amazing. However, we did feel a little rushed by people in the queue to drink quickly as they hovered over us, which was extremely annoying!

Vinyl Cafe

This was a quirky little cafe in a local neighbourhood I discovered by accident. Tucked away off the main thoroughfare, it is a record store/coffee shop. The shop is great for hunting out vinyl or chilling with a cup of coffee.

Dominque Ansel Bakery

For my final coffee, I wanted to go somewhere truly amazing. So it had to be Dominque Ansel Bakery in London. Home of the infamous Cronut! As we visited just before Christmas, we had December’s cronut of the month (Pear and Cardomon).

100 coffees drunk, now what?

So I have finally, finished this project. However, that doesn’t mean I will stop sharing my coffees on Instagram. Or stop hunting for new and interesting places to try. So later on in this year, I am looking to launch a new project.

What is #100cupsofcoffee? You can read about the project here.
You can see all the photos from the #100cupsofcoffee project on Instagram.

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Currently… January Edition


January 2019

Currently Reading… Batman: War Games

I am re-reading a lot of my old comic books this year. First up is the Batgirl run, featuring Cassandra Cain. To tie-in with this, I plan to read all the cross-overs from the early 2000s. So this month, I re-read the three Batman: War Games trade paperbacks.

Currently Watching… Game of Thrones
In preparation for the final season of Game of Thrones this April, I plan to re-watching all the previous seasons. Rather than binge-watch all the season the fortnight before season 8 airs. I intend to watch a few seasons each month and am using this handy guide in a bullet journal to track my progress. In January, I only managed to finished season one. So I have a long way to go!
Currently Playing…  Lemmings iOS app
One of the first games I became addicted to was Lemmings on the Sega GameGear. In fact, Lemmings was the first game I completed. (I remember the end title with the lemmings doing the can-can). This is a fun version of the original game. You only have a few lives every few hours, similar to Candy Crush Saga. So I don’t see myself become too addicted again.


January 2019
  1. Star Wars Deluxe Stationery Set £9 from Amazon
    I got this amazing stationery set for Christmas and I love it! Firstly it contains paperclips shaped like Stromtroppers. And secondly, it has Star Wars washi tape! I cannot wait to do a Star Wars themed monthly spread for my bullet journal. Whilst the obvious time would be for the release of Episode 9 in December. I am not sure I can wait that long. So may end up doing it for Star Wars Day in May.
  2. Stationery Shirt £20 from Joanie Clothing
    At the moment I might be wearing sweaters all the time. Even so, I am always looking out for fun, interesting t-shirts. This stationery themed tee from Joanie Clothing is exactly my kind of thing! I have always loved t-shirts with contrasting edging, as they have a retro feel. But the stationery print is just amazing.
  3. Strawberry Body Butter £15 from Body Shop.
    In the colder weather my skin always dries out. So I need to moisturise every day. I know I should anyway, but I can be lazy. I have used the Body Shop body butter for years. I prefer the fruiter smells like strawberry or mango. As they not only remind me of summer but also my teenage years. Does anyone else remember Dewberry or Fuzzy Peach?
  4. Harry Potter Moleskine Notebook £23 from Amazon
    In previous years, I have always started a new Bullet Journal in January. However, it seems such a shame to only use three-quarters of a notebook. So this year I didn’t buy a new journal in January. But it hasn’t stopped me lusting after the Harry Potter collection by Moleskine.
  5. Disney Infinity Figures price varies from eBay.
    Recently I was looking for a customized lego figure in eBay and came across a Disney Infinity figure of Ahsoka Tano. Originally, these were add-ons to the console game. As the game is no longer updates, it seems the old figures have no use. So a lot of the used figures are on eBay. However, I think they are too cute and am looking to add a few more to my collection to display!

The Disappointment of the Month
As regular readers will know I love my coffee. So in January, I tried the new Cereal Latte from Starbucks. I have tried cereal milk in the past. Which tastes like milk left in the bowl after you have a sugary cereal. So I was expecting their latte to be a similar taste. Instead, this was an oat milk latte with crumbs of cereal added. The result ended up as a plain latte that someone had dunked half a hobnob into! As you can imagine, I was not impressed!

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Five things I love about Winter!

Once again I am playing catch up with an old Five Fandom Friday prompt. The five things I love about winter. This prompt was originally from January 2014. Winter is my least favourite season. But that hasn’t stopped me thinking of a few things I love about this time of year. (In case you are interested my favourite season is Autumn. You can read about my five favourite things from this season here).

