(P)inspirational – Easy Ombré


One of the obvious trends on Pinterest in Ombré. There are hundreds of tutorials on getting the perfect ombré hair colour. Or how to paint your chest of drawers. My personal favourite the easy ombré frosting on a cake!

The truth is I don’t have the time tone my hair. Or the patience to blend two colours to sponge on to my nails. And I can just about ice a cake in one colour let alone five different shades. These are a few “easy” ombre crafts I have found.

Ombre Nails
Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails
If your anything like me every new shade of nail polish I buy is similar to one I already have! Painting each nail a different colour is something I loved doing as a child. For me using the same tone, is the adult version of this.

Ombre Greeting Card
Handmade Ombre Card

Ombre Card
Using the free sample paint card from the DIY store and a paper punch, this card is so effect and easy. The design is also extremely versatile. By changing the colours or punch you can alter the occasion. Shades of green and a Christmas trees punch for Christmas, or tone of pinks and hearts for Valentine’s day.

Ombre Necklace
Ombre Statement Necklace

Ombre Necklace
I adore a statement necklace, and whilst I wish I could create complex beaded necklaces. All I can usually manage is to string a few beads on a thread. That’s why I love this necklace with its layers of strings, it has an amazing dramatic effect.

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