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5FF: Galentine’s Day Gifts

I actually wrote about Galentine’s Day before, how I hoped it would become more popular and some gift ideas I had seen on Pinterest. This year for Fandom Friday I have put together the five galentine’s day gifts, I would like to give (or receive) this Galentine’s Day.

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5FF Galentine's Day Gifts

Five Galentine’s Day Gifts
  1. Bracelet
    At high school, my friends and I loved to make friendship bracelets. We would stack dozens of them on our wrists. Nowadays, I still love stacking bracelets, but opt for mixing bracelets made from semi-precious beads, with traditional cotton bracelets or and a simple silver bangle.
  2. Planner Stickers
    Currently, all my friends are obsessed with planners or bullet journals. Being a stationary addict myself, I love planner stickers. These “Girl Night Out” are the prefect way to mark your Galentine’s Day Brunch or girly night out in your planner.
  3. BFF Pin
    Who doesn’t love a some flair? Everyone seems to love wearing a pin or three at the moment. Normally, I buy pins based on my fandoms or geeky loves, but this BFF Conversation Heart pin is lovely. I just wish I could find a Love Heart (the UK Conversation Hearts) version.
  4. Candle
    Candles are my go to gift. They can seem like a quick and easy gift, but can spend ages sniffing all the candles in the store. Although the Jo Malone’s candles can be a little on the pricey side, the scent fills the whole of the downstairs of our house. Plus they seem to last a lot longer than cheaper candles.
  5. Card
    Finally, to go with all your Galentine’s Day gifts you need a card. The fabulous card also included a few Lesley Knope quotes!


Thank you The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick for creating Fandom Friday check out their blogs for more information. Or follow the #fandom5 or #5fandomfriday on Twitter.


(P)inspirational-Bullet Journal II


When I started my bullet journal 18 months ago, I spent ages on Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration (which I blogged about here), since then I still look on Blogs, Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, whereas I’m happy with the content of my journal, I love the idea of adding stickers to brighten up the pages, these are a few of my favourite stickers.

I love these Get Fit stickers from Paperchase, I adore the idea of keeping track of my water intake or if I eat five-a-day, however I doubt I will ever be able to do a Burpee!

One of the things I do keep track of in my journal is movie releases dates, when TV shows get added to Netflix or programmes I have to watch live (Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead), these cute TV stickers by FasyShop (on Etsy), save you writing the programme details over and over again. She does most the major shows for your viewing needs.

When my friend Ruth posted a photo of her journal on Instagram this week, and I adored her calendar tabs, and whilst it’s too late to add them to my current journal, this version from ELouiseArts (on Etsy), will be brilliant for next year’s planner.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.


(P)inspirational- Bullet Journal


I mentioned before how I have been keeping bullet journal, one week in and it’s going well. The filofax system, I’ve adopted seems to be working although I might try a notebook in the new year (any excuse to buy new stationary). I’ve also been looking online (well pinterest) for inspiration.

I love this legend from The Couponing Mommy, the idea of different colours for things like birthdays and appointments is something I want to start to include to make sure they stand out – I also love the idea of adding washi tape to brighten up my pages.

Decade Thirty, has a system of daily tasks, great for habit-forming – we all could do with a little help drinking our allotted water or flossing every day. Or keeping track of something like couch to 5k.

I adore this idea for keeping track of weight loss, Apron ‘n’ Pearls has drawn a box for each pound she wishes to lose along with some inspirational quotes – imagine how amazing it would be to look back at all the boxes coloured in.

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Bullet Journaling

To Do List
To Do List in outside my local coffee shop.

Long time readers of this blog will know I love lists, over the years I’ve tried to computerize my list – any time I hear about a new app or organisation tool I sign-up and make another list. To the stage where I have lists everywhere, a calendar on my laptop, general lists on my phone, long-term lists on Evernote, places I want to visit on Foursquare, books I want to read on Goodreads – it goes on and on.

This year, I decided to start using my old personal organiser again for dates, appointments and everyday tasks and it’s been going well. Taking this one step further I am going to try Bullet Journalling, reverting back to analogy lists!

My attempts to be organised
pineapple eraser // dotty pen
bazinga pencil // kate spade agenda inserts

I’m not going to attempt to explain Bullet Journals as Ryder Carroll has created an amazing website and video to get you started (you can see it here). I have made a few changes, rather than buy a new notebook, I am using the tools I have to get me started so I am continuing to use my organiser. I’m still using the calender section to keep track of appointments, birthdays and work deadlines.

The to-do section is perfect for the “roots” of bullet journalling, I am adding monthly to-do lists, then organising my lists per job (re-designing the blog, things to be listed on Ebay, projects around the house) and finally I hope to add long-term lists (books to read, places to visit etc).

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