Five Fandom Friday


Characters I Want To Dress Up As For Halloween
  1. Batgirl

    Batgirl! by starspy featuring yellow gloves

    An obvious choice really,  I love the new Batgirl of Burnside costume, purple leather jacket and yellow doc martins! What is not to love about this new costume?

  2. Sadness (Inside Out)

    Sadness by leslieakay featuring American Eagle Outfitters

    As I wear a lot of blue, I have joked that I look like Sadness (if I still wore glasses I think it would be my nickname). Disneybound (I love this blog) has done an amazing version of this everyday cosplay of this character.

  3. Angela Chase (My So Called Life)
    Channeling Angela Chase

    As fashion is cyclical, a lot of the clothes I see in shop now are similar to what I wore as a teenager, and back then I just wanted to dress like Angela Chase (with the boyfriend that looked like Jordan Catalano).

  4. Mary Margaret (Once Upon A Time)
    Mary Margaret Blanchard Outfit - Lonely Hunter

    Mary Margaret Blanchard Outfit – Lonely Hunter by missmerfaery featuring shirts & blouses

    During the first season of OUAT, Mary Margaret had the most amazing wardrobe, floral skirts, pretty blouses, cozy scarves and lace berets.

  5. Peggy Carter (MCU)

    1940’s style icon who can also hold her own! Who wouldn’t want to be Agent Carter? In the first episode alone she had an iconic blue suit and red hat to that stunning white evening gown!

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I have become a creature of habits with my knitting, I tend to knit the same patterns, Gretel berets or monkey socks. As baby gifts I have made a gang of Poppy dolls and am slowly making a new herd of elephants.

A few years ago, I knitted a Flo the Elephant for Jason’s cousin – when she announced she was pregnant again I wanted to knit twin, knowing she was having a boy I figured this time I would do a blue version. Before I cast on, I looked at my Ravelry notebook and then on this blog to see if I could find any notes from my earlier project and it turned up blank.

Flo's Parts

I don’t even seem to have any decent photos of the finished project, all I seem to remember was the pattern was pretty straight-forward – but there was a lot of sewing. So now a year later I am at a loss,  did I just follow the pattern? What modifications did I add? Did I knit or crochet the feet? What about the tail?

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Currently… October edition

Currently Eating… Kitkat Mocha, along with all the Cadbury Screme Eggs and pumpkin flavoured stuff.
Currently Feeling… Extremely excited about the new Star Wars movie, it has been heightened by the release of the new trailer last night.

Currently Knitting… I seem to making a herd of elephants at the moment, three of my friends are pregnant so I have been knitting both Flo and Elijah elephant toys.

Currently Loving… I have been taking part on the #5FFphoto, I love taking photos (and Instagram), although I keep forgetting to take my photos, it has been such a fun project.#5FFPhoto

Currently Reading… Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl

Currently Watching… Mr. Robot I read a lot of reviews about this show over the summer online, the whole of the first season has just been added to Amazon Prime.

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5 Favourite Things About Halloween


Five Things I Love About Halloween
    1. My Birthday: The Halloween traditions in our family are going to be a little different than most you see Halloween is an extra special day for me as it is also my birthday!
      Halloween Decorations
    2. Decorations: I love decorating the house for any occasion, and this day is a double whammy for me, so it is fair to say the decorations in our home at a little over the top. This is our bedroom from a few years ago!
    3. Halloween Themed Food: In the States they seem to really embrace “Halloween” themed food, luckily this is a trend that it catching on in the U.K. I’ve noticed Cadbury and Kipling’s both do Halloween variations of their products.
    4. Cadbury’s Screme Eggs: Which brings me to my fourth favourite thing. Cadbury’s Creme Eggs used to be reserved for Easter, but a few years ago they introduced a Halloween variation with a gooey green filling, so now I get to enjoy my favourite chocolate later in the year.
    5. Catching up with Family & Friends: As well as having my birthday at the end of October, I have several friends and family members with birthdays around then, so it is always a perfect time to meet-up, gossip, and celebrate.

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100cupsofcoffee 6-10

No 6

On Wednesday night, we have a little tradition of drinking tea and eating cakes whilst watching Great British Bake Off. I was busy with meeting on Wednesday and didn’t have time to bake, but as my meeting was a few stops away from Baker Street, I thought I would check out the Dunkin’ Donuts to see if they sold PSL’s (they don’t in the UK), so I had to settle for a regular coffee and half-dozen doughnuts for our evening treat.

