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Halloween 2017 in London

There are loads of fun events taking place in London for Halloween 2017.  But I have found a few fun things to do with an interesting twist for Halloween this year. These five events are all based on TV shows or movies, making them ideal for geeks.

Geek Girls Guide to Halloween 2017 in London.
  1. WB Studio Tour
    What is more Halloween than Harry Potter? The WB Studio Tour just outside London will be celebrating the Dark Arts all throughout October. With the Great Hall decorated with floating pumpkins, recreating the Halloween scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. On top of that over the Halloween weekend, they are hosting Hogwarts after Dark, a Halloween feast in the great hall.Halloween at Hogwarts
  2. Halloween Edible Cinema
    The Edible Cinema offers a different movie adventure, rather than just experiencing the movie via your visual and audio senses, they add the elements of taste and smell. For Halloween, they are staging a showing of Beetlejuice at several the Everyman Cinemas around London. The tasting menu features numbered boxes to be opened throughout the movie to heighten your experience.
  3. Supper Club UK presents The Red Wedding
    The Supper Club UK is hosting an interactive dining experience based on the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones. On the 31st October, they will create an immersive dining experience based on the eventful wedding feast. The evening will include a five-course meal, music, and actors recreating the iconic feast.
  4. The Walking Dead Maze at Thrope Park
    As part of their Fright Nights at Thorpe Park for 2017, they have added an attraction based on The Walking Dead. Featuring two mazes (one indoor and one outside) fans of the zombie apocalypse programme can experience several scenes from the show facing off against the un-dead and Negan. The park also has a feature based on the SAW movies.
  5. Hitchcock Themed Afternoon Tea
    If you are looking for something a little less scary, but still with a Halloween twist. The Royal Lancaster Hotel has a Hitchcock Themed Afternoon Tea. Alongside the traditional finger sandwiches and scones, they are serving sweet treats based on classic Hitchcock movies like Cursed Blackbird Macaroon and Psycho Marbled Lollipops.
My Hacks
  • If you are looking for a Halloween party or club night, check out Design My Night, they have tons of listing for the Halloween weekend in London, from Silent Discos to a prison-themed pop-up called Alcotraz.
  • For ideas of Halloween actives with children, LondonTown.com has a list of family fun over half term. Including, pumpkin carving and sleepover in a museum.
  • If you are not in London for Halloween but want to add a scary element to your stay, Visit London has a list of 13 Spooky things to do in the capital from Jack the Ripper walking tours to Haunted pubs.

Geek Girls Guide to Halloween 2017 in London


Afternoon Tea

As a belated birthday treat for my sister yesterday I organised a non-shopping Fashionista Day!

For those of you following my on Twitter/Instagram you will know this started with a trip to the Design Museum to see the Louboutin Exhibition, this is a must for any shoe lover (which my sister is). Much like the Grace Kelly exhibition at the the V&A a few years ago, for me this is a must for anyone in London that loves fashion.

Fashionista Day Part 1

You can’t take photos inside the exhibition but these shoes suspended in hoops in the stairwell show the mix of shows and fun that the exhibit is. As you will expect they celebrate the designers life and designs, but the addition of his work with David Lynch and the carousel shows the showmanship of the designer. Oh and if you go make sure you catch the Dita Von Teese show.

So where in London do you go for a non shopping Fashionista afternoon? Why the Pret-a-Portea at The Berkeley of course. Readers of this blog will know I am obsessed with Afternoon Tea, what they might not know is my sister actually started that addiction, so it seemed like the perfect little treat for her.

Pret a Portea

The Pret-a-Portea takes it’s inspiration from the current catwalk shows, each dessert is themed around something for on of the big fashion houses, be it a bag, shoe or dress like this white chocolate crème de menthe and raspberry mousse which was inspired by a Mulberry Summer Dress.

Mulberry Dress and Matching Mulberry crème de menthe and raspberry mousse topped with a lemon meringue

So what does one do in the evening after walking around museums all morning and then eating your weight in desserts, why she comes home watches a girly film (Crazy, Stupid, Love) and knits her Afternoon Tea shawl.

Afternoon Tea Shawl

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Birthday Weekend

Birthdays are a really big deal in our house, Jason’s birthday and mine are fortnight apart, so for the three weeks from the end of October we have a birthday festival. Hence why a lot of things on our Fall Bucket List revolved around celebrating birthdays.


My festivities started last Thursday with a pampering session, mani/pedi and a haircut… my pretty birthday toes, it is a shame it’s too cold to show them off!

Halloween Afternoon Tea

Having my birthday on Halloween, we also make a big deal of this – decorating the house and eating a lot of halloween candy. This year we wanted to celebrate all the “holidays” over the autumn, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night and Thanksgiving (being British we were in this one just for the food!), However, we are going to a 40th Birthday party over the weekend so it looks like we won’t be able to go to any fireworks displays, not to be done out of a list item we decided to change this option to having a Halloween Afternoon Tea. We found several places in London that were doing themed Teas, but opted for the Podium @ the Hilton, Park Lane. Isn’t it cute ghost cookies, “blood” orange cupcakes and mini witches hats.

Birthday Cocktails

A birthday celebration needs a cocktail (or two), and the Hilton has an amazing bar on the 28th Floor overlooking Hyde Park. Unfortunately it was too dark up there to take decent photos.

Birthday Treats

No birthday is complete without some birthday treats, it seems some members of my family have been reading my blog as I was presented with what seems like most the Kate Spade shop on Monday morning.


One of the other birthday list items, was having a meal, Jason picked Inamo for my birthday dinner. I love the idea of this restaurant instead of having a waiter take your order you use the interactive tables to select your food, drinks and even the bill. Whilst you are waiting for your food you can even play games.

Birthday/Halloween Cupcakes
Finally, CAKE! Halloween Cupcakes from Beverly Hills Bakery

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