End of Year Summary

I saw this fun End of Year Summary on Woolly Warbler’s Blog.

What new knitting techniques did I learn this year?
As I got sent a Sock Starter Kit as a gift this year, it has to be socks! As a result I learned how to knit with double pointed needles. Now I have made several pairs of socks!

Which completed project from the last 12 months are you most proud of?
I think it is the Lucky cardigan I made as the sweater became a labour of love. Or maybe the beaded bolero I made for my sister.

What was your biggest knitting disaster of the year?

Not sure I guess it would have to be the Florence sweater that I started knitting. But then I realised that I would never wear it. Plus, I think the pattern was a bit too advanced for me. As I am useless at the intarsia technique.  

What knit craze grabbed you this year?
Without a doubt, it would have to be Kid Silk Haze yarn. I love it! So far all I have the yarn to knit scarves. But I think I may have to knit a larger project with it next year. Maybe a pretty camisole top.

And New Year Resolutions?
At the moment none but, it is an excuse to make a list 

Happy New Year!

Featured Image from Pixabay.