Five Fandom Friday: Five things I love about Winter!

1. Cosy Knits
As a knitter, Winter is the ideal time to show off some of my finished knitting projects. Be it a bobble hat, extra long scarf or cosy mittens. I love adding a handmade item to my outfit every day. If I am chilling at home, I love to wear a hand knitted pair of socks, especially if they are made using a luxury yarn like merino or cashmere.

2. Snow Days

If you have read a novel by Charles Dickins you would think that we get a lot of snow in London. The truth is, we don’t. Whilst we get a lot of rain, which might turn into snow. It very rarely settles. However, once every so often, we will have a heavy snowstorm and it will turn into a “snow day.” Last February, we had one of these epic storms, the airports shut, tube and trains stopped running. So we had to spend a few days locked up inside watching TV.

3. Binge Watching TV shows
Which brings me to my next favourite thing about winter. I know, technically, you can binge watch TV at any time of the year. But there is something amazing about snuggling up on the sofa, under a blanket and watching episode after episode of your favourite TV show.

4. Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Whilst, coffee will always be my drink of choice to do like a cheeky hot chocolate (with marshmallows) in the winter. On milder days, I love to get a hot chocolate from my local coffee shop and have a walk in the park or along the river. On colder days, I prefer to have a cup of hot chocolate and popcorn whilst watching TV.

5. Christmas
Obviously, I love Christmas! Whilst I do get very stressed whilst buying presents and rushing around trying to wrap them. But, I do try and take advantage of all the Christmassy things. Drinking gingerbread lattes and eating mince pies. Or to visit some of the Christmas themed events in London like Winter Wonderland. Of course, come, Christmas Eve, I am well and truly in the festive mood and forget all the stress!

Five Fandom Friday was originally created by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick. You can read all my Five Fandom Friday Posts here. Or follow #fandom5 or #5fandomfriday on Twitter.

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5 Films I’m excited about in 2019

At the start of each year, I write a Five Fandom Friday about the 5 films I am looking forward that year. Last year, saw the release of so many great movies, I had to divide the list into two. This year, the films released look even better. So I am thinking of splitting the list into three!

5 Films I’m excited about in 2019 – Part 1

  1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (February 9th)

    I loved with the first Lego Movie! Having grown up playing with Lego, and still collecting minifigures as an adult. I always wanted to see the film. However, I was so surprised at the cinema. All the geeky cameos, Green Lantern, Chewbacca and Dumbledore to name a few. Not to mention all the characters I grew to love, like Wildstyle and Unikitty.

  2. Captain Marvel (March 8th)

     I’m sure I do not need to justify why Captain Marvel is on the list!

    • A kickass female hero.
    • The latest movie from the MCU.
    • Did I mention a strong female lead!

    Of course, I am going to see it, probably more than once!

  3. Dumbo (March 29th)

    Whilst you might think don’t mess with a classic. I am really excited about the live action adaption of Dumbo. I cried just watching the trailer. So I am not sure how I am going to make it through the whole movie. But Tim Burton’s adaption looks truly magical.

  4. Shazam (April 5th)

    There is no denying The World of DC movies can be a little bit hit or miss. I have written my thoughts on the franchise before. However, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were good and seem to be popular. Hopefully, DC will focus on some other characters for a while. Whilst I am still holding out for my Batgirl or Nightwing movie. Until then, I can’t wait to see what Zachary Levi brings to The World of DC.

  5. Avengers: End Game (April 26th)

    This is a bittersweet entry. Yes, of course, I am excited to see the release of the latest Avengers movie. But, as it could also be the potential end for several of my favourite characters. Of course, I am less excited. So whilst I can’t wait to see see the aftermath of ‘The Decimation‘ and defeat of Thanos, I am concerned at what cost to The Avengers as I know them!

So there it is, the movies I’m excited about released between January and April of this year! And that’s not even including the big summer blockbusters like Men in Black International or Toy Story 4. Likewise, I haven’t mentioned Star Wars: Episode Nine, which is released at the end of the year. What movies are you looking forward to in 2019?

Five Fandom Friday was originally created by The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick. You can read all my Five Fandom Friday Posts here. Or follow #fandom5 or #5fandomfriday on Twitter.

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Word of the Year

I recently read an article by Melinda Gates, where she talked about picking a word of the year, rather than set new year’s resolutions. This isn’t a new idea. In fact, I personally, have picked a word of the year before. But have always also had a list of resolutions or goals. This year, I have decided to just focus on picking a word and infusing that into my everyday life.

So, What word did I pick?