No 7

We have a lot of friends and family birthdays in October and November (over a dozen), the problem is by the beginning of October all card shops stock are Christmas Cards, which is annoying when you are trying to find a decent 40th birthday card for your husband among shelves full of santa and reindeer. When I noticed empty shelves in a card store I figured, I would get a head start this year and bulk buy my cards for the next few months. Feeling chuffed I popped into Caffe Nero for a hazelnut latte (that was extremely sweet) but they did have these amazing cups to promote the Britain on Film project, featuring still from old films set in Britain.

Kalita Coffee

I mentioned before starting this project that I was going to use it as an excuse to explore more coffee shops from The London Coffee App, I’m lucky that I have two shops from the list within walking distance from our home. Admittedly one is a lot closer to home, but the other is handy if I need to run errands. As I had to pop to the bank and it was National Coffee Day, I thought it was a good excuse to celebrate and try something new, this Kalita (Slow Brew) coffee.

Coffee & Sewing

I blogged about my fun sewing day with friends when I attempted to make a Star Wars themed project bag, As I was trying to concentrate I needed caffeine to fuel the little grey cells.

Morning Coffee

During October I am participating in the #5FFPhoto Challenge on Instagram, I have run my own knitting themed photo challenge before and am sad to admit I didn’t complete that challenge. I thought I would do better this time (as I have been using Instagram more now), but on the second day I forgot to take a photo, so quickly had to take a quick snap of my coffee the next morning. (So quick I forgot to add my number sticker).

#100cupsofcoffee is a chance for me to blog about my experiences whilst drinking coffee around London and give you an insight into my daily life. You can read about the origins of the project here.
You can see all the photos from the #100cupsofcoffee project on Instagram.

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Trying to Sew

It’s been a long while since we have been had a craft afternoon. Recently, a friend posted a link on Facebook to some project bags made in the most amazing Star Wars fabric, Ling mentioned she had some of the fabric in her stash and soon a plan was hatched to spend the day making our own Star Wars project bags.

Nerdy Fabric
Amazing Nerdy Fabric

Despite buying a sewing machine a few years ago, my machine sewing skills are pretty much non-existent, so instead of being a craft day, it was more of a sewing school for me.

WIP - Sewing

We found this tutorial for a simple Box Bags, and Jen was an excellent teacher explaining each part, I chickened out of doing any sewing so mainly spent my time cutting and ironing the fabric. We ended up with a few technical issues regarding the sewing machine so didn’t get to complete our bags, in the end it was more a lovely afternoon catching up with friends and a little bit of sewing.

WIP - Sewing
The start of my fabulous new project bag.


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Five Fandom Friday

People You Want on Your Side During an Apocalypse

People You Want on Your Side During an Apocalypse

Jason and I have often had silly conversations about any future zombie attacks, I figured my knitting needles would make excellent stakes and he wants a crossbow. I’ve not included Jason on this list because I’m assuming if I survived the apocalypse he did too.

  1. Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) – As we have no idea what kind of apocalypse this will be, everyone on my list has been picked for their different skills dealing with different type of doom. In the case of a Vampire/Demon attack I would want the ultimate vampire slayer, Buffy!
  2. Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead) – In the case of a zombie attack, it would have to be the zombie killing bad-ass from The Walking Dead. Like a modern day lone rider (with a motorcycle instead of a horse), this poncho wearing hero has plenty of experience fighting zombies.
  3. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) – I figured I would need a magician in case we had to deal with mystical attacks. When it came to picking a sorceror, I wanted someone with amazing skills and as Professor Lupin said about Hermione, “You’re the cleverest witch of your age.”
  4. Bruce Banner (Marvel) – Next I thought I would need a great scientist, having thought hard about the “squint” I would want on my team, I realised Bruce Banner was perfect because he is really a BOGOF (buy one get one free) deal, not only do I get the scientist I also get the Hulk!
  5. Captain America (Marvel) – Finally, this team will need a leader, the super soldier with experience in fighting in both a war and apocalypse. I think Steve Rogers would be the ideal leader as he has dealt with HYDRA, aliens and killer robots. Plus he might have access to Veronica in case Hulk got out of hand ;).

