Dolly - Face

Several of our friends have recently had babies. After years of fighting the urge to give knitted gifts for babies. I decided to make knitted toys instead of clothes for the new bambinos. All my friends have had little girls. So Ysolda’s knitted doll pattern Poppy seemed like the perfect pattern!

I wanted the dolls to be perfect. So I decided to have a trial run, making the first pancake. I wanted to see if the pattern is easy to follow or a little complicated. But also to see if I needed to make any modifications. It turned out the pattern is well written and so easy to follow. It is a perfect pattern, and I am just as impressed with the finished toy. The only change I made was to knit a pair of “knickers” on the little doll. As I had seen a few people on Ravelry do this.

Poppy - Work in Progress

This Poppy is now living with my older sister, who has named her Dolly! Seeing as I have a lot of scraps of yarn (and buttons), I think Dolly might soon have an all new wardrobe.