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Five Fandom Friday


5 Fandom Deaths I’m Still Upset About…SPOILERS!

One of the downsides to any fandom is the amount of time you can invest in the lives of your favourite characters – so it is obvious sometimes can be deeply affected when one of those characters dies. These are some of the deaths that still upset me.

  1. Paul Ballard (Dollhouse).Paul & Echo in DOLLHOUSEThis list could have been entirely made up of deaths from Joss Whedon shows, the one that still upsets me is Paul from Dollhouse. Whilst Dollhouse isn’t the  most popular shows from the Whedonverse, it is one of my favourites. In the second season I became engrossed in the relationship between Echo and Paul. In the final episode, Paul is gunned down whilst saving Mag as Echo watches. In the end Echo does imprint herself with Paul’s wedge and finally opens up to him so they can live happily every after, but it should have been a happier ending.
  2. Obiwan “Ben” Kenobi (Star Wars)
    ObiwanNow when I originally watched A New Hope as a child this death wasn’t so upsetting, but since they having seen several more Star Wars movies and the Clone Wars series, I have come to love Obiwan as a character, he had an extremely sad life, losing his mentor and apprentice, watching his kind be hunted and killed until he is forced into hiding. Then years later his life is turned upside down again and he sacrifices himself hoping he can turn the tide in this bloody war.
  3. Sirius Black (Harry Potter).
    Sirius BlackThere are so many deaths in the Harry Potter franchise I am still upset about Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, the list goes on. The first death in the books that truly upset me was Sirius. In Prisoner of Azkaban, we have a hint that Harry might have some happiness in his life when he discovers the truth about godfather, finally Harry has someone who wants to spend time with him during the holidays and maybe the first glimpse he could have a normal wizard life. Of course, all hope of Harry’s life turning around are quickly lost in Order of the Phoenix.
  4. Pietro “Quicksilver” Maximoff (Avengers: Age of Ultron)
    QuicksilverYes in comics and the MCU no one really dies, but this one seems to be real. The two things that stand out about Quicksilver where his overprotective nature and his wit, he had all the makings to be a great addition to The Avengers! Unfortunately, his efforts to save a young boy and Hawkeye caused his demise and the first upsetting deaths in the MCU (the second being that of Anthony the Ant).
  5. Ellie Fredricksen (UP)
    Ellie & CarlIn my opinion, the greatest love story ever told is that of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen! Ellie was the adventurer and dreamer, whilst she dreamed of a family and travelling the world, that was not her lot, instead her adventure was a long happy marriage to Carl. The first ten minutes of UP layout an amazing love story and one of the saddest moments of recent cinema.

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