(P)inspirational – Bobble Hats


Maybe it’s the knitter in me. But I’ve noticed everyone seems to be wearing a bobble hat this winter! Hoping the trend might continue to next winter. I thought it might be fun to knit a collection of hats as gifts for next Christmas. So I took to Pinterest and Ravelry looking for inspiration.

The most popular hat on social media seems to be the Baable Hat. Seriously there are over 3,500 photos tagged on Instagram. The cute sheep motif makes it an instant hit for knitters. It has a lovely fair isle pattern also makes it an interesting knit.

Obviously, I love the Force Awakens bobble hat by Mrs Luedeke. Which she designed to mark the release of the new Star Wars film last year. And I can see myself knitting one, once I decided in the ideal colour scheme.

The hat I decided would be the perfect gift would be the Friendly Fair Isle Hat. The simple patterns looks like it would knit up quickly and I like the ideas of knitting bright colours for little children. For the older kids, I might do their monogrammed version.

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Featured Image from Pixabay.