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Five Fandom Friday

5 Pumpkin Items Cannot Wait To Purchase

5 Pumpkin Items Cannot Wait To Purchase
  1. PSL – It will come as no surprise to readers of the blog that the first thing I love to buy when autumn rolls around is a Pumpkin Spice Latte! In fact autumn hasn’t truly arrived until I have had my first sip.
  2. Pumpkin Puree – Autumn is a great time to get baking, I have already shared some of the recipes I want to try this year. The one thing I need for all this baking is Libby’s Pumpkin Puree!
  3. Pumpkin Candles – As I mentioned in the last Fandom Friday, when visiting the States in the autumn my first stop is Starbucks for a PSL, my second is Bath and Body Works to stock up on scented candles, bubble bath, shower gel and antibac. Seeing as we aren’t going to America this year, I am looking for a substitute pumpkin candle – until I find one I will make do with the Infamous Boyfriend Candle.
  4. Philosophy Pumpkin Icing Shower Gel – My search for autumnal scented products did uncover Philosophy’s Pumpkin Icing Shower Gel, I have used their Pumpkin Pie variety before – and it’s amazing for adding a quick burst of autumn into my morning routine.
  5. Pumpkin Spice Latte M&Ms – I adore M&Ms so of course I was over the moon when I read about these limited edition PSL version. Unfortunately, they are not available in the UK (not even in a M&M World Store), but some quick stalking of some US stores online have produced some leads.
    Edit: Amazon have them.

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100cupsofcoffee 1-5

#100cupsofcoffee No.1

After saying I didn’t want to include photos of my coffee mug at home in this project, I broke the rule on the first day! I had cleared my schedule for the day to read the Star Wars prequel book on the day it was released in the UK, so I started the day in bed reading a few chapters with my morning coffee.

In Pho Cafe.
My second coffee was also a little unconventional. Pho Cafe has recently become my to-go place for lunch – there is something nice about a bowl of spicy noodles on a colder day. Normally I finish my meal with a Vietnamese coffee (with the condensed milk), but as we went on Saturday and I didn’t have to worry about working in the afternoon, this time I thought I would try their Cà Phê Martini (made with clear rice spirit instead of vodka).

Last week was pretty miserable weather wise here in London, loads of rain and the temperatures were definitely dropping, twice this week I nearly got caught in a heavy downpour, first whilst out to lunch with friends and the second time when I popped to the shops. This time to avoid more rain I ducked into Starbucks to celebrate the start of autumn with a PSL.

Coffee & Ice Cream

On Friday, I had an afternoon to myself so went to Covent Garden, for my monthly comic book buying trip to Forbidden Planet. It was the first time since Force Friday I’d been in the store and was completely taken back by all the new Star Wars merchandise – I could have easily spend a small fortune, but I refrained and instead popped into Vico a new Italian canteen nearby for coffee and ice cream. I wanted the pumpkin ice cream but after a quick taster I changed my mind (it tasted more like butternut squash soup) and instead had a “snickers” ice cream.

Coffee Date

Oddly, Jason doesn’t drink coffee, whilst one of my favourite things is popping out for coffee he often complains that “no coffee house do decent tea” or “they serve tea in tiny little cups!” As a result, a coffee date is a rare occasion for us, as we were free on Sunday, we had an impromptu date to Starbuck and he ordered drink a Venti tea with two tea bags (without didn’t complain) and I had yet another PSL.

What is #100cupsofcoffee? You can read about the project here.
You can see all the photos from the #100cupsofcoffee project on Instagram.

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Pinspirational – Pumpkin Recipes

Recently I have pinned a lot of pumpkin themed recipes, and whilst it is fun to try adding some pumpkin to my overnight oats or yogurt for breakfast what I really want it to bake some calorific pumpkin treats, these are some of the recipes I am looking forward to trying this autumn.

Macarons are certainly en vogue in the baking world, one of my favourite things about Paris (or Covent Garden) is getting trying all the flavours in Ladurée. This recipe from Tasty Kitchen used the pumpkin in the filling and the “spice” is added to the macaron.

Autumn is the start of my hibernating months – lazy weekends, binge watching my new favourite TV show into the small hours followed by a hearty brunch. Obviously the healthy diet goes out the window on these weekends, so I am looking forward to indulging in these pancakes.

This recipe for pumpkin bread from Sallys Baking Addiction, can also be adapted to make muffins which I think would work well as part of a lazy weekend brunch or for a quick afternoon treat with your pumpkin spice latte.

In the UK prepackage “pumpkin spice” isn’t readily available so I have found this recipe to make your own version.

EDIT: There seems to be an issue displaying the pinterest widgets, I am looking into this and hopefully will find a solution soon.

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