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A tale of two Clapotis

When we went to New England back in June of 2008, in one of the yarn store I saw am amazing Clapotis shawl made in Blue Heron Rayon, I had never seen the attraction to the pattern until that point, but I brought the yarn and a few weeks later I had completed my brown shawl, which I affectionately call the Shreddies Shawl (I was knitting it around the same time as that advert first aired).

This shawl became a stable of my wardrobe, thrown on over jeans and a t-shirt during summer evenings out with friends, draped over my shoulders at a wedding and even wrapped snuggly around my neck under my coat. Every time I wore it, I always got comments about how lovely it was – annoyingly it got more complements from muggles than some of my lace shawls that took ages to make! The shawl and me were very happy for a whole summer, until my sister borrowed the shawl, now she wears it over a t-shirt whilst shopping, or wrapped around her neck and gets all the comments about the Shreddies Shawl.

Then last year at Ally Pally, Mum and I saw some more Blue Heron Rayon, I mentioned to my Mum that I had used it to knit the Shreddies Shawl, and how much I missed it, she offered to buy me another skein to knit another shawl, we saw a skein, that I was convinced was navy and Mum thought was black, but either way I knew it was perfect, reading the label we discoved it was Aubergine. Last month, I cast on the second Shreddies Shawl, whilst watching one disc of Battlerstar Galactica Season Two, I managed to complete all the increase rows and one repeat of the straight row and I realised how much I love this simple pattern.

Clapotis III
In September of 2008, I saw another to-die-for-Clapotis at the iKnit day, this time knit in Knitwitches Silk Laceweight, so again I brought the yarn and according to my notes in Ravelry I cast on the project the next day. This time my love affair with the knitting didn’t last so long, I soon got bored of all the stocking stitch and wanting a challengle the project sat at the bottom of my knitting basket for months. Occasionaly I would look at it, knit a repeat or two and then get bored again.

Clapotis II

So last month, when I fell in love with the Clapotis pattern, I figured it was time to  re-connected with my old shawl. So I put the Shreddies Shawl on hold and started knitting. Much to my surprise the shawl was long enough to start the decreasing rows (why had I left it for so long?) So finally, 893 days after I cast on, I have finished my oldest WIP!

Confess how old is your oldest WIP? Do you plan on finishing it? Why have you left it so long?

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Raindrops on roses

In honour of my Ravel-versary this weekend, I am celebrating with a photo mosaic of some of the projects I class as “favourites” on Ravelry – enjoy!

A Few of my Favourites from Ravelry

  1. Craftyginger’s Best Friend Bag.
  2. Little Cotton Rabbit’s Bunnies – which have their very own little story
  3. PraticalPolly’s now infamous Wonder Woman Jumper
  4. Perrysburger66’s Heart Afghan.
  5. MissVicki’s Batgirl.
  6. Cable Bag – I love Farrah’s alternations (the adding of leather handles rather than knitted ones) makes this perfect knitted handbag – it has been in my queue for years.
  7. Janknit’s Cup Cozies – perfect little gifts.
  8. BatmanBaiter’s Batman Bag!
  9. Emms Buttony – I just adore this large “minstrel” buttons they change the look of this cardigan.
  10. Sandra’s Vintage Jaywalker socks – just fabulous!
  11. Bamboozelle – I love how this pattern does not look like it is knitted.
  12. Alice’s Fiori di Zucca Socks – from last years sock club, I think these socks were the reason I wanted to join this year.
  13. The Weekend Bag from Interweave, I have never felt comfortable working with colour but when I do this will be high on my list of things to knit!
  14. Neoknit’s Buttercup, like with the weekend bag, this is a future project once I have mastered intarsia.
  15. Mochi mochi – again the geek in me loved this pattern!
  16. Castlefiber’s Olympic Rings which she turned into this socks during the Ravelympics.
  17. Lisseut’s  Space Invaders sweater.
  18. Yorkirgirls Razor Scarf.
  19. clickertyclick’s  iPod Cozy Hoody.
  20. Little Cotton Rabbit’s Christmas Stocking
  21. Dorien’s Doughnut – this reminds me of The Simpsons.
  22. PurlsAndLace’s Lace Socks.
  23. Likelyarn’s Boston Red Sox!
  24. I have been a fan of the knitted babes for some time and I just love the hair on Zena’s version.
  25. Funkynitter’s Poker Sweater!
  26. Funkynitter’s Animal!
  27. rei’s Olive – a simple pattern with a great look.
  28. ax174’s Skein of Yarn Bag Charm – not knitted but a great idea.
  29. Pastel Cakes again by Little Cotton Rabbit
  30. Juncojunction’s Soma Cube – I used to have a wooden version of this when I was a child and I love the idea of a knitted version.
  31. Chatulim Hexagon Blanket.
  32. Knitted Easter Eggs – calorie free!
  33. Leigh Mason-Brown’s Granny Square Earrings
  34. Laura’s Audrey.
  35. Planetjune’s Lemmings – I spend hours playing this game at university and these brought back so many memories.
  36. Mia’s Ballerina.
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There seems to be a disease sweeping across Ravelry… it has become viral… knitters are admitting they follow the crowd! I am ashamed to admit of the top ten most popular projects on Ravelry I have made four of them (Clapotis is blocking as I type), I am planning on making another four… I guess this makes me a knitting follower.

Of course my next project had to be something viral – this beautiful pattern is just outside the top 20 (but I think it is slowly going to move up)… Introducing The Swallowtail Shawl!

swallowtail shawl

I am following Minty from Pepperknit modifications to increase the size of the shawl… so far I have completed 19 repeats of the budding lace chart and I think I add another 5 more repeats to make it even larger!

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What did we do before Ravelry?

HourglassAs well as being a showcase for all my present and past projects, it has helped me organised my stash and needles. But my favourite section has to be the “queue.” Of course I always have a list of planned projects – used receipts in knitting books, post it notes in magazines saved web pages and the odd scribbled note in the bottom of my knitting bag.

At the top of this list was always the Hourglass Sweater from LMKG, I got as far as buying the yarn for the project in the summer some Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL from Coldspring Mill. Before, I cast on the project I was checking out Ravelry (as you do), and discovered that you actually need more yarn than the project suggests, knowing I couldn’t get the same dye lot for this yarn, I decided to get another colour and add a few stripes to the sweater.

I then discovered it was almost impossible to get Elsebeth Lavold yarn in the U.K. so I asked the London Knitting Group for advice, I found out the Rooster Almerino Aran is a very similar yarn (50% Baby Alpaca wool and 50% Merino Wool), and comes in some amazing colours.

I managed to get the yarn in at Ally Pally, and now whilst ill in bed this week, I finally got around to casting this project on. For the hem, I used the provisional crochet chain cast on, and folded hem, similar to what you would use for a Picot Hem, done with the Almerino Aran and then changed to the Classic Al for the main body.

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