5FF: Favourite Fictional Teachers


Five Favourite Fictional Teachers

As The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick are taking a break from Fandom Friday, I thought I would use the chance to catch up with the prompts from October 2015. I originally thought it would be easy to pick my favourite fictional teachers. I adore a lot of teen drama television programmes like Smallville or My So-Called Life. But I couldn’t think of any teachers from these programmes, that I liked.

1. Rupert Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


Do Watchers count as teachers? I know Giles worked in the school library and wasn’t really a teacher. But he was a trainer for Buffy and a mentor to the other members of the Scoobies Gang. Over seven seasons, whether Giles was a member of the Watcher’s council or the owner of the magic store. He was always loyal to Buffy.

2. Yoda (Star Wars)


The first time we meet Yoda he was a teacher to Luke, but in the prequel films and Clone Wars, we saw Yoda sit on the Jedi Council. Teach the younglings and mentor Jedi Masters and Padawans. So in a way, Yoda was the Jedi Masters’ Master.

3. Remus Lupin (Harry Potter Series)


Of all of Harry’s teachers at Hogwarts, Lupin was my favourite. I have a soft spot for the Marauders. (I am still hoping for a Marauder’s book or movie). Lupin was one of many father figures that came into Harry’s life. During his brief time at Hogwarts, he became a teacher and mentor to Harry Potter and his friends.

4. Roland “Prez” Pryzbylewski (The Wire)

Prez was useless as a police officer, he was controlled by his father in law. He did not suit field work but did manage to find some success in the office listening in on “the wire”. But it wasn’t until the fourth season of the show when he began working at the school that he found his place. Prez tried to help the kids stay “off the corners.” But, ultimately drugs ended up affecting each member of the gang.

5. Mary Margaret Blanchard (Once Upon A Time)


During the first season of Once Upon A Time. Mary Margaret was Henry’s school teacher, she was even the one that gave him the “storybook.” During this period I loved he haircut and clothes, if I ever became a teacher she would be my style icon for my work wardrobe. In the current season, it looks like Mary Margaret will be going back to teaching. So I am looking forward to seeing more of her amazing outfits.

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