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Pinspiration: My favourite crochet patterns for Summer 2024

As the warmer weather approaches, it’s time to update your summer wardrobe. Crochet and knitted items have been all the rage on the high street and catwalks during the last summer, and this trend is likely to continue in the summer of 2024. As a crafter, the spring is the ideal time to grab your yarn and get making. With that in mind, I have picked ten crochet and knitting patterns to make for some fun and unique pieces to update your wardrobe.

Crocheting used to be associated with boho-chic style, but now patterns that are more modern and minimalist, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Now, you can find patterns for crocheted dresses or tops and short sets for matching co-ords. These co-ord sets are perfect for the beach or every day.

Granny Square items were hugely popular last summer, as they are so easy to customise, so they can help create unique looks and items. The versatility of these crocheted patterns means that you can mix and match them to create different looks that suit your style and personality. If you’re new to crochet, don’t worry! There are plenty of beginner-friendly granny square patterns available that will help you get started.

So, why not get crafting and create your unique summer wardrobe with crocheted patterns? Whether you’re looking to make a statement piece or something more subtle, there’s a pattern out there for you.

10 Crochet Patterns for Summer 2024

1. Kiki Crochet Dress

The Kiki Crochet Dress Pattern - Beginner Friendly Crochet Beach Dress Pattern JuicyLuceCreations
Kiki Crochet Dress Pattern by Juicy Luce Creations.

When I saw this beach cover-up on Instagram, I fell in love with the simplicity of it. I think this crocheted dress would look great over any swimsuit or bikini. The basic shape and pattern would look great in any colour.

2. Crochet Heart Vest

Crochet Heart Vest Pattern, by Lindsey Boutique.
Crochet Heart Vest Pattern, by Lindsey Boutique.

Two of the huge trends for 2023 were Granddad Core and Coquette. This vest is a good mix of the two trends. The shape is very Granddad, whereas the heart motifs add that girly Coquette vibe. The cute heart top would look great styled over a floral or gingham dress or a simple white T-shirt.

3. Picnic Cardigan

Strawberry Cardigan

I included this Picnic cardigan in my round-up of Favourite Winter Knitting Patterns back in 2021! In the post, I mentioned how I thought it was a great summer cardigan which would still look great in the winter. I still love this design, as strawberries and gingham are on trend for Summer 2024. I am including it in my updated list.

4. Strawberry Crochet Cardigan

Chunky Strawberry Cardigan Crochet Pattern, by Lindsey boutique.
Chunky Strawberry Cardigan Knitting Pattern, by Lindsey Boutique.

Lindsey Boutique has designed another pretty strawberry cardigan pattern. This chunky, boxy cardigan ticks so many boxes for the trends for summer 2024. If strawberries aren’t your favourite fruit, it doesn’t matter, as I think you can add another fruit or shape applique.

5. Granny Square Bag

Crochet Granny Square Bag, Sunflower pattern.
Summer Granny Square Tote Bag by Annie Designs

Granny square bags are a fun and quick project for the summer, and the finished project is a practical beach bag. This pattern uses a pretty flower motif in bright colours. However, the pattern could be adapted, either by using muted colours or changing the flower motif, for a completely different bag.

6. Sunflower Sling Bag

Crocheted Sunflower Bag
Sunflower sling bag by Crochet Club Store Co.

Last summer, I was obsessed with the Uniqlo crescent bag, and this year, they have updated the designs to include a crocheted version. But rather than buy one, I thought, why not make one? I love this sunflower motif pattern, but again, as the pattern involves granny squares, you can adapt the design.

7. Rose Garden Cardigan

Crochet Rose Garden Jacket Pattern by TS Crochet Design.

The Crochet Rose Garden Jacket excellent example of a fantastic creation you can make with granny squares. The pattern is designed for all levels of crocheter, as you have just been to master the rose pattern motif. Then when you have enough squares you assemble them to create this stunning cardigan.

8. Strawberry Knitted Cardigan

Chunky Strawberry Cardigan Knitting Pattern, by Lindsey boutique.
Chunky Strawberry Cardigan Knitting Pattern, by Lindsey Boutique.

While this post is mainly about crochet patterns, I am also including a few knitting patterns! First, up, a knitted version of the strawberry cardigan (also by Lindsey Boutique). Again, I am sure you can find patterns online for appliques of other fruits to make a more unique version.

9. The Traveller’s Cardigan

Knitting Pattern Classic Knit Cardigan
The Travellers’ Cardigan by Ozetta

All the Pinterest girlies seem to have a grey cardigan in their wardrobe for spring 2024. I love this knitting pattern for a simple grey knitted cardigan. In the spring, it would be great to wear over a white T-shirt and jeans, or in the summer, with a dress for the cooler evenings.

10. To Tie for Top

To Tie For Top knitting pattern.
To Tie For Top by Vex Not Stidios

The “To Tie for Top” is another simple knitted cardigan pattern, which I think would look great in grey! The design of the cardigan is top-down without seams but also includes a fun curved edge on the front. The tie at the front makes it a great transitional piece for your wardrobe.

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