South Africa

You can’t help but notice my absence over the last few weeks. This was mainly due to me being in South Africa.

Last year, when my father was first taken ill. He made us make a few promises. One of them was no matter what, Jason and I would get married on the 3rd March. The other was that we would take his ashes to South Africa.

Traditionally, Hindus have their ashes scattered in the Ganges River. My dad wanted to have his ashes spread in Durban, where he was born. He found a crematorium next to the Umgeni River in Durban. They perform the traditional Hindu ceremony there. The ceremony is performed using water imported from the Ganges before the ashes are scattered into the river.

As my dad loved to travel, we decided to make this trip something more. Rather than just going to Durban, we thought we would travel around the country a little. None of us had really seen South Africa. Even though my mum and sister were born there. Mum had visited Cape Town last year. And I had travelled there over 10 years ago. But this was a real chance to see more of the country.

We started off in Durban, then flew to Cape Town. This city has so much to offer, amazing both in the way of culture and scenery. Finally, we headed up north to Jo’burg, Sun City and we went on a short safari.

South Africa

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