This year, I knew I wanted to be a little bit more adventurous. But did not want to take the leap outside of my comfort zone. A few things in my life have been static lately, and I am looking to change this. Whilst I am ready to make these changes I am not sure what moves to make, and so it involves doing research and examining my options. So taking all of this into account. I choose ‘Explore‘ as my word of the year.

Word of The Year

On the one hand, it is linked to travelling. I would love to travel more in 2019, the dream would be to explore the whole world! However, I am realistic and have to think about whether we can afford a lot of travelling this year. One thing I would like to do is explore London more! Find cool cafes, check out more of the exciting museums in the city and just discover different neighbourhoods. Saying that I would also love to explore some new cities and have a few ideas for some fun city breaks!

For me personally, my work life has been stagnant for some time. Whilst I am not ready to have a complete career overhaul I am looking to make some changes. So I am going to take this year to explore my options. I am planning on doing the 100 days of code challenge. To improve my coding skills and possible look to learn another programming language.

Similarly, I have had some personal issue over the last few years, something I am not ready to talk about on my blog. However, 2019 is the year where I need to move forward. I am emotionally ready to do this, so I have to explore alternatives and take positive steps forward.


In relation to my blog. I want to utilize this space more and I am exploring how I can do that. I started this blog to showcase my knitting projects many years ago. It has grown over the years to include all my interests not just knitting. Of course, the blog is the ideal place to document my expeditions. I would like to take blogging to the next level. I am working on writing a few guest posts for fellow bloggers and I would like to explore collaborating with bloggers on a future project.

One of my aims for last year was to take more photos! Whilst I did take a lot more photos. I wasn’t as adventurous as I should have been. I love the idea of exploring areas through my camera lens. In 2018, I created a little photo project in a nieghbourhood park. Where I took the same photos at regular intervals over the course of 12 months. I would love to do a similar project this year in another area. I also want to explore the idea of working with more bloggers or cosplayers to improve my photography skills.

2018 Photo Project
February | May      
September | December

Do you have a ‘Word of the Year’?
What are your goals for 2019
Where would you like to Explore?
Let me know in the comments below.

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Christmas Shop Windows 2018

When we were children every Christmas we would go shopping into the “West End.” My parents would do the majority of their Christmas shopping on these trips. But for my sister and I, it would be an adventure to enjoying the sights. I have so many memories from these trips, spotting all the amazing windows displays in the shops. And the smell of the vendors selling chestnuts. But best of all, these adventures always ended with us sitting on the top deck of the bus looking at all the Christmas Lights along Regent Street and Oxford Street!


Hamley’s window was always my favourite as a child

I have noticed a lot of bloggers have been sharing their experiences of the Christmas Lights and shop windows this Christmas season. So I thought I would join in the fun and share some of the window displays from my favourite shops in London.

My Favourite Shop Windows from Christmas 2018 in London!
House of Minalima

Miraphora Mina & Eduardo Lima are the graphic designers who designed all the artwork featured in the Harry Potter series, and the Fantastic Beast movies. Their art shop and gallery, House of Minalima have my favourite window display! Based on their graph of the iconic Hogwarts acceptance letter. The window features, letters, wax seals and a parliament of owls!

Still waiting for my acceptance letter

Inside the gallery, they have added a few cute Christmas touches. Stockings hanging over the fireplaces and Christmas trees decorated with hints of from the Harry Potter franchise. The gallery also includes artwork from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald. So even if you have been to House of Minalima it’s a great time to re-visit.

Elizabeth Street

I went to Belgravia hoping to snap a few photos of the Insta-famous cafes in the area. I did not expect to find a whole street filled with beautifully decorated shop windows. Obviously, Peggy Porschen and Dominque Ansel upgraded their floral displays to a wintery theme. However, all the boutique were decorated. Even the local estate agents had an amazing display!

Carnaby Street

All the major shopping thoroughfares in London have impressive Christmas Lights! However, the award for best lights this year has to go to Carnaby Street. To coincide with the release of Bohemian Rhapsody. The lyrics to the classic Queen song illuminate the famous shopping street.

At Night
Not really Christmassy

Whilst shopping this year, I saw several cute windows that weren’t decorated for Christmas but I think they still deserve a mention because they were amazing.

Forbidden Planet’s Doctor Who Display

Baby Nifflers at The Noble Collection!

Mary Poppins themed window in Harvey Nicholas

Do you like going to see the Christmas Lights?
Do you have a favourite Christmas window?
Let me know in the comments below.

