The Olympics: Part 1

A year ago (was it really that long ago). Jason and I both applied for several lots of Olympics Tickets. We opted for a lot of football games, beach volleyball, basketball and the Opening Ceremony. We didn’t get Opening Ceremony tickets, did anyone? But we were successful with the other events.

So, like most the country we sat down on a Friday night and watched the Opening Ceremony on T.V. Those of you following me on Twitter, will know that I adored the Opening Ceremony. It made me so proud to be British! I sung along to all the songs, joining in with the dancing and generally taking in all the amazement!


The next afternoon, still on a high from the night before we took to the streets with thousands of others to watch the Road Cycle Race. I have to admit, a lot of our photos were a blur (this was one of the only decent ones). After the racers whizzed pass us we headed into a local pub to watch to the end of the race and find out who won.

Sunday afternoon, we at Wembley, watching two games. Although we have been there many a time. There was something amazing about being there for the Olympics. Especially, if you remember the stadium was used for the the 1948 London Games.

Olympics Football

On Monday evening, after work rather than sitting at home. We decided to soak up the Olympic atmosphere some more and headed out to Potter’s Field. As it is just over the river from Jason’s work. We sat in the park, enjoy a drink and watched the Olympics the big screen. Since then I have to admit I have clocked an awful lot of time in front of the T.V. Becoming engrossed in all sort of new sports, swimming, cycling and even rowing!

Potter's Field