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Christmas Eve Box for Adults

Without a doubt, the most popular post on my blog has been the one about our Christmas Eve Box. Even in the summer months, it is the most searched item on Google. So I have decided to update my post for Christmas 2018. And give you a sneak peek at some of the items I’ll be adding to our Christmas Eve Box this year.

New Traditions

In our twenties, the first few years whilst Jason and I were dating we would have Christmas dinner with our own families apart. However, we would spend Christmas Eve together. A lot of Jason’s old school friends returned to their hometown over Christmas, So they had their own tradition of meeting up on Christmas Eve for drinks in town. Over the years, their partners started joining in the tradition. For several years, we would all spend Christmas together. Having a few drinks and catching up on the events of the past twelve months.

After we got married, this tradition started to die down. A few of the friends moved abroad, also got married, had children. And so all our plans began to alter. Then several years ago, Jason’s parents moved away from his hometown. So all our Christmas traditions changed. Now, we started spending Christmas Eve at home. Hence, why I started the tradition of our Christmas Eve Box!

Aren’t Christmas Eve Boxes meant for kids?

Technically, yes! Christmas Eve for families with children involves getting ready for Santa to arrive. The Christmas Eve boxes are designed around this. So, the box will tradtionally contain food for Santa and his reindeer and even a magic key if you don’t have a chimney! Plus, some form of entertainment for the evening and some new pyjamas to encourage the kids to go to sleep. However, as we are normally at home on Christmas Eve, counting down to the big day. I decided to add a twist to the tradition. After all, why should children have all the fun? 

As Christmas Day is normally quite busy and involves a lot of cooking. The night before, we like to order a pizza, make a few cocktails and watch Christmas Movies! We tend to watch the same three movies, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Die Hard.  In previous years, I have brought copies of these movies and included them in the parcel. However, now I tend to buy a Blu-ray which has recently been released. This year it is Ant-Man and The Wasp

Christmas Eve Box for Adults!
Christmas Eve Box 2018

His Pyjamas // Her Pyjamas // Ornament
Blu Ray // Popcorn Maker // Prosecco Set
 Chocolates // Candle 

Like the children’s versions of the Christmas Eve Box, I like to include new pyjamas, some sweets and popcorn. But as I have mentioned before instead of cookies, I add cocktails! I have added a few Christmas cocktail recipes to my Christmas Eve Pinterest board, which we will try this year. But normally, I buy pre-mixed cocktails!

I also include a new Christmas ornament for our Christmas tree, something relating a movie or event from the last 12 months. This year, I was looking for a decoration relating to Avengers: Infinity War. But this 10 year anniversary one is amazing! The final thing I include is a Christmas Candle! Like The White Company’s winter scent as it is one of my favourites!

Christmas Eve Box 2018
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Knitting Natter: Sock Quest!

Knitting Natter: Sock Quest
It’s been a while since I have written on my blog. Although this post is primarily about what I have knitted recently. It’s also a bit of an update on what has happened in my life lately. What I have been doing and why I have so much time to knit!

Life Lately

I had some health issues at the end of October, before my birthday. Nothing major but I have been taking easy and trying to relax more! As I result I haven’t had the chance to keep up with my normal geeky activities. Instead, I have spent my time relaxing, binge-watching Netflix and knitting!

As we had such nice weather in London over the summer. It seems I missed out on a ton of television shows airing on Netflix. So this time relaxing (and the colder weather), became the perfect time for me to catch up on all those shows! Luke Cage, The Dragon Prince and Orange is the New Black. But I also got to watch all those shows on my list like Anne with an E.
Sock Quest 2018

Marie Curie Sock Quest

Like last year, Sarah from Sherlock Knits is running her Marie Curie Sock Quest. Once again, her “slightly bonkers idea” is to give hand-knitted socks to all her patients, spending Christmas in the Marie Curie centres. You can read all about the quest on the Flower Power Fund‘s Instagram page.

Sock Quest 2018

This year, I brought four balls of the West Yorkshire Spinners yarn, in the limited edition colour ‘Marie Curie.’ The colourway designed especially for the quest, incorporating the colours from the Marie Curie logo.  So I had my own slightly bonkers idea to knit four pairs of sock. However, each ball has enough yarn for three socks! So, in the end, I made six pairs of socks!

In the past, I loved to knit socks. However, haven’t knitted a pair for me in years. I took this opportunity to re-knit some of the knitting patterns I have loved in the past. And some patterns that were slightly more challenging. You can see all six pairs of socks in my Ravelry notebook.

Sock Quest 